• LD:This guy in the white shirt is killing me. You know, we need to hire only good looking musicians.
  • LBD:Yea man, we need those movie quality musicians, who are well dressed in sequins and what not. This is being filmed.
  • LD:Yea, this should be audio only which would really help with my lighting cues.
  • Student shadow:Man you guys are worse than some of us high schoolers.
  • LBO:Thank goodness it's like we never have to grow up in this business.
  • LD:It's like my union card is also my card to remain an adolescent.

so I really dislike this scene from Marie Antoinette: Das Musical where Marie Antoinette is depicted as teasing Margrid, a starving peasant who forces her way into court, and offering her champagne, only to pour it on her like so

but gosh darn the glitter champagne effect is so pretty 

The Korean production did a clever subversion of the scene: instead of Marie Antoinette taunting Margrid, it’s Margrid who (when offered the glass genuinely) throws it.

Exclusive Breaking News: Disney to Film NEWSIES Live in August; Jeremy Jordan & Kara Lindsay to Return
Now IS the time to seize the day! BroadwayWorld has learned that Disney will film NEWSIES this August, at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles. Returning for the filming will be original Broadway cast members Jeremy Jordan and Kara Lindsay. The production, currently on tour plays the Pantages from Aug. 30, 2016 - Sept. 4, 2016. There is no word yet if the production is headed towards the big or small screen, or who else might be joining or re-joining the cast for the filming.
By BWW News Desk

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Happy Birthday Mary Anderson! (July 28, 1859 – May 29, 1940)

American stage actress. She was also billed as Mary Navarro during her silent film career. (Wikipedia)

Portrait of woman in profile wearing a fur bow at neck. Handwritten on front: “Mary Anderson.” Printed on front: “C.C. Randall, Randall Studio Building, 106 Miami Ave., Detroit.” Handwritten on back: “Mary Anderson, actress.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library
Scenery from Servas Studio:

“Painters, Builders and Erectors of Theatrical Scenery” (ca. 1900)

The John A. Servas Studio specialized in theater backdrops, store window displays, decorations, and murals. The Scenery catalog highlighted scenes produced to “attract attention” to the store utilizing them in their window displays.

“Special show window displays for every occasion. Scenic, Plastic, Papier Mache and Stucco backings. Window Screens and Panels to order. Special decorations of all kinds. MURAL PAINTINGS.”

Lincoln’s birthday background

Halloween background

Thanksgiving background

Elk’s Convention background

Formal Garden background

Decorative Window Screens

Store displays. (trade catalog)  John A. Servas Scenic Studio, Rochester, NY.

Special Collections, University of Delaware Library.

“My love for theater developed later on in life, a friend introduced me to it in high school, and it was great because I was really socially ostracized for being very eccentric. I was kind of the weird kid. I thought theater would make me even more ostracized, but it was great because it gave me a good community of friends, and actually once I started getting leads in shows my social status in high school rose, which is weird. I did not foresee that but it was fantastic because almost all my good memories from high school came from theater. To the people who work on Broadway every day I want to say congratulations on getting to live your dream, and thank you. Thank you for the wonderful experiences that you’ve given people each day, because you can only get it here and I think there’s a reason it’s still flourishing. To everyone else I just want to say that if you have a dream, as far fetched as it may seem, pursue it. I don’t think I ever saw myself in this position and I’m so glad I chased that dream. Whatever happens in the pursuit of your dreams is the adventure worth telling. Win or lose its an adventure.”- Thomas Sanders @thatsthat24 Vine Star and Broadway Fan