*runs towards him*
“Summoner Thea? What are–Oooph! W-What are you doing!?”
“Hehe~ It’s my birthday and I want you to carry me!” *cuddles*
“Fine, but just this once… After this, I’m returning you to the Askr Kingdom.”

It’s official… I have a huuuge crush on the Masked Knight from FE Heroes. Like, I made this post in jest, but my feelings turned serious and I’m just like, NO HEART WHY Stop falling for antagonists XD 

This is another commission from the amazing and hardworking @sakudrew! I love her art style a lot, so I wanted to commission my Summoner!Fatesona (aka me) and the Masked Knight for my birthday (4/20 boooiii *dabs*). And wow… She totally blew me away. The piece turned out sooo gorgeous and fabulous hnnnnnnggg!! My heart can’t take the cuteness (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* 

BONUS: Onwards to the Askr Kingdom!

I talked about how underrated Barry and Thea’s friendship, but can we take a moment and say that Iris and Oliver’s friendship is also extremely underrated. Headcanon times (Olivarry implied because I’m still T R A S H)

  • Oliver first went to Iris when he was considering proposing to Barry. She asked why did he not go to Joe first and Oliver simply replied “Your approval is just as important as Joe’s. Also you would kill me if I didn’t tell you first” (he’s not wrong)
  • Iris will smack all fashion sense into Oliver, even if he doesn’t need it. She will also make sure Barry looks respectable for date nights because ‘you are dating Oliver Queen you will look respectable dammit’
  • The Green Arrow will only do interviews with Iris West. No other reporter can get the exclusive. Oliver Queen is always open to interview with Iris West. No one has connected the dots. (Barry finds that fact hilarious)
  • Iris will tell Oliver all of the embarrassing stories of her and Barry growing up, including sending him these videos  (Headcanon basically by Olivarry Network)
  • Oliver asked for Iris’s help in picking the engagement ring for him and Barry because Iris knows Barry’s style just as well as he does, if not better. 
  • Barry and Oliver joking made Thea and Iris their Best Maids (Barry w/ Thea and Oliver W/ Iris) But the siblings gave their speeches to respective brother. 
  • Iris will kidnap Oliver Queen and take him out for a spa day. They get Mani/Pedi, massages and milkshakes while they each bitch to each other about work and relationships (Oliver about Barry and Iris about Linda). Iris will force him to watch chick flicks. Oliver pretends to complain, but honestly he is in love with the genre . Thea is to blame for that (THIS MASTEPIECE HEADCANON BY @halzbarry )
  • Oliver is only second to Barry as Captain of the ‘Iris West Deserves Only the Best’ Squad. There will be two angry vigilante’s at your door if you fuck with Iris West
  • Iris West will FUCK YOU UP if you say anything bad about Oliver. She also will be the first to Kill Barry if he does anything to Oliver. And Vice Versa if Oliver does anything to Barry. Oliver won’t fight Iris. She is the only person on earth beside his husband that he is afraid of

Running a hand through his hair as Allan walked side by side with Bry, Holden and Fletch. The four of them were heading to see Thea’s fashion shoot, he was rather excited he’d never really gotten to see that sort of thing, so he was sure it was going to be pretty cool. Arriving there, he leaned his head to the side and watched them all setting up. “Hey guys, it’s so good to see you.” Thea rushed over and hugged each of them, she was excited to have them here. “Thank you for inviting us.” Allan said looking at her smiling. Thea seemed to stop and looked at Allan for a moment, causing him to raise an eyebrow slowly. “Can you model for us?” She asked looking at him curiously. “What?” He asked surprised. “We need a model, and you’d be perfect.  Taking Allan’s hand, Thea pulled him off without a single world. “W-what?” Thea smiled at him and dragged him to a changing room and pushed him inside. Allan was pushed inside around to see a beautiful blonde girl who was being fitted. “Ummm… Hi.”