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In the last five years, no one has seen or heard from billionaire Oliver Queen. At some point, it was rumored that his parents Robert and Moira Queen had disowned and sent him away.  Recently,  rumors say that Oliver Queen was back to Starling City, but no one has seen him. Oliver’s little sister Thea Queen is the manager of"Verdant" nightclub along with her long time boyfriend Roy Harper and long time friend Walter Steel is still CEO of Queen Consolidated after Moira and Robert Queen died.

A.R.G.U.S  agent, Oliver returned to Starling City to recuperate from his injuries after five years undercover as Bratva member. Rather than going back to his childhood home, Oliver asked his sister to buy him a secured apartment for him to live. Oliver Queen barely leaves his home due to the extent of his injuries and everything he had to do to survive as a member of the Russian mob (guilt and nightmares). One day, a little girl (no more than 7 years)  with glasses knocked on his door selling candies for a “boring” school project and next day, the little girl came back to say “hi”  and make him company. Soon after the little girl had Oliver Queen wrapped around her little finger. 

The little girl lived with her mother Felicity Smoak and nanny Rose a few floor down. Everyone knew and adored little girl. 

Is a Robin Hood/Arrow AU too on the nose?

Or should I just do it? Anyone interested in reading it?

“But Arrow doesn’t follow the comics!” - Oh, really?!

1. Oliver’s origin story is an island (GA year 1) (pilot)

2. Oliver stops illegal dealings on the island (GA year 1) (4x01/4x23)

3. Oliver learns to fight/survive on the island (GA year 1) (1x15)

4. Oliver finds a female friend on the island and helps her out (GA year 1) (s4 tiana)

5. Oliver has a younger half-sister (new52/ rebirth) (thea)

6. The sinking of the Gambit was not an accident (new52) (s1)

7. Oliver has a connection with Shado (vol 1) (s1)

8. Shado’s dragon tattoo. (Vol 2? Mike Grell) (s1)

9. Oliver watches his mother die (vol 3 or new52) (2x20)

10. Oliver has absolutely no interest in being a CEO (vol 3 + new52) (pilot)

11. Oliver has cheated on Dinah Laurel (vol 1) (pilot)

12. Oliver and Dinah have an on/off relationship (vol 1) (pilot)

13. Oliver proposes to the love of his life (outside) (vol 3 #75) (4x09)

14. The Undertaking = Amsterdam Disaster (vol 3) (1x23)

15. Felicity Smoak – tech expert, CEO (firestorm) (4x12)

16. Cupid being obsessed with Oliver (ga/bc) (3x07)

17. Cupid/Arrow fight (ga/bc) (3x07)

18. Oliver is Roy’s mentor (all the volumes) (2x12)

19. Oliver has a biological son he didn’t know about (vol 1) (4x08)

20. Boxing glove arrow (3x06)

21. Oliver is mayor (vol 3) (4x23)

22. Oliver works with a team (new 52) (ota)

23. Oliver fights slade. Oliver wins (vol 3) (2x23)

24. Merlyn is the dark archer (vol 3 ga/bc) (1x21)

25. Merlyn is Oliver’s #1 adversary (vol 3) (1x23)

26. Count vertigo v green arrow (vol 3) (3x01 – 2x07)

27. Oliver dying (quiver) (3x09)

28. Oliver being brought from the dead  (quiver) (3x10)

29. 2 green arrows (ga/bc vol 3) (legends 1x06, diggle/roy in the suit)

30. Star city (4x01)

31. GA suit (4x01)

32. Arsenal, Speedy, Black Canary on Team Arrow (vol 3) (4x12)

33. Oliver soul searching (vol 1) (3x23)

34. Oliver returning to the island (vol 3) (2x01)

35. BC is a legacy title (bop vol 1) (3x11; 4x19)

36. Roy harper went through several titles (vol 3) (2x12, 3x06 4x12)

37. Canary can beat Oliver’s ass (vol 3) (Sara Lance in the Arrow comics tie-in)

38. Canary goes into the pit (bop vol 1) (4x03)

39.  Speedy kills (vol 3) (4x21)

40. Dinah Laurel and Dinah Drake are estranged (bop vol 1) (s1)

41. Canary takes care of Sin (bc 2007) (2x04, 2x05, 2x17)

42. Oliver vs China White (ga year 1) (1x03)

43. Ted Grant trained Laurel (bc 2007/bop) (3x06)

44. Oliver and Barry being friends (quiver) (3x08)

45. Oliver fighting for the little guy / being anti-corporations (vol 3) (s1)

46. Playboy billionaire oliver queen (vol 1) (pilot)

47. Canary is trained by an international assassin (bop vol 1) (3x19) (Sara in the League)

48. Doesn’t play well with others (ga/bc) (4x08)

49. Moved out of Star City (vol 1) (4x01)

50. Roy has a fight with Oliver and leaves (vol 1) (2x19)

51. Oliver has a bodyguard (vol 3) (2x02)

52. Speedy leaves Team arrow (vol 3) (4x23)

53. The mother of Oliver’s son appeals to him to save him (ga/bc) (4x15)

54. Oliver goes on a mission to rescue his son (ga/bc) (4x15)

55. Speedy spars with Oliver (vol 3) (this is your overlord felicity smoak)

56. Canary knows Ra’s al Ghul and his daughter (bop vol 1) (sara/ra’s)

57. Nuclear attack on Star City (vol 3) (4x20)

58. Oliver does jobs for the government (vol 1 – eddie fyers) (s4 s3)

59. Brick (vol 3) (3x12, 4x22)

60. Black Arrow  (vol 2) (s5)

61. Oliver being an outlaw/wanted by the police (vol 2 #79) (s1, s2, s3)

62. GA/Hunterss Team up (vol 2 #83) (1x17)

63. Oliver fights Hawkman (vol 3) (4x08)

64. Oliver is trained by assassins (vol 3) (3x21)

65. Oliver fights Solomon Grundy aka Cyrus Gold (vol 3) (2x09)

66. GA vs Anarky (vol 3 51) (4x02)

67. Oliver/GA inspires the city to fight against a threat (vol 3 38) (3x12 4x23)

68. Oliver fights supernatural beings (demons, mirakuru soldiers) (vol 3) (2x23, 4x04)

69. Isabel Rochev taking over Queen Industries (brightest day #1) (2x02, 2x18)

70. Isabel being obsessed with the Queens (s2) (brightest day #1)

71. WALTER STEELE (brightest day #1) (pilot)

72.   Walt holding a key position in QC (brightest day #1) (pilot)

73. Isabel knowing the mayor (brightest day #1) (2x22)

74. Isabel having a history with Robert and hating Oliver (brightest day #2) (2x19)

75.   “Explosion that levelled the heart of the city) (brightest day #2) (4x23)

76.   Oliver choosing GA over Oliver (brightest day #2) (3x01)

77.   Oliver living by himself/in isolation (brightest day #2) (s2; 4x20)

78.   Oliver being “stubborn” (brightest day #2) (SA on Conan)

79.   “I should have died on that island” (brightest day #3)

80.   Robert being a shit husband to Moira (brightest day #3 / new52)

81.   Robert being a shit dad to oliver (brightest day)

82.   Oliver focusing only on his failures (brightest day)

83.   Oliver and Barry bromance (vol 3 Quiver) (literally every crossover ever)

84.   Oliver not liking guns (brightest day) (3x03)

85.   Oliver being brought back to life by a miracle (brightest day) (3x10 – penicillin tea yea right)

86.   Oliver watched his father die (brightest day) (pilot)

87.   Oliver using makeshift arrows (brightest day (3x03)]

88.   Oliver storming his company to face Isabel (brightest day) (2x22)

89.   Oliver failing at being a CEO (brightest day) (s2)

90.   Oliver not knowing about his dad and Isabel (brightest day) (2x19)

91.   Star city has poor/rich/gangs (brightest day) (s5)

92.   Oliver’s trick arrows

93.   Ghosts of oliver’s loved ones giving him strength to fight (brightest day) (2x09 / 4x20 / 5x08)

94.   Mr Terrific is in the GA comics (brightest day) (s5)

95.   Oliver has a son (connor, Robert, v3, v2) (William)

96.   Moira knows Oliver’s the Arrow (new52 #25) (2x21)

97.  Oliver hallucinates his loved ones when all hope is gone (brightest day #7) (2x09)

98.   GA’s Rogues Gallery: China White, Count Vertigo, Deathstroke, Merlyn, Cupid, Brick, Mafia, evil corporations,

99. Oliver works alongside Dinah Drake (rebirth) (5x11)

100. Metahuman Black Canary (rebirth / vol 3) (5x10/5x11)

101. Oliver thinking of the woman he loves before he dies (injustice, Dinah) (3x09 Felicity)

 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to be continued.

“Peggy, you are my dear sweet sister and I love you, but it’s midnight and we are not getting doughnuts.”

“Fuck you, I’m getting them anyway.”

Eliza rolled her eyes and threw a pillow at her.

“I’m tired though! You can’t just ask me to get up at midnight to drive you to the shops…”

“I can and I just did.”

Eliza rolled to the other side. “Go get Angelica to do it.” And then she went back to sleep.

Peggy rolled her eyes and went to the next room, which was Angelica’s. She pushed open the door and smiled when she saw that Angelica was still awake, on her laptop and… crying?

She moved closer as quietly as she could while Angelica was so engrossed in whatever she was doing on her laptop. She leaned over her shoulders and laughed as she saw what was going on.

Angelica jumped up as soon as she heard Peggy, and slammed down the screen to her laptop.

She smirked and walked closer to her. “Can you drive me to go get doughnuts?” she asked simply.

“It’s the middle of the night. No way,” Angelica replied and laughed.

“If you don’t I’ll tell everyone that you were crying while watching Frozen, of all things.” Peggy had won. She knew it, and could taste the doughnuts already.

“Oh, you are evil. Fine, I’ll drive you to get doughnuts.”


An hour later, they had not only gotten doughnuts but had also bought Eliza some of her favourite chocolate, and Angelica a new dress. They’d also spent half an hour looking at DVDs, but they wouldn’t talk about that.

“We should go out at midnight more often. You’re always more willing to spend money then.”
Icing on the Cake (5975 words) by CheerUpLovely [AO3]

Chapters: 4/9
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Thea Queen, John Diggle, Caitlin Snow
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Bakery, Unplanned Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Cupcakes, Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops & Cafés, Slow Burn, Male-Female Friendship, Friends to Lovers, Friendship/Love

Queens Cupcakes is run by Oliver Queen, with the help of his sister, Thea, and his good friend, John. He runs a good business, has a quiet life, a good client base, and keeps his regulars happy.

Until one day, his best customer breaks down in tears over an extra cupcake and his whole world is flipped upside down.



Thea, I owe you an apology.
No, there’s no need for you to apologize for anything.
Yes, I do. I brought Sara back without any idea of how to control her.
And I’m the one who killed her in the first place. That’s why she’s after me, you know. This blood lust she’s consumed by, it’s the same pain I feel when I think about Ra’s.

imusuallyobsessed  asked:

Man's Best Friend prompt: girlfriend.

Send me an ask with a single word and I’ll respond with a >200 word ficlet set in the service dog!Verse.

“Hunter’s got a girlfriend.”

Oliver barely glanced up from his book. He was reading another piece Greek Literature whilst they were at the park. Thea and Tommy had complained about Oliver taking up all of Hunter’s off duty time, so he’d suggested that they all head to the park for an hour or two, and the archer allowed his little sister and best friend to play around with his service dog, Diggle supervising, whilst he caught up on some light reading.

“Excuse me?” he quirked an eyebrow up at Thea.

His little sister pointed towards where the service dog was bounding around a small toy American Eskimo dog, who was watching him on her haunches with her head cocked sideways. Hunter had a tennis ball in his mouth and was attempting to tempt the toy Eskimo into playing with him.

“He’s just playing,” the archer dismissed.

“Nuh uh,” Thea shook her head. “Look again.”

Rolling his eyes, Oliver shot a look over in that direction once again. Diggle and Tommy were trying to regain Hunter’s attention to no avail. The Husky mix was lying on his belly, tennis ball shockingly abandoned beside him as he whined, nudging the Eskimo’s shoulder. The toy Eskimo, however, seemed to be acting coy, still sitting calmly in front of the service dog with her head tilted to the side.

“He’s still trying to get her to play with him.”

“You’re blind, brother, your service dog has got a crush.”

“Thea, that toy Eskimo is a third of Hunter’s size,” Oliver reminded her. “And he’s neutered.”

Thea gave him a shit eating grin. “Know who he reminds me of, acting like that?”

He sighed, entertaining her by asking, “Okay, who?”

“You and Felicity, just before you started dating.”

Oliver snorted, but taking another glance over at the two dogs, he could see what Thea meant. He was Hunter, interested and not very subtle about his attraction and intentions at all, and Felicity was the toy Eskimo, amused by it all but also secretly a little interested. Diggle and Tommy were sheepishly attempting to drag Hunter away from the little dog by the collar now, as the toy Eskimo’s owner had appeared and was suspiciously eyeing the Husky mix, protectively standing over her dog.

“Okay, so say I see what you mean,” Oliver allowed. “What exactly is your point?”

Thea winked. “The roguishly handsome, tall, brooding ones always get the girl, Ollie.”