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Wicked Scary VII promised in its tagline to be “The horror flick of the decade, blowing the first six out of the water!” It was almost definitely going to suck, (as the last three had) but by now the franchise was a personal joke between the five of them, so the moment it came out on DVD (the risk was too great to see it in theaters, even still) they sent Beast Boy down to the rental store to bring home a fresh copy. It was almost a tradition for them, since a new installment hit theaters every other year like clockwork.

Raven sat in her usual mopey silence throughout the first half of the movie. She’d grown long used to the jokes aimed her way. “Yeah yeah,” she deadpanned when Cyborg made yet another insinuation that she was about to implode with fright. “Laugh it up, Cyborg. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get too scary, or who knows what I might do.”

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“Dean and Seamus: the Musical” 

you know how you have that one song that makes you think of one of your ships everytime you hear it? this is my Deamus song. like, in my mind, suddenly, seamus and dean are in a very dramatic musical. they’re in separate parts of the theater, like, everything is still around them– as if everything has frozen while they sing this very dramatic song. and there’s just so. much. longing. like, it’d be set during deathly hallows, when dean is on the run and seamus is like, getting the shit beat out of him by the carrows because he is part of the resistance now– not just because of dean, but dean’s who he thinks of when he defies them. and they just miss each other so much, and they’re worried about each other. like, they look up at the sky together and hope that the other one is also looking up, and oh god. so dramatic. 

and then, the battle happens. they hug each other, but that’s really all they have time for- they’re so busy fighting. and then, the battle is over. and the bridge part of the song, with the rhythmic piano part, is when they begin walking towards each other. and then, they’re doing this dramatic interpretive dance on the stage, which is now clear of all set pieces, save for a four-poster bed. they’re doing all those jumps and spins (i’m not a dancer, so forgive me, but i can envision it in my head, and damnit, i’m rubbish at describing this!), but they’re doing that thing where they run and jump into each other’s arms, like where their bodies are rigid but then seem to melt upon contact. (? what is this called? i see it all the time on those dance competition shows!), and it’s just freakin beautiful and heart-wrenching. so. much. longing.

and suddenly, as they sing the last dramatic chorus, they’re floating through the air on invisible harnesses (because it’s a musical, why not.) and they float across the stage, and then begin descending upon the four-poster bed.  and then they finally lay down together, like, thank the gods, you’re alive. we’re alive. and the curtains close, as a symbol of the red curtains that close around the bed. 

End. Scene. 

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ddiwt headcanon au where they're movie theater workers and they walk into the theater to clean up and see u ugly crying with just popcorn and candy errywhere

this porbably isn’t what you wanted, but it’s the only thing that came to mid soooo (ps i really like this au so there might be a part two anyway)

Ichigo - What’s with this loser?’ is probably his first thought when he spots your lonely figure in the small movie theater.

You’re obviously the only one left in the red theater seats, and there’s half a tub of popcorn and at least three partially eaten candies around you. He has a broom and dustpan that he’s supposed to use to clean up any trash in the room, but he briefly considers using it on you instead.

“Oi!” He calls from his spot near the entrance, because really he just wants to go home and you’re at least part of the reason why he can’t. He hesitates at your startled look (but his heart definitely does not start to ache for you, no, siree), and feels his features soften with his voice. “What’s wrong?”

Ryuzo - He’s feeling very awkward, because there was no lesson about comforting crying people who stay behind a half an hour after the movie is over and really he can not for the life of him figure out what it is that is so sad about Shrek 3.

So he ambles nervously towards you, and flinches when you turned up to him with your dripping nose and puffy eyes. While he is initially uncomfortable, an image of his younger sister sobbing much like you are now flashes into his mind, and he feels a surge of brotherly care. An urge to comfort you.

“Hey!” He tries to smile good-naturedly as he approaches, but there’s still some hesitation in his movements because you are still a stranger, after all, and he is sure that you flinching at his admittedly loud call was not a good sign. So he lowers his voice and tries again. “There’s no need to cry.”

Rihito - It’s nearly the end of his shift, and the only thing keeping him from retiring for the day is the sobbing ‘kid’ in Theater 9 that his boss asked him to deal with.

He waltzes through the doorway with his hands in the pocket, and is ready to put on his most charming grin once he reaches the top of the ramp. When he peeks in on you, your eyes bloodshot and your sleeve stained with what he is sure is some disgusting combination of saltwater and snot, he stops because you look absolutely miserable and he doesn’t have much experience with these situations.

He bites back his discomfort - and his contempt for his boss - because he still needs to get paid, and heads on in.

“Hey,” he murmurs when he gets close enough for them to hear. He crouches down in front of them with the friendliest smile he can manage. “Are you alright?”

Haruki - When his boss mentions that there’s a crying patron left in one of the theaters, Haruki is the first to volunteer to talk to them. This is partially because he knows how upsetting that movie about dragons ends, and partially because he isn’t sure that the other boys could handle the situation very well.

The empathetic pang in his heart grows when he hurries into the showing room with a broom and pan in hand. You’re sitting alone in the very front row, way too close to the screen, the bucket of popcorn next you is turned over, and you have a hand over your mouth to stifle the sobs that will not stop coming.

He approaches you amicably, knowing he needs to get you out of the theater but also wanting to help you out as much as possible.

Takeshi - He understands the pain of watching a beloved character die. Really, he does. What he does not understand is adamantly clinging to your seat and demanding for the movie to change twenty minutes after the credits have rolled when a beloved character dies.

The moment Takeshi strolls into the theater (on his leisurely search for rare occurrences such as this one), your friend glances nervously between you and him, as though unsure of what they should do. Eventually they decide to run from the theater, throwing an apology over their shoulder as they abandon you and leave your care (or removal, really) to him.

Takeshi is admittedly disgruntled as he watches you openly sob over one of the characters (What was his name? Peter? Pieyro?), and he turns to fetch a co-worker more suited to this problem. Before he is able to turn around fully, you let out a dramatic anguished cry, and he sighs to himself when he realizes it might be a little harder for him to walk out on you (even if you are a mess).

Johji - Though he isn’t going to admit it out loud - especially not you -, you are an absolute mess. Your hair is plastered to your tear-stained face, you’re trembling lips are smeared with what appears to be chocolate, and - is that snot you just wiped from your upper lip?

He grimaces for a moment, before he finds enough empathy within him to approach your sad figure.

You glance up at him with watery eyes, and he gives nothing less than his most reassuring smile.

“Hey,” He he tries gently. There’s hesitation before his next words because he isn’t sure how comfortable you might be sharing your feelings with him - a stranger. “Are you alright? Do you need to talk about it?”

Guys, so I have been on tumblr for a while and a thought occurred that you all know nothing about me…

Well, my name is Emma, and I’m 14 years old. I was born on December 24, 2000. The one thing that means the most to me is music. I eat, sleep, and breathe it. I grew up doing musical theater (and I still do) until a few years ago, my friend taught me how to play a couple chords on the piano (actually the tune of jingle bells lol). I kinda obsessed over perfecting it, and soon enough, I wrote my own song. I’m still writing music today–I write at least once a week. It’s a great way to release and reflect on how I am feeling. Sometimes I learn things about myself through songwriting. 

Now you’re probably wondering where Taylor fits into all of this. Well, I knew who Taylor was and the obsession didn’t begin till 2012 when RED (the masterpiece) first came out. I had heard Safe and Sound (the song that made me fall in love with her) before. And I was on the computer listening to it through youtube, and in the suggested box, I saw the live stream for her album announcement and was like, “why not?” So I clicked on it and watched it, and OH MY GOD. I instantly fell in love with her. I bought her album, a shirt, wonderstruck enchanted (my favorite perfume by her), and performed a song by her (Mean) for my Variety Show at school. Just the way she speaks is so sophisticated and mature. And she taught me so much through her quotable lyrics, and by watching all her interviews. 

I went to THE RED TOUR on May 11, 2013, and my mom didn’t get close up seats but we were in the front row at the highest section. AND WHEN SHE FLEW OVER THE CROWD SHE FLEW RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND OH MY GOD OUR EYES MET AND I DIED. Like I never thought that I would have gotten so close to her! I had made a sign and wore a costume and all that. By the way, Taylor, if you’re reading this: My mom was so impressed by your performance and the way you included all the audience. Anyways, you performed NEVER GROW UP on the B-Stage, and I was just having the time of my life. 

I AM going to 1989 on July 24th, 2015 at Gillette Stadium. I don’t know where I’m sitting yet, but as soon as I find out, I will let you all know. I am so excited. I would also love to give Taylor some of the songs I’ve worked on–it would make me the happiest knowing she’s listened to some of them. 

Thank you for spending your time reading this. I am so happy I get to be part of a fandom where all everyone is is happy and kind and funny and caring. THANK YOU GUYS AND THANK YOU TAYLOR FOR BRINGING ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE TOGETHER.


Bill Murray brought Broadway to a stand still while singing with a crowd of fans and media surrounding him. He then marched right down the block and into the front entrance of the End Sullivan Theater. It was like watching the making of a music video.

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I've been thinking and how did you watch Ex Machina in class this morning? How LONG are you class periods??? And it's still in theaters did you.. ?

I watched it over two periods.

and lets just say some potentially illegal tactics (theres an HDRip of the movie you can download)


Trying to decide what Takarazuka DVD to buy before I leave Japan… I need to be able to get it by 2 day shipping to my local convenience store since I leave in 6 days :O anyone have any recommendations? Links? Not sure what to buy or where to order it from… I’ve only seen 1789 Bastille lovers (which I would order but since its still in theaters I have to wait…) Looking for something extra heavy on the romance and lovies