You have NO right once so ever to call me a bad friend! You’ve been the worst fucking friend possible!! I make jokes at your expense, sure, I’ll admit that. And those are things you need to get over and grow up about. We both make jokes about one another ALL the time. The one time it’s about something ‘serious’ you get all butthurt. NO THANK YOU, CRYING CATHY. IT WAS A JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE and you’re not gonna get mad at the other person who clearly said something relatively worse then what I did ? Alright cool. Go ahead and just be a giant douche face, it really suits you and you’re superiority complex. YOU ARE NOT THE FUCKING SHIT BRO, YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT! You piss me off so much. You think I’m suuuuch a bitch when the only bitch in this situation is you. All you do is whine and complain about how everyone is always mean to you because you’re such a sensitive person. When honestly, all you ever do is act like a pathetic little jackass. You’re such a dick to EVERYONE. Even your closest friends; you push them away and you think it’s okay. When it really isn’t. It’s really funny how you think you can treat anybody any which way you want to but when they turn around and do the same thing to you. It’s so fucked up! Well shit bro, it was fucked up the first time around when you tried to pull that shit. If you'e gonna be all sometime-y then go somewhere else and treat somebody else like shit. I’m tired of dealing with this. I don’t wanna lose you as a friend but you’re a fucking asshole who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but himself. So fuck that. You fucking wanker. Goodbye