Hey guys! Big Deltora Quest sketch dump, hope you don’t mind. Each page has a caption saying who or what is on the page, and I am going to list from top to bottom and left to right as well. My sketch book tends to be very messy, as I do my best to fill up the entire page, which is also why some of the sketches are sideways and upside down. Also note that I have limited colors, so if they seem off, there is a big chance it is because I just don’t own the right colors.

1. Soldeen (before rereading description) -  Looked up a bunch of ugly/scary looking fish, settled on the anglar fish and the Cabezon fish, and then combined them to make something different. Wanted him to be a pale, sickly green with some mottled and decaying brownish/red spots.

2. Jin - Based her monster proportions a bit on an orangutan, which is probably why I tried incorporating some red and orange into the design as well

3.Theagan - Earlier designs. She is described as being very beautiful so that is what I went for, and she gets a giant silver afro because her hair is described as a silver cloud and I could not resist. She also gets funky ears because she is not entirely human according to her description, so I decided to differentiate her looks even further based on that (plus I love drawing those kinds of ears whoops)

4.Theagan - Later designs. I was really tempted to have her topless and just be covered in decorative paint as a show of her arrogance (the idea being that she is so sure her magic will protect her that she flaunts as much skin as possible), but the shoulder pads won out in the end, mostly because I am weak for shoulder pads, but partly because I am not sure how much nudity I want there to be in my project. On the one hand, breasts are not sexual organs so I do not want to treat them as such, so I don’t really want them be covered in hot climates where the men are going shirtless (which really would only be in Del territory, maybe Jalis territory, and potentially Lapis territory), but on the other hand, people have different sensibilities when it comes to these things, and I want my project to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to this. So if you have any feed back on this issue, please let me know!

5. Ralad Clothing - So far (in my version) Ralad territory is the 2nd warmest territory in Deltora, and I am also have a headcanon that they are a bit hardier than humans when it comes to temperature, so they wear light clothing for most of the year, and rarely wear shoes. Because they are builders it didn’t make sense for them to have loose hanging jewelry or clothing, so if they have earings they tend to be studs, and if they wear other jewelry it tends to be chokers or secure bracelets. The exception would be the elderly who no longer do as much manual labor and who are also more sensitive to the cold; I imagine that they would wear more elaborate and sometimes hanging jewelry and clothing. The book also describes their clothing as having intricate designs, so they are going to have plenty of patterns, which at this point are going to be based on celtic knots and maze designs. They also have lots of diamond motifs for reasons I am not going to go into, which is also why they get ponchos, which also allow ease of movement.

6. Dain and marks of the Shadow Lord - Since Dain claims to be of Toran descent, and furthermore of very close descent since his mother was from Tora (? right? swore I read that on the wiki need to double check), I am going to give his design a lot of Toran influence. I headcanon that Torans all have long intricately braided hair (which just goes oh so well with their weaving skills and such), so he gets that, and clothing wise I am giving them some asian influence, specifically from the Song dynasty of China and from Japan (still working on exact time period), but because I want the clothing to be unique to the world of Deltora this influence will not be absolute.

7. Jasmine and Clothes - Trying to figure out Jasmine’s clothing, specifically her Ralad clothing, as I like to imagine that since she is about their size they give her some new clothes. Doing this because I love designing clothing and I love stories where the clothing actually CHANGES REGULARLY (LOOKS POINTEDLY AT SEVERAL DIFF SHOWS). Plus, come on, her Grey Guard clothing would attract too much attention at some point, especially if the Grey Guards eventually recognized the clothing, and moreover the gang is gonna head to some cold places, and those clothes just aint gonna cut it.

8. Barda (dude with the dreads), Lief, Jasmine, and Del clothing

9. Ralads on the left and Dread Gnomes on the right - More Ralad clothing, and an example of some winter clothing (their winters are pretty mild but can still be pretty damn cold and wet). The Dread Gnomes live in the coldest territory in Del (in my version), and their clothing is going to reflect that. Also, Since they are archers, I am gonna try and incorporate arm guards into their regular clothing, and possibly some chest plates, although they might not be needed if the Gnomes wear enough layers. Also, for reasons I am not going into, they also have lots of diamond motifs, and while they don’t have braid patterns on their clothing, they tend to incorporate braids into their hair and beards.

10. Top Jalis clothing influences, bottom Dread Gnomes (the one with braids is Gla-Thon) - In my version Jalis territory is probably the 3rd warmest territory in Deltora, and is also significantly less humid than both the Del and Ralad territory, so I was trying to look at clothing from places that sorta fit that description (ancient Greece and Hawaii specifically). Then more dread Gnomes, with Gla-Thon and all her glory, as well as some masks. I tried just making masks without any sort of reference but they were NOT working out well, so I drew some from reference to get a feel for it (yes, the one on the bottom right is from Atlantis: The Lost Empire).