commission for theacheofmoderism! i’m sorry it has taken me so long to put the finishing touches on this!

  • chain is 13" in diameter and has adjustable links on the end. 
  • chain and findings are sterling silver-plated.
  • beads are dyed shell.
  • sold for $30 plus shipping.
  • message me with your address and i will send them off!

do you like this design? feel free to commission one just like it! i have more materials. 

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Sam is sad bc Cas was his favorite step-dad, even though Benny takes him to baseball games & buys him things.


What if Dean and Benny go camping to bond with Sam and Benny tries to teach Sam to fish to bond with him. And Sam is bitchy the whole time like no one fishes anymore, this is outdated, he doesn’t even like fish

Benny would try really hard to get along with him bc he knows how much he means to Dean

Sam would call Cas from Dean’s cellphone and try to tell him how much he hates Benny and Cas’ first response would be “you’re not Dean”

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post-coital dean walking around the cabin of a boat wearing only benny’s peacoat

I think most of us share this communal headcanon Benny lives in a little houseboat and I love it


Or he’s just wearing it in bed wrapped up in it and only it, watching Benny cook and whistle while he cooks sh yay 

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I like that Jill went straight for sex. I haven’t even reached the original post yet but I like it went straight to sex.

im drunk. he’s drunk and naked in the shower

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About Me

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1. Which TV shows are you watching now?

Star Trek: TNG, The League, Trailer Park Boys, Fairy Tale

2. What do you hope for in 2014; either for you or someone else?

That I’ll be able to afford treatment for my depression and anxiety.

3. Where would you like to be?

Right now I am ok with where I’m at: in my living room alone and listening to Night Vale. 

4. Your favourite drink(s)

Good beer, water, strawberry limeade from Sonic

5. Do you agree that your friends can even be considered as family?

Yes. Friends are the family you get to choose.

6. Your favourite interaction with someone well-known?

Oh my god i’ve confirmed i’m terrible at meeting celebrities. I freeze up and look like a complete crazy person. I fear I may have freaked out Neil Gaiman when I met him at his appearance in Ann Arbor earlier this summer. *blush* The one I felt most comfortable with was Cary Elwes at Motor City Comic Con. He was just so sweet and charming and incredibly handsome and just so gracious when I slightly fangirled out on him. What a guy.

7. Tattoos: Yay or nay?

Yay! I don’t have any, but I like to look at them. I would like to get one sometime soon I think.

8. Any concerts you’re looking forward to in the future?

Nothing planned right now. I think my schedule and income will allow me to head to some shows this year, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to swing a few visits to the Blind Pig soon.

9. The one thing about school you do miss?

Well, technically i’m still in school lol. Lets go with what I miss about high school… I miss the friendships I had.

10. Your ideal music festival line-up?

Amanda Palmer, Daft Punk, Childish Gambino, Young The Giant, whatever project Jack White is with right now, Foo Fighters, Sleater Kinney… ugh there’s so much more good music but i’m too tired to list them off.

New questions:

1. What brought you to tumblr?

2. Do you have any food allergies?

3. Would you rather have boobs for feet or feet for boobs?

4. How do you feel about scented candles?

5. Where were you when you first had your heart broken?

6. Was the ending of *new* Battlestar Galactica pleasing or frustrating for you? Explain.

7. What is your favorite preparation of the majestic potato?

8. Pie?

9. How do you think mankind will destroy itself? Himself? Himsselves? 

10. Are you okay?