#i mean can we all applaud thea fucking queen#because she knew who was gonna fix this mess up#felicity badass hacker smoak#oliver’s unofficial wifey#she went straight to her because hse knows what’s up ;) 

i love that Felicity’s reaction to Thea’s news that Susan asked Oliver about being GA is to be worried.

I love that her first reaction to Thea’s news is “what are WE gonna do?”


Even though she could have easily gone the “well I’m not with Oliver, I’m not his keeper and if he says he handled it then he handled it” route.

I love how, because this is about Oliver and his safety, Felicity is automatically all in without Thea having to even ask.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Thea and Felicity (and Sara but she’s not here atm) love Oliver irrevocably and unconditionally. In Felicity’s case it doesn’t matter if it’s a platonic or romantic kind of love. They love him the same way he loves them - all in, no take backs.

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A mortal lock, indeed

One Plus One Equals Three - Sisterly Advice

Drabble number twenty Six of my Queen Family Collection.

Technically not Olicity but after I saw that hug all over tumblr, a Felicity and Thea chapter was needed. I really hope you all like it.


Thea Queen knew a lot of things when it came to the family she still had in her life. She knew that her older brother, while a lot of the time he could be a complete idiot, he was a strong man who loved and adored his family, someone who would be there for her when she needed him. She knew that while she didn’t know him, she was sure her oldest nephew, William was growing up to be an amazing young man. She knew that her beautiful niece, Sophia was a mini version of her mother who always asked her to paint her nails whenever she spent the day at her place and that her youngest nephew had the cutest cheeks ever. And most of all, Thea Queen knew that she could always go to Felicity no matter the issue or time.

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Now I know Oliver is not lecturing Thea about choices! Like what? Please say that again!

He CAN’T be talking about her doing questionable things when HE IS THE KING OF BAD CHOICES! HE made the choice to enter into a whatever-that-was with that journalist! Against all advice and basic logic HE opened the door for whoever-she-was so she can start digging! HE put himself into this mess! Thea did not have to do what she did had HE not put himself into this situation in the first place! And he’s wrong because Moira Queen would have terminated that joke a long time ago!

Like boy bye! I didn’t even care enough about her anyway to remember her name!