Part 2/2 of some beautiful smear drawings from my thesis film ‘Fallen’ ..which will be online towards the end of the month…so these are teasers I guess, in celebration of completing it :P

They go by so quickly you don’t see them, unless you purposely pause on the frame, haha. They’re honestly my favourite thing about animating…so ridiculous, but they work like magic.

“You know what video woulda gone viral…if we still had it? When you were 5, you got dressed up as batman and you jumped off the shed, cause you thought you could fly?

After you jumped first.

Hey, I was 9, and I was dressed up like Superman, ok, everybody knows Batman can’t fly." - Sam & Dean S09 E15

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ so choked up listening to them describe that scene…because I pictured this. Two kids throwing on blankets for capes, Sam with this dorky smile following his older brother, and Dean acting like a real superhero.

A lot of people say Dean would be the reckless kid. Nah, it’s totally Sam whose the little shit of the family, always getting into trouble.

Ahh, this was fun. Seeing little boys running around acting like superheros always make me smile ^_^ So I enjoyed drawing this a lot.


Supernatural©Eric Kripke 

Guys…I’m so lost for what to sell as prints, its not even funny. All the previous SPN stuff..I don’t even know if I want to sell as prints anymore x’D

And it’s now July, which leaves me only a month to get everything done for this con.


Right now, this is the only one I will surely be selling (although a lot of stuff about this still bothers me…*sigh* it’s what I get for being very self critical…)


I’ve been working on and off on this for a week; time to stop. Before I ruin it x’D

You can tell I really like using neutrals. Just…browns man. I love working with them c: 


Supernatural©Eric Kripke

Anyone remember the ‘Warrior Cats’ series?

It was my absolute favorite series growing up <3 I kinda want to re-read them again, haha!

Anyway, it’s been YEARS since I’ve drawn any of the characters (let alone feral characters…holy geez o_o ), so here’s my favorite, Bluestar, that I doodled during class today to break away from work c:

Tempted to draw a few others during my classes x’D….let me know below who you wanna see!

Warriors©Erin Hunter


About time I drew these two properly. T'was fun.

Trying to figure out a new style for my flat colour commissions.

I think I’ve found it ;D

Anyway, I do have one spot open for a flat colour commission. They’re $30 each for one character. Just email me if you’re interested and I can hook you up ^_^

Paypal only please!



FA is being a dick and not allowing people to upload stuff, so tumblr is going to have to do until they fix that -_-

So voila~ The finished piece that I posted a sneak preview of :D

Based off of this screen shot from ‘Drive Angry’ since I’ve been DYING to draw it, and I have a huge fat women crush on the actress, and I wanna be her omg ;A; 

Artwork and Character©Niki.S

You could never live out in the open
Regretting every word you’ve spoken
When you break it’s too late for you to fall apart
And the blame that you claim is all your own fault- ‘When You Break’ by Bears Den


Man, this song completely inspired this piece. ITS SO GOOD.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to draw this since the last episode aired, but…school x_x (This scene just absolutely tore my heart into pieces.)

But now that I’m officially done for the winter break, I CAN DRAW IT!

Dean….let me just wrap you in a blanket and hold you..please…this poor guy. Ugh.

I’ve never felt so bad for a character in my life. I really hope things turn around for him soon :'c 


Supernatural©Eric Kripke

Send your dreams
Where nobody hides
Give your tears
To the tide
No time
No time
There’s no end
There is no goodbye
With the night
No time
No time
No time
No time
No time
- ‘Wait’ by M83


I watched Fault in our stars recently, after finishing the book a week ago.

Shit movie is shit. 

Actually I’m kidding, it was really well done, surprised actually how good it was next to the book. And the parts they decided to leave out, I was actually happy about x’D Lost it at the ending though, ugh. No. :c 

But what got me most, is that they decided to use my favorite M83 song in the film…at the worst parts omg ;A; So since this song use to be my #1 travel song (I’d listen to it to and from school on the train staring out the window daydreaming) it now makes me tear up every time I listen to it x’D

But it did inspire this personal piece C: 
Been feeling stressed with, well, everything (learning to drive, FanExpo, my family, school talk, ugh) so I needed to draw something really relaxing and warm.

Fiddling around with new brushes. Mainly on the sky. 
I screwed up in places but eh, it didn’t damage the drawing too much x) 

What I love about summer evenings is just is being outside when the sky is on fire like this. And it’s nice and cool, but still feeling like summer. <3

Artwork and Nicole©Niki.S