Basically upside down Sea Stars, Feather Stars, also known as Crinoids, are a very interesting class with approximately 625 species known. Generally stationary during the day, they tend to come out at night or extend their arms in order to trap food. Like other Echinoderms, Feather Stars have tube feet, however their tube feet lack the suction cups that are present in Sea Stars, Sea Urchins, etc. They instead secrete mucus that traps food particles and directs it into grooves where cilia move the particles to the mouth. [x]

Cheetahs make a variety of vocalizations. Unlike big cats like lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars, they can’t roar but instead can purr like housecats. This is because of the structure of their hyoid bone. Their purr shows a content mood but also can portray nervousness. A birdlike chirp is used by mothers and cubs to call each other. Mothers alternate this with an ‘ihn-ihn’ sound to call her young. This is the call the mother and the cub are making in the gif. Growling and hissing shows aggression and defense while bleating which is similar to meowing is a distress call. The male stutter call can actually trigger ovulation in the female which accounts for the erratic reproductive cycles. [x][x]