theairnomads asked:

Namine and Riku

Riku- Are you a competitive person? It depends. When it comes to things like board/ card games, or if I’m doing a track meet, or we get back a test I know I did good on, I’ll feel good being better than others or winning. However, I’m not so competitive to the point of being obnoxious. I feel that others who like to watch people crumble and fail to make themselves feel better are ridiculous.

Namine- Tell me about a hobby of yours: Well some of my recent hobbies include writing and running :O. My writing hasn’t really happened much yet, so I’ll go with running. I joined both cross country and track all throughout middle school. I actually got to be captain in 8th grade :). Unfortunately I had to quit in High School for academics, but I still do it on my free time. Its a stress reliever :O.

everinyourfavorwinnie asked Aqua in a long message that I will private reply too, so:

Aqua- Tell me about a skill you have mastered: I mean, I don’t really think I’ve mastered anything :(. Probably something academic like basic multiplication XD. I’m really not sure. Sorry if that sounds boring, but I have a lot of learning to do in just about everything!

theairnomads asked:

snk/attack on titan

❤ fave male: armin *___*
❤ fave female: MIKASA (i am actually married to mikasa) but i have a soft spot for annie too.
✖ least favorite: i don’t do the least favorite thing (at least not for good media. which snk definitely is.)
✔ who resembles me: hanji and annie; hanji for the “exuberant and probably a little annoying” side and annie for the vicious lone-wolfness.
❤ most attractive: (squeaks) MIKASA (flies into the sun)
❤ three more characters that i like: sasha (ofc), christa (cutie), and eren (hey i really do like him a lot)