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Favorite simblrs?

Thank you Anony! Here r all beautiful people of MINE! ^3^*
| My Beloved Honey, that I can talk EVERYTHING with♥
Nokciimii | Meo, “Cutest Girl Nokie Ever! x’3”
Yumitaro | Yumiiichan with LOTS of coolest guys EVER! x3
Rukisims | Close friend and Wonderful creator & graphs!
Typicalsimblr | Gorgeous TP Let’s Roll like a Toilet Paperzz!!
The-sagaro | Sometimes talk & chat Lovely friend x3
Reikosim3 | Cute friend with Cute little bunny! xp
Littlemsim | Who has LOTS of sims boyfriends! Can rent one from!
The77sim3 | Such a Very KIND person and Gorgeous creator!
Ding1119 | Always LOVE the impressive pics of Ding’s!
Simsimi-only-mine | Beloved CC creator and Amazing person! //o
M1ssduo | Delicate creator and graphs Alwayss!
Shatsai | Lovely and pretty girl Ever! x3
Omgsupernova | Cute and Soft talk friend thoo!
Plumbponette | Cocooooon | GigasimsMoc0w0moc |
Theangeloevanssims | Lilinabe | Jadegardenlove |
Mayu-xxxGhostjai-simblrJuniellieKim-je |
Simply-one-hell-of-a-simblr | Poliusa |
✡ Still have SO MANY Faves haven’t be listed this time tho!!! ;3; ✡


 Hey whats up guys, its Ash. c: 

Okay sooo I decided to do an ultimate mega-list of my favorite simblrs.  Even if you are not on here, it does not mean I do not like/enjoy your posts and please don’t feel offended if you are not listed here. Without further ado here are my favorite simblrs from A-Z. And also have a Happy New Year guys!! <33


@audiosims @asimslifee @anchoredsims @another-simmer @astrea-sims @avtvmnsalad @armanasims @annlovetank 


@bobo221 @bes-sims @black-le @brntwaffles @blackelision @blackoutsims @besimmer @basic-simmer @boobasnots @bangtansimmies @boilandsimmer  @bezdihanniygrrr @blacklistedsims @bbyhazard @blondechaos


@circasim @crvcrv-sims @crazysim-mary @camisims @cualquiere @cakenoodles @charmed-sisters @challesamu 


@dizziesims  @drakonsims @dextr-e  @drudragonrose @danisimlover @daniwhoelse @dremonss @dendisims @decibelakiyai @deathbyranting 


@echo-sim @exorcisim @ethereal-lover @eliisesims @emiixsims

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All my friends & favorite ^^
sanghaec/ 77rachel
hdelyah / airensims / allancco / andromedasims / anitka-sims / annely-kolo / aphroditeisimmoral / aquamarinus
akasim / benedictwallace / bes-sims / black-le / blackangelene / blackvillar / blondechaos / bobo221 / boboboh
cakenoodles / chanel-simblr / circasim / coffee-americano / crvcrv-sims / cualquiere / cybersim
danisimlover / darkosims3 / deadbulb / dorktasticsoul / dr-franken / dr-julian
e-tsarevich / ender-sims / erschsims / excellentfox
frey-sims / frozensims / fyachii
graylandsim / grimhatesdeathflowers / gweenea
halcyonglow / happylifesims / helgayeomsimblr / hellohow-low / hirsch-ertrunken
i-like-teh-sims / itsdeadpoetry / itssimplymaria / itstraumhaus
jazzy—–fizzle / jinglestartk / jivong / joes-stuff / juliablood / julies7821
kanoya / kapblack / katerina2000neeld / kgsims / kijiko-sims / kira72070 / kirken-sim / kokai98 / kosmokhaos / kurasoberina
lazysimmer97 / leahlillith / lesannichan / letssimsistuff / littlemsim / loubellesims / lucifermetternich
m1ssduo / melancholycotton / melltokio / merykeit / mexipoopy / moffyhardy / momonosoft / moonghostly / moonskin93 / mortuisimplicem / muzyaks / mystic-sim
naiisimblr / nanda0528 / narusims / nastasya125 / nekoasakuro / nenellith / noelyely / nokciimii / noviebird / nseensim / nyanyasims
o-zedd1333 / ohmysim / oleksandray / onlysmokewolf / orange-sim / orangebrained / osacuveiasims
periluxe / phixil / pikuserukiti / pinkiepancakes / pinofurude / pipifonnesims3 / playerswonderland / plud-sims / plumb-da-bots / plumblobs / plumbobsophy / plumbobz / pololongsims / pooh-lee / prettybigsim / putrulance / pxqen
santerian / set-sim / shockshame / sim3simsimi / simified / similiciousims / simplykitsch / sims-jael / sims-models / sims3-jeb / sims3melancholic / simsatmidnightsimsimi-only-mine / simsinspring/  simsl3gacies / simstrope / simsys / sk-sims /skiporns / smartberringsim / soilosoiod \ soupsim / sso-yyosssvitlans / subpoint / sugar-hell / sugarballoon / sugarbotanist \ sunnynksim
tariks-sims / the-sagaro / the77sim3 / theangeloevanssims / thegreatlandone / theothersim / thriftsimshop / tiff-yd2 / tik-tika /toffeenuts-sims / toys-of-dukeness / tractusopticus / treesimz / tutti-sims 
walkininfected / wasabiaki / weliveinexilesims / wldflwrs \ woohoodlums / wwatup 
yesemilystoneme / yoonhaon
zauma / zombiesims3


Merry Christmas and if u don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays! :D

Okay I know the majority of tumblr said Merry Christmas yesterday, since Christmas was yesterday for u guys, but where I’m living it is now Christmas so yeah….sry that it’s late I guess? But hey I queued this exactly on midnight GMT -5 so thats cool i guess lol xD

I hope all of u guys are having a happy, merry, joyous day, with lots of love from family, friends, and obviously me becuz clearly everyone wants my luv - w - don’t be stupid Megu, they don’t need ur love lol I give my love, hugs, kisses to each and every one of u and I’m so glad to have supporters like u. I’m so thankful and grateful that I have all of u guys to look forward to when I come on Tumblr. Really, u guys mean a lot to me and keep being the wonderful, lovely, human being that u guys r :3 I wish I could give u guys all a hug right now but unfortunately, I’m not able to do that ;( So instead I shall give u a virtual hug *HUGS* Love u ^3^ *chuuuuuu*

simplenotesim404 (thanks for the outfits :D), siciliaforever, bobo221, queenofrandom96, enmitygoddess, cnh8, fyachii, pinkplumbob, the-sagaro, theangeloevanssims, clashingarrow, rg-veda, omgsupernova, mugen-jou, kk-sims, simsfanscreations, delimon, ghostjai-simblr, simguruturtledove, wolffberry, antalis-love, itsmegeuliz, pixelpixies, kuudereprincess, frenkiemonster, lazylazysims, riannadyn, lolyfoxsim, jxelect, bubblegumblown, sexysimmer, purple-plumbobs, ikarisims, narusims, pauleanr, shamimage, alfcohol, xilmandr, rdf-arahel, annlovetank, astronautsims, happylifesims, nisukiye, just-there-to-live, westcoastbrooklyn, another-simmer, simssimseverywhere, kairisimblr, tiamisims, monstrobizarro, jinglestartk, igotsims, thesims3loverourcreations, thewatchersobservatory, mckatsims, erschsims, wingardiumleviosim, kotatsu-mikan, simsl3gacies, dragonsmage, decibelakiyai, elazcar, wickedsims, iamwasabichi, sim-mu, seoulchi, theboywhosimmed, kashi-kung, sgisims, inouris, ssugar-dropss, joancanyelles2001, passionperfectionplumbobs, jennisims, sisimmo, lamekyki, mylittlepixles, gabrielsborges, asinego, uniqueleemade87, thanktheplumbobs, pokemyplumbob, lovesevelinkame, lo1ora, kutie-senpai, owl-loya, freezingplumbob, utopiasims, coercere, hellohow-low, toys-of-dukeness, where-myths-fade-to-legends, ooobsooo, notplumbobswithapassion, toosimsforyou, sinofsims, kakosims3, dat-one-simblr, vaniellasims, jessiealbuquerque, amebirain, yoonhaon, yokosimblr, courtneymonroe122, siiimmmsss, circasim, hardrocker-and-marczi, soleilphesims, gingervoldemort, fenixsims, mysimlab, bitchplease-imtherealkillercat, m0m0-ka, simmedic, majesticplumbobs, amber-ryuuzaki, the-simmers, cocccosims, loveprincesssparkles, kyarykami, luullabies, d3c3ptionx, burgerkingscholarships, stormysims, thedeathoflove821, bittersim, a-littlenellylikesweets, shotasims, plumbobdays, myworldofsims, sstarlightsimmms, michaelimarinac4c6, toutcroire, playingplumbobs, payi02, zoedanschk, eliisesims, wolves-wxrz, kaloso16, annett85, pinktuu, daydream-believer-, sims3lyfe, isadoravieirayou, little-books-and-animes, ahikaristuff

(If ur wondering, yes this took a while but it was totally worth it > w < and two i’m sorry if I left u out accidentally @-@ even if ur name isn’t here that doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate u > . <)


Fashion Suicide (He Said! She Said!)

1.GLASSES: Kitten Noir, @Art-sims
2.TOP COAT: Modern coat with belt, @Shokoninio
3.TOP OVERCOAT: Alemancia’s overcoat, @M1ssduo
4.BOTTOM PANTS: Simple slim pants, @Simsimi-only-mine
5.SHOES BOOTS: Ozzy-male, @Shatsai

{Sunglasses KN} is actually work for female & I very love his work but I need it for my male sims to use in these photos only.