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1. Are you crushing on/in love with anyone at the moment? Are they aware of it if so?

Yes. Yes. You are, right?

2. My sister’s birthday is on Wednesday and I’m broke.  Any suggestions as to what I should do for her?

Some people don’t like it, but maybe a coupon book? You could also make her a keychain. Buy a keychain like these, they usually have them in Walrmart or in dollar stores for $1, print a nice photo the size of the rectangle (family photo or photo of show/celebrity, etc). Open the keychain (it has a tiny hole you can pry open), take out the other photo, put yours. You’re done!

3. Would you come keep me company? :c

Sure, let me hop on my private jet… awww *hugs*

4. What is your dream job?

Subtitling or dubbing films, or just anything related to movies, really ♥

5. Outside of banana bread, what are some good recipes you can use frozen bananas in?  Yes I could google it, but I want suggestions from you lovelies! :D

Banana ice cream!

6. If you’re an artist, how do you get over artist’s block?  if you’re a writer, writer’s block?

You get over writer’s block writing - it might sound silly, but yes, work on a different project, don’t stop writing.

7. Beef or pork steak fajitas? (if you’re a vegan/vegetarian I apologize for liking meat, and you can put a random fact here if you want)

Today I tried apples with peanut butter and it’s frakking delicious!

8. What are some good fantasy, mystery, and/or suspense novels/series/authors that you would recommend?

I really like Vivian Vande Velde’s work, anything by Agatha Christie’s great… hmmm, can’t think of anything else rn.

9. Are you happy?

Overall, yes. There are always these moments in which everything feels like crap, but I get over those and find joy in the simplest things, like being able to order pizza online ♥♥♥

10. If you could ask me anything that you were curious about, what would it be?

When are you coming over to visit?!

11. Do you have any awesome plans for Thanksgiving?  If you don’t celebrate it, what are your family gatherings like?

Well, for Thanksgiving, we had a friend over and that was, basically our plan, just having a simple dinner, the four of us. He spent the whole week here and it was a lot of fun :3

blahblahsomethingsomethingdotcom asked:

That's just it, I talk to her and she just doesn't really care or even reply. Sigh...But still, I can't help but like her a lot because there's no denying she's sweet even if she doesn't show it all the time. Not with me, anyway. I'd love to be the one to have taken that picture of her while she was sleeping, even though I think it could've been her *pretending* to be asleep and taking the picture herself! Cute, nonetheless :( gorgeous, even.

"Shush, nymph, she adoooores you. You are her lobster/penguin/swan/otter/pon. And, yes, of course she was pretending to be asleep!"