Oliver & Thea | W H A T E V E R . I T . T A K E S

“He should’ve let me die…” - Thea Queen
“That’s never an option.  It’s why I love him…” - Felicity Smoak
(Arrow 3x21)

Song:  Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift (Cover by Gerald Ko & Bo the Girl)

This is one that snuck up on me.  When I was doing the last video, I fell in love with Oliver’s scene with Felicity on the plane.  The failure that is on his face at the realisation that he had failed Thea was so apparent and absolutely heartbreaking.  

Just like Felicity, Oliver’s love for Thea is one of the reasons that I love Oliver. There were so many scenes I would have loved to put on this video, but I wanted to completely focus on Oliver’s love for Thea, his need to protect her and the driving force behind him sacrificing himself to the LOA.  

These scenes made me cry when I was doing this video because I had forgotten the scenes between Thea and Oliver in S1 & 2…in a way I had forgotten just how much Oliver loves Thea.  Enjoy the video…before the happy finale tonight!  


did that name thing for gwynn and i and if we were born in the 20s our names would be margaret (me) and thea (gwynn) and thats so goddamn cute?????? can u imagine. maggie & thea dancin in speakeasy’s in little dresses, sharing scotch on the rocks & smoking cigarettes in a dimly lit corner, flirting with dumb boys at the bar for free drinks only to share them with each other and leave ‘em boys in the dust(人´∀`*)

ofwickedaim asked:

' I don't want to lose you.'

sentence meme

   If there was one thing Oliver Queen stayed true to,
   it was his ability to fight his way back to her – he’s
   done things – unforgivable things as Al Sah-Him,
   && he will live with that, but the choices he made
   were born out of the need to find a way [ home.

              ❝H e y –
                 That’s never
                   gonna happen❞