Being Oliver and Thea Queen’s Younger Sibling Would Include...

☆ Your parents spoiled you like they did to Oliver and Thea, but you were a bit calmer than your two older siblings. You tried to be down to earth as much as possible.

☆ Thea is wrapped around your finger. She loves you so much as she always wanted a younger sibling.

☆ You tell Oliver he’s too stubborn on a daily basis.

☆ You never agreed with Oliver’s playboy actions, but you still tried to support him in whatever he did. You encouraged him to go to college.

☆ Oliver would do anything for you. He punched a paparazzo after they got too close to you and asked many personal questions. You had to drag Oliver out of the scene, laughing and reassuring him that you were okay.

☆ When you were told the news about Oliver and your father being dead, you were devastated.

☆ You tried to cheer yourself and Thea up after the death of Oliver and your father.

☆ With Oliver gone, Thea stepped up as the “protective” older sister role.

☆ Thea would invite you to go to parties, but she made sure you wouldn’t do drugs. She knew what she was doing could potentially ruin her life, and Thea wanted you to have a good life.

☆ When Oliver came home, you were overjoyed. You were frightened that something would take your older brother away again, so you hugged Oliver even when he protested. Secretly, Oliver lived for your tight hugs.

☆ Oliver is a lot more protective than Thea, but both have their “protective sibling” moments.

☆ If you start dating someone, they will interview the person very seriously. If they don’t like the person or get a bad feeling about them, Oliver and Thea will be watching their every move or scare them away.

☆ Oliver and Thea didn’t want to tell you about being vigilantes as they believed telling you would put you in danger. When they did tell you, you were surprised but even more proud of your vigilante brother and sister.

☆ You were shocked when you found both of them had killed people. You were a bit nervous at first, but you soon realized that they had changed. Hugs were exchanged that day.

☆ Oliver and Thea agreed to train you in case you were attacked. After you finished training, they wanted you on Team Arrow as you were an excellent fighter. On missions, they’d always be a few steps away to make sure you were okay.

☆ The whole team loves you. Each one of them tries to teach them some of their mastered skills.

☆ You three had family dinner nights every other week. Most of the time, they were interrupted, but when they weren’t, Oliver would cook, or you or Thea would order takeout. Either way, it was a great night for you three to relax and converse.

☆ Once you reached your full potential alongside Thea and Oliver, you three enjoyed having competitions on who could knock out the most people during missions.

☆ Oliver forces you to stay behind with Felicity (who, of course, loves you like family) on missions that he believes are dangerous. Thea, sometimes, tries to protest and get you to come with, but most of the time, she nods along and gives you a sad look before heading out.

A/N: Oliver would be my #1 pick in the DC universe if I could choose an older brother, I think… Barry’s pretty close though. 


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Drunk Thea Queen confessing her feelings to you.

“Hey, Thea. You look like you had a bit too much to drink.” You chuckled as you watched her stumble across the room. Thea was all giggles.

“You think, Y/N? I - I had likeeee soo many drinks.” You shook your head, grinning, as you decided to help her sit down. 

“Maybe next time, you should cool it a bit. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Thea huffed, relaxing on the couch.

“You’re so over worried about me, Y/N.” You helped her get out of shoes while listening to her. “But, I guess - I guess that’s like another reason I, uh, fell in loveee with you.” Your heart stopped, and you looked over to her, your eyes widened.

“What did you just say?” Thea blinked slowly at you then rolled her eyes.

“You’re so oblivious, Y/N. Oh Y/N. I’ve been in love with you for so many months now.” You sat back down, reveling in this new information. 

“Really?” Thea nodded.

“Duhhh. You have to be blind to not see it.” Thea threw her hands up in exaggeration. 

“I guess I’m blind then…” You sat in silence, trying to grasp your head around the fact that Thea, your crush, had been in love with you this whole time, but were interrupted by the slight snores of the said woman. You chuckled softly before grabbing a blanket to wrap over her.

“Good night, Thea. I think that we’ll have a lot to talk about tomorrow morning… depending on how hungover you are.”

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