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In a month or so you’ll never need to alert us of an update again.

why… not…?

there’s no confirmed m message that Homestuck is ending on 4/13 why do people keep saying this, there’s going to be a flash for the end of act 6 (Hussie confirmed that a a while ago) and there’s no way he can make a flash that big in a less than a month

calm down u guys there’s more homestuck 2 go

The trolls had 23 gates, not seven. The specific title of “The Seven Gates” that Nannasprite mentions is only for the kids’ session, sprites only know what the need to about the session they exist within. Just wanted to try and put this one to bed.


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What's the main difference between Ableton/FL/Logic/any other big ones you know of? And how much money do I need to throw your way to get awesome music in return, I just got spending money and I need some hot-off-the-burner beats :0

uhhhhh man ok so forgive me on my lack of knowledge here cause I haven’t really worked with any DAWs beyond Ableton but

The main thing I think, is that Ableton is built in a way that is more conducive to live performance than any other DAW. Like Madeon’s “Pop Culture” or M4Sonic’s stuff is all “performed” on Ableton. As far as I know, no other DAW has those kinds of capabilities (although I think FL and Live have made updates to remedy this??? hell if I know)

I also find Ableton’s workflow to be very smooth! When Clark and I were working on Crystalmethequins together I was surprised and kept getting frustrated at how clunky Logic felt (although that is partly due to me never having worked in Logic before). As for FL, the last time I opened it was back when it was still called Fruity Loops (I think it was on version 5 at the time). The interface was incredibly convoluted and intimidating to 15-year-old me, and so because of that first impression I’ve never really given it second thought haha. I have a friend who uses Reason and while it is not a very good DAW, it has some AMAZING synth engines that he uses in conjunction with Ableton.

Hope that was of some help to you. Please please please don’t make judgments on DAWs based on my incomplete knowledge if you’re looking to get one and make music yourself. Do plenty of research and you’ll probably find one to your liking.

As for getting music from me in exchange for money, you can check out my commissions page or my Bandcamp store!