SHOUT OUT to my @sabor_ermoso familia in Cologne !! Ethem and Sandra doing some big nightshift for my upcoming LUNA NUEVA print editions today!! Yeah!! So excited to show them in California for my show in may !! #pandapaltacrew #saborermoso #lunanueva #printedition #theartofpau #nightshift (hier: SABOR ‘ERMOSO HQ)


This Mural was painted in collaboration with Skount ( in Amsterdam and became part of the Streeart Museum Amsterdam. (

>> Inspired by the Norse mythology, we painted a representation of Freya goddess associated with love, sexuality, beauty, fertility, gold, war, death and a human representation of Yggdrasil, the holy tree, which branches are extended far into the heavens. The tree is supported by roots that extend far away into other levels; one to the well Uroarbrunnr in the heavens, one to the spring Hvergelmir, and another to the well Mimisbrunnr.> WALLFLOWERS stands for empowerment. The project specifically focuses on the development of one’s power and the purposeful use of human resources in an individual and communal living environment. This international long term driven art project is directed by Chilean/German artist PAU QUINTANAJORNET. Pau has made it her task to establish worldwide a network of colorful murals on extraordinary walls and objects, which leaves an impressive signal in public space and aims to be interpreted as a bridge for dialog.

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10 years #kölnkiosk x we.magine. Thanks to everyone who made this night bright and full of fun. Check the full clip here: Track: Fennec&Wolf / Bellville - Follow (Original Mix) @youlaike_music @fennecandwolf @bellville_music @theartofpau #wemagine #ajourneytoease #lassunsmalen #party #deephouse #kiosk #love #incroyablemusic #blacklight #blacklightart #visuals #cologne #cgn #dj #infriedenonanieren #friends #create #clipoftheday #igmasters #canon #freedom by we.magine

@wataahstreets announced they had launched WAT-AAH!’s Taking Back the Streets benefit art auction!! • Works from over 50+ artists are available for bidding. • Proceeds will benefit PHA’s Drink Up, encouraging everyone to drink more water, more often!!! • The auction goes on now through Tuesday March 10th. ••• To view and bid on the art visit:

•• If you are interested in bidding for my artwork „Cochamama“ you just need to follow this link:

WAT-AAH! is a brand of functional bottled water, and today’s preeminent urban contemporary artists from around the world come together to promote healthy hydration among kids and teens and celebrate Drink Up, an initiative led by the Partnership for a Healthier America. Together they are working to end childhood obesity by encouraging everyone to drink more water, more often. Proceeds to benefit the Partnership for a Healthier America’s Drink Up!

#drinkmorewatahh #drinkup #theartofpau #watahh #watahhstreets (hier: Wat-Ahh HQ /NYC)

RUMI °01

Size:   42cm x 59,4cm  |  Technique: Mixed Media on wood  //

— BIC pencil (for the black lines) carved in soft wood pannel  / — acrylics , ink and posca pen / — different pattern-paper


Inspired by one of my favorite quotes of persian poet RUMI this mixed media artwork is the first of my new series I started this year , which will be inspired by my favorite quotes about nature , inner calm and closing chapters {which automatically means new beginnings…} — all of them will have the circle as a main symbol (as a link to my last show in 2013 „Coming Full Circle“)… which stands for the never ending lessons life had prepared for each of us in every little instant of our own journey … 

for more pictures click here


KRÁ - Black Series | 2011

1 >> PLUVIA ::{rain}:: MixedMedia on Wood | 29,7x42 cm | part of my KRÁ•01 Series 2011
2 >> FLAMMA ::{fire}:: MixedMedia on Wood | 29,7x42 cm | part of my KRÁ•01 Series 2011
3 >> GLACIENS ::{ice}:: MixedMedia on Wood | 29,7x42 cm | part of my KRÁ•01 Series 2011
4 >> VENTUS ::{wind}:: MixedMedia on Wood | 29,7x42 cm | part of my KRÁ•01 Series 2011

{ …Insprierd by the old legends from the tribes of Tierra del Fuego / Patagonia called Ona , Selk´Nam , Yamana or Yaghan. Krá is the name for Woman or Moon … }

In the time of the Ancestors, all things walked the earth as people. The sun, the moon, the mountains, all were people. Women ruled, and to maintain their rule they created a secret lodge. Led by Kra, the moon woman, the would wear bark masks and bodypaint themselves and would appear to the men so disguised, saying they were the powerful spirits who stayed with the women in their lodge. They would frighten the men and order them to stay away. Kran, the sun man, discovered the deception. He and the men chased, beat and killed the women. Then they created the men’s lodge and their own spirit masks and disguises.


In june of 2011 DJ&designer Anja Base and I presented our artproject AXP#01 at Box32 Gallery in Berlin Friedrichshain together with my SOMNUS AETERNUS-Series. These are special limited edition prints for BOX 32 Gallery, which were exclusivly designed for the exhibition. Each print will become a unique artwork, by using special handcolored treatment. Parts of the motifs recap in the silkscreen prints appear in the fashion collection of AXP#01.

10 Jahre kölnkiosk x we.magine #3

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