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Badass Ladies of DCTV

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We can be heroes too

The ladies / girls in our daily lives can be our heroes too. Our mums, our sisters, our teachers, our girlfriends, each of them is a hero in our heart.

- I’m my own hero, i survived the fire that raged in me for over 3 years.

Barry and Wally love to team up and prank people using their speed, but Oliver and Thea finally got them back by rigging a bunch of wires up and getting the speedsters to run into them and get tangled up. Kara still gets a fit of the giggles every time she thinks about it, and Sara keeps a photo of it on the Waverider.

Kicked Out (Part 3) || Buttercream Squad Imagine

A few days after waking up in Joe’s spare bedroom, I notice the shift in emotions. Whenever I walked into a room he would go silent and watch me. Today was the last day I would let him walk on egg shells around me.

Walking into the living room that Joe and the boys were sat in, as soon as they realize I’m in the roomie goes silent.  

“I’m not fucking dealing with this shit anymore,” I say exasperatedly throwing my arms into the air, “Stop acting like I’m one word away from breaking!”

“Y/N were just worried,” Joe says standing up from the couch cautiously hands braced out in front of him as if to keep me standing.

“No!” I shout, “You’re fucking pissing me off! I’m fine now! Please stop treating me like I’m made of glass!” I shout making Joe’s eyes widen and Jack spring up.

“Y/N,” Joe says.

“Please, just treat me normal,” I beg.

“Calm down!” Jack shouts making me jump.

I laugh sadistically, “Oh I’m so clam. But can you all please chill out? I live here now, I’ve got nowhere else to go so you’re going to have to deal with me being here.”

Joe makes his way over to me eyes locked with mine. And before I can react his arms are around me soothing me into a calmer mind frame. “I’ve just been worried about you Tiny.” He whispers into my ear.

“I’m fine,” I say, my eyes welling up with tears.

He pulls his face away enough he can see mine. “I know that you’re lying, but if it would help I’ll stop being an asshole now.” He grins making me grin back.

“Hey, guys?” Oli’s voice makes its way to my ears.

“Yes mate?” Joe asks slinging his arm around my neck keeping me close to him protectively.

“Are you done being sibling goals yet? Can we finish the game now?” Oli says laughing. Joe shoves me away from him and runs over to his sofa and grabs the controller and continues his game.

“Can I hang out with y'all now?” I ask.

“Come on Tiny,” Caspar says patting the space next to him and Maddie. I make my way over and give Maddie a hug. Sitting down next to her.

“Hey lovely,” She greets placing her hand on my thigh in a friendly manner.

“Hey,” I smile glad to be interacting with people again.