theater of the dead

He Loves Me (Chapter 1)

Eddie POV

Eddie hated his new job at the movie theater. The Aladdin was one of the dirtiest places he’d ever set foot in, they’re lucky he was feeling really desperate when saw the ‘help wanted’ sign plastered in the window. He usually worked the later shifts so by the time he got home he didn’t need to deal with his mother’s ramblings. The theater was old and a bit run down, but to some people it was home. Especially to one annoying asshole named Richie Tozier who had been working there for months before Eddie showed up.

If Eddie hadn’t hated his job enough, Richie only made it worse. He couldn’t stand the boy’s constant flirtation and over-sized glasses. To put it simply, Eddie hated his fucking face. So rather than deal with him when the theater was a bit dead, he would just go on tumblr on his phone. Luckily, Richie would usually follow suit and go on his phone, doing God knows what, rather than annoy Eddie.

It was Friday night around closing time when Richie decided to bother Eddie again for the first time in a few hours. Eddie had just posted the first picture of himself on tumblr. It’s not his fault he looked damn fine today. His curls were working with him today, looking more like subtle waves, and his skin was clearer than usual.

“Hey, Eds, whatcha doin?”


He curled his phone closer to his body, trying to hide the messages on his phone screen. Lately, he’d been talking to this guy. He was dreamy. Eddie only knew him as Trashmouth, as his tumblr bio referred to him. Trashmouth was quippy and intelligent and… well, perfect. Eddie knew it was foolish to be drooling over a guy he barely knew, didn’t even know what he looked like, but Trashmouth was different than anyone else he’d talked to in ol’ Derry.

“Ooooo Eds you talking to a special someone?”

“What? No. I don’t even have a special someone.”

Richie looked down at his phone again, not bothering to questioning the statement. Eddie noticed out of the corner of his eye, however, an odd flush on Richie’s cheeks as soon as he looked at his phone.

“It’s a damn shame.”

This made Eddie whip his head directly in Richie’s direction.


“I said it’s damn shame…”

“Wha-um- what d-do you mean by that?”

“Cute.” he hummed and hopped off his stool behind the ticket counter. “Lock up for me, would ya?”

“Yea sure, Rich.” he responded, a strange heat rising in his stomach. Richie tossed him the keys and headed out, quickly saluting and winking at Eddie. But before he could process what had just happened with Richie, he got a Tumblr notification. It read,

Hey, I like the picture you posted. You’re beautiful. It’s nice to finally see you…

And with that, Eddie was blushing again.

Star Wars movies rated by Leia Organa's appearances
  • Phantom Menace: Hasn't been born yet. 0/10
  • Attack of the Clones: Hasn't been born yet. 0/10
  • Revenge of the Sith: Is born at the end of the movie. Looks adorable but mom dies right after she's born. 4/10
  • Rogue One: Best cameo besides Darth Vader. Says iconic line; everybody in the theater sort of came back from the dead when she showed up. 8/10
  • A New Hope: On a diplomatic mission to Alderaan straight from the battle of Scarif. Rescues herself from Imperial prison. Says Tarkin smells bad and insinuates Vader is a pet. Two buns hairstyle, a classic. 10/10
  • Empire Strikes Back: Calls Han a nerf-herder then makes out with him 3 days later. Makes out with him in front of dad. Has the Force. 1000/10
  • Return of the Jedi: Force-chokes Jabba with a chain while wearing a slave bikini. Becomes friends with little bears who give her new clothes like a proper Disney Princess. 500/10
  • The Force Awakens: Is a General. Doesn't give a fuck about what people think. Baboon ass hairstyle. 9/10

People are gonna see the ashes of Westerberg High School and they’re gonna think; ‘there’s a school that self-destructed. Not because society doesn’t care, but because that school was society.’ The only place that Heathers and Marthas can get along is in Heaven!

Heathers the Musical moodboard || requested by anon

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Reason Why Heathers the Musical is the Best #317

It contains lyrics like this:

“Hey, could you face the crowd
Could you been seen with me and still act proud?
Hey, would you hold my hand,
and could you carry me through no-man’s-land?”

“I was alone. I was a frozen lake. But then you melted me awake, see now I’m crying too”

“We can start and finish wars, we’re what killed the dinosaurs. We’re the asteroid that’s overdue!”

“You know, you know, you know, it’s cause you’re beautiful. You say you’re numb inside, but I can’t agree. So the world’s unfair, keep it locked out there. In here it’s beautiful”

But then also contains lyrics like this:

“I’ve decided I must ride you till I break you”

“Seems every time I’m about to despair, there’s a 7-eleven right there”

“Say goodbye to Shamoo”

“Whoa. You can punch real good”

Sometimes within the same song

So I work at a locally owned movie theater more or less on the shittier side of town and after working here for almost 2 years, some interesting things have gone down. Like:

  • A customer ordered popcorn by saying “Polly want a buttered popcorn.” in a parrot voice.
  • A guy “woofed” at me to get my attention. Like, actually barked. I thought it was a real dog. 
  • A woman clearly on drugs stole a customer’s phone and got high in the bathroom. 
  • The same customer ran out of the movie crying because she thought the lady had a bomb. 
  • The time a couple was caught fucking in the woman’s restroom. 
  • The owner threw a guy off his bike because him and his friends wouldn’t stop riding in front of the theater. 
  • Had one coworker sneak in alcohol to give to our underage doorman. 
  • Same coworker was fired for skimming from the register
  • A man named Jungle Jim bought a ticket but instead sat in the lobby and told me all about his RV he decorates with potted flowers and travels in. 
  • When the owner refused to put up a companies posters so the man told him that he hopes he dies of Alzheimers. 
  • Everytime I tell someone we aren’t open, they try to open the doors anyway. Every. Time. 
  • One of our doormans chased a coworker around the theater with a dead mouse. 
  • One of our friendliest regular customers comes in dressed as a vampire every single time. May or may not actually believe he is one. 

Okay, so when JD loads the gun in “Our Love is God”, he uses ‘ich lüge’ bullets. He claims that they are German tranquilizers…
But in German, ‘ich lüge’ means 'I lie’.

Because JD was lying about how they were real bullets.

The hippie and punk scenes were not all that different. Most folks think hippie culture and punk culture were diametrically opposed, when in fact, they shared many of the same qualities: anti-establishment, rock and roll as religion, radical fashions, hair style as political statement, a sense of being part of an underground community, shaking up the status quo, guerilla theater. Rock and roll was central to both scenes. Is there really a whole lot of difference between the The Seeds, Mothers Of Invention, The Ramones and The Dictators? Or Television, Love, Patti Smith and The Doors. You can segue from The Music Machine right into The Clash without missing a beat. On the socio-political front, some say the hippies were idealists and the punks were nihilists. Ok, in this area, there are some significant differences between the hippies and punks and it boils down to drugs and spirituality. Hippies were into raising consciousness through spiritual paths and psychedelics and getting back to the land. The punk scene was more about booze, harder drugs, urban living and cynicism. But, the punk scene also had it’s Aquarian side, The Clash, Patti Smith and Dead Kennedys were idealists with visions of a better and more just world. Joe Strummer and Jello were once teenage hippies. Patti has always been a hippie. And even The Ramones had dreamed of a world redeemed by rock and roll. And Joey was a teenage hippie hanging in Greenwich village in the Sixties

I’d argue (and I’d be right), that the hippie movement had a more profound and long lasting impact on culture than the punk scene. Both changed rock and roll. But, the hippies changed everything. Some assholes are loathe to admit it it, but hippies pioneered a new consciousness/dialogue that set certain movements into motion: environmentalism, political activism, awareness about what we eat and natural healing, sexual openness, tolerance, new art, new music, computer technology (most of the cats who developed computer technology were acidheads. The 60s changed the way we SEE things. We live in a world that got psychedelicized. You didn’t have to take acid to have been affected by it. Everybody got turned on whether they knew it or not.

—  Marc Cambell