Word of the Day

Theanthropic, n. /thē’an-trop’ik/ - The state of being both divine and human. The ascription of human characteristics to divinity; the ascription of divine characteristics to man. Belief in the possibility of the combination in one being of a nature both human and divine.

       Source: Funk & Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary, 1953


ANGEL [listen] for the theanthropic lover, pale and star-crossed

i. i’m god - Clams Casino
ii. angel - Koda
iii. push pull - Purity Ring
iv. pendulum - FKA Twigs
v. holiest - Glass Animals
vi. vespers - Ghibli
vii. red - XXYXX
viii. broken bones - Chvrches
ix. you don’t know me - Son Lux
x. i’m the devil - Clams Casino

ALIEN [listen] () for the divine mother turned monster turned girl

i. cannibal - Doja Cat
ii. figure 8 - FKA Twigs
iii. monster hospital - Metric
iv. pale flesh - Crystal Castles
v. crawlersout (backward / forward) - Purity Ring
vi. goodbye to a world - Porter Robinson
vii. it’s only - ODESZA
viii. shuck - Purity Ring
ix. transform - Jimmy LaValle