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Theast one of that prompt list ;)

i’m the drama teacher and you’re the only who can actually act help me demonstrate this love scene to my students au

“Do you not–uh–love me?” Jasper, an unenthusiastic junior who was unfortunate enough to get stuck performing Shakespeare in Ms. Griffin’s Beginning Drama class, read from the script. 

His scene partner, Harper, replied, “Why no, no more than reason,” with even less gusto. 

“Stop, stop! Let me stop you right there,” Clarke sighed at her students’ lackluster effort, somewhat surprised they were even willing to do this much at eight a.m. on a Monday morning. “Remember, you two are Benedick and Beatrice, the two characters in this play with the most passion and fire! When they interact, I want to see sparks. I want to see more enthusiasm.” 

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Good grief you last anon was on POINT 💯 Honeslty I remember us all during the hiatus really understanding how vital Evens story was and how little we knew him or understood bipolar, and I even remember us comparing the way we got to know the other love interests in theast series in comparison, which was legit nothing. I'm SCREAMING. She deadass used his MI for drama then?!? She actually did. Look at him outside of Evak and what do you know or see in s3? WHY was I surprised LMFAO 😂

yep. she definitely baited fans. also baited fans with lesbian vilde. there was no need for all that ‘theres a rumor that u dont love magnus vilde’ or those overcompensating vildus scenes or like… any mention of even and mikael and even’s attempt, and his connection to sana and the boys like….. im honestly just hurt rn bc lol.