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SOME- *breaks your door* BODY ONCE TOLD ME that today is your birthday!! happy birthday~ ^_^ ah! ∑(;°Д°) your door! guess I got carried away (*≧艸≦) I'm very sorry! please wait patiently for the ginger evil prince to fix your door~


heeEEEYYY no ginger evil princes are allowed to fix my door until they’ve redeemed themselves 8'I (and they must sing a certain four note harmony while fixing said door)

thearabian-guardian-of-fun  asked:

I know your icon is Doraemon but can I ask if it's from an episode or movie?

It’s from the 2006 remake movie ‘Nobita’s Dinosaur’(which is an amazing movie btw, still my #1 favourite doraemon movie of all time) but in the actual screencap doraemon’s eyes were not slit, I just edited it this way because reasons (*cough*Bill *cough*)

That looks was well known as doraemon’s warm gaze