Myelinated Axons, Peripheral Nervous System, Confocal Microscopy.

These are teased nerve fibers, an association between an axon and a glial cells, in this case Schwann cells. Have been labelled with antibodies against different proteins present in Schwann cells and then revealed with a fluorescent tag of different emission wavelengths to discriminate between them.

From Laboratory Felipe Court.


Functional art installation at @lagaleriethegallery by Kelly Belfo and Danielle Hubbard #theartofscience (at La Galerie)

A “tree” of neuromuscular junctions, the synaptic contact between motor neurons and skeletal muscle fibers. Here, an electric impulse known as the action potential, is codified to a chemical signal that triggers again an electric impulse in the muscle fiber, which contracts. From electric to chemical to physical! Motoneurons are stained for neurofilament, and post-synaptic sites for acetilcholine receptors. Imaged using confocal microscopy.

From Laboratory Felipe Court