theanna shepard

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could we get some info on your canon shepard?

Sure!  Theanna Shepard’s a paragade Colonist/Sole Survivor background.  Having lost everything, her main goal is to not let anyone else die.  She’s usually good natured, but she has a short temper that frequently leaves her regretting her words and actions.

For in game decisions, she saved the rachni twice, saved the council, romanced Kaidan, saved Ashley on Virmire, romanced Thane, saved everyone during the suicide mission, cured the genophage, made peace between the Quarians/Geth, and chose to destroy the Reapers.  After the war she probably tries to retire, but can’t actually sit on the sidelines and goes back to active duty.

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What draws you to Shavik by the way? As in what sort of qualities and traits make your Shep and Javik work in a relationship/why your Shep would be attracted to him, etc. Sorry if this is bothersome I just love hearing people's meta and explanations for ships

Oh it’s no bother!  In general, I really like his character arc, and how he goes from thinking of Shep as basically just an animal to really respecting him/her.  More specific to my Theanna Shepard though, is that she relates to his loss.  She’s got the colonist/ sole survivor backstory, so she watched all of her friends and family die on Mindoir, and then everyone she met and cared about in her squad died too, giving her horrible survivor’s guilt.  On top of that, both her LIs Kaidan and Thane die.   Even though she cares deeply for the Normandy crew, she still feels isolated and has difficulty relating to them. On the flip side, she understands Javik and his loss, his distant attitude, and desire for vengeance, and she treats him like a person because of it, rather than an outsider.  At the same time she’s more than willing to put him in his place, which earns his respect.  So in short, respect and mutual understanding of loss.  Sorry if this is rambling it’s really late.