• Me:[opens laptop]
  • Me:I am going to write a thing!
  • Me:Here is a great plot!
  • Me:Here are two great characters with great chemistry!
  • Me:Here is an antagonist the reader will fall in love with!
  • Me:Here is enough free time to get it all done!
  • Me:Here is a website with all the resources I'll need!
  • Me:website
  • Me:wbetiserl
  • Me:metisrlu
  • Me:tmbleru
  • Me:Tumblr

so i’m at my friends house and her little brothers all like “i want to show you something” so i’m just like ok and he brings out this little box and pulls a rock out of it and i say wow that’s a cool rock jonas and then he looks at me really intensely and whispers “i’m gonna kill you with this rock” he is four years old

i plan on being a famous actress and when i win my first award i have already planned my speech.

“wow. wow, i mean i was- i was not expecting this. haha no i totally was. umm.. i would like to thank all of the wonderful and talented people who put hours of work into this film, but… i’m not going to. i thank, instead, myself- for being such an amazing actor. i did it all myself. kthx. *middle fingers up* *moonwalk off stage*”