A l l i s i m p s o n

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I wish I could have her style , her eyes , her hair . She’s so pretty . I wish I can do as much funny and amazing videos as she does . She should get a clothing line , have you seen how she dress ? It’s simply the best style I’ve ever seen ! Alli is so perfect ! Can I get her swagggg ? Dude , I wish ! I hope one day I’ll be able to meet her .I hate the fact that I live in a 5k-people village , in the province of Québec , Canada . Hope one day she’ll come in Montréal , so I could do that 4 hours drive to might meet her ! So yeah , if you,re reading this alli , can you give me all these beauty adivces to be like you ? (: héhé , in my dreams , yes . 

Till , then , I’ll be waiting here with my sexiness . :)