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Astrological Rulerships

Aries: adrenalin, brimstone, eyes, metal, caustic words, vertigo, courage, fevers, initiative, leaders, nettles, military, tools, adventure

Taurus: actors, bonnets, architecture, art dealers, pastels, coins, copper, dancers, alabaster, daisies, jewels and rings, culture

Gemini: paths, letters, bookstores and libraries, lectures, dexterity, brotherhood and kin, collar bones, gossip, hallways, typewriters, breath

Cancer: water lilies, bakeries, silver, canals and fountains, iridescence, cities, onyx, gardens, introversion, pearls

Leo: emblems, ballrooms, monarchs, betting, cinemas and theaters, gold, crowns, gin, parties, romance, circuses

Virgo: healing, bees, craftsmanship, satire, desks, sewing, groves and greenhouses, porcelain, fields, editors

Libra: white roses, alliances, fine arts, balance, affection, doves, boudoirs, crimson, diamonds, music and pianos, dressing rooms

Scorpio: iron, brambles, transformation, espionage, hate and passion, sarcasm, witchcraft, detectives, poisonous plants

Sagittarius: abundance, hunting, prophecy, exploration, higher learning, philosophy, faith, ardor and devotion

Capricorn: frost, coal, abbeys, bricks and cement, leather, clocks, night watch, integrity, crystals, sculptures

Aquarius: wishes, electricity, radios, aeronautics, free will, idealism, light, astrology, paradoxes, rebellions

Pisces: escape, the abstract, mystics, charity, stockings, salt water, fog, bartenders, asylums and hospitals, coral

Me when I showed my friends Falsettos

I led my my men straight into a Massacre. I witnessed their deaths firsthand.

I live in Stockholm and there’s been a suspected terror attack. A truck was hijacked and drove down our busiest shopping street, through crowds of people and into a department store.
People are dead.
People are injured.
There’s been a shooting at a different location.
The entire city is on lockdown. Commuter trains, subways and buses are off.
People are locked inside public buildings and their jobs.
Other places evacuated.
All the theaters and cinemas have closed.
The police are discouraging people from walking through specific central areas.
The streets are filled with people who are walking home.

I work at a preschool and we decided to take the children inside, the phones rang warm with parents who would be late, who couldn’t come and pick up their kids.

It doesn’t feel real, they got us too. It felt inevitable, and it was.

Fuck terrorists.


Hey ive seen a lot of posts of not living in North America, or not being close enough to a theatre, or not having time to see falsettos. But heres one to the kids who live close enough to see it but have homophobic or judgmental parents. I know i wont be able to watch it in theaters, and seeing as I can never watch TV alone without my dad wanting to sit with me I probably wont see it on PBS either, so heres one to kids like me that cant see it alone because of hovering parents and homohobic assholes


Believe it or not, this is what my local movie theater looks like!!!!!

This looks amazing and my jaw fell to the floor when I saw this!!!!!!

This is not the only movie theater I go to, but the whole design of the theater is gorgeous!!!!

The designs on the walls that show famous characters from movies, cartoons, television, are so inspiring to look at! I love those characters and they made me who I am today! And I still love them! 😘😊😍😁

I saw the sci-fi movie, “Life”, in this theater. And it was really good! 👍🏻

And uh… yeah! That’s pretty much it!

That’s my take! (TRADEMARK)

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