thea x roy

You know what’s a cute ship?

A stubborn archer who tends to brood but just needs a hug and doesn’t deserve the shit they were given paired with a literal ball of sunshine and energy that is just far to happy and excited and can run faster than the speed of sound because its cool!


Every time I watch a TV show I always start to ship people because I feel like they have a connection and there’s so much chemistry between them but they just almost never become canon?

OHF-A-T week 18: escape Men of Fortune

This is my submission for week 18 for @thebookjumper Olicity Hiatus Fic a Thon; Escape.

I have to admit this wasn’t that much to do with the prompt but after I wrote the first five hundred words, I couldn’t really stop writing. There is a second follow-up chapter coming soon, I’m waiting for next weeks prompt and look if I can fit it into the next chapter but it will have a flash forward.

Preview Chapter 1: Boy of fortune

“Hey, are you alright? Did you get lost?” Felicity asked while bending down so she could be the same height as the little boy that she found sitting around in the parking lot while she was making her way to her car.

“Lost. I, I, wanted to go home, so I wanted to find the car and go home.” He said during snobs and a small tear running down his cheek. Felicity didn’t really know what to do, she wasn’t really a kid kind of person, so the first thing that came to mind was finding his parents and keep him alive in the meantime.

“What color is the car, so we can find it together and I’ll stay with you till your mom and dad come back.” She said helping the boy get up from the ground.

“Uncle Ollie said never to go with strangers.” He said looking up at her.

“Well, your uncle is right about that. So let’s start over, I’m Felicity.” She said after letting out a small chuckle and reaching out her hand for him to shake.

“Ralph.” He said after shaking her hand and wiping away the tear on his cheek.

“We’ll Ralph, let’s find our self’s a car shale we?” She said giving his hand a little squish and a smile before they started walking around the parking lot.

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