thea and tommy

I love thinking about Oliver and Thea’s relationship in light of their age difference. 

Little nine-year-old Oliver. He’s not quite an only child (despite what people think) because he and Tommy have been brothers for years, especially since Tommy’s mother died. Now Tommy practically lives with them.  Tommy’s actually with Oliver when he’s told the news that he’s going to have a new little sister. 

Ten-year-old Oliver, sitting on the big couch in one of the sitting room’s in the mansion, carefully holding his baby sister on his lap, staring in awe at the tiny little person. Around him he senses the tension in the adults. Senses something’s off. When they step out of the room, his parents aren’t quite as happy as they should be. It all softens around Baby Thea, but it still seems connected to her somehow. And from it Oliver feels a strong need to protect his tiny sister. Tommy comes over to play but before going anywhere he’s sat down on the couch alongside Oliver and given Thea to hold. 

Twelve-year-old Oliver, holding onto 2-year-old Thea’s pudgy little hands as she takes tottering steps down the halls of Queen Mansion. And when she begins to talk, the way she can’t quite form the L’s in his name so she just forms her own garbled version of his name. Tommy joining in trying to teach her to say his name. 

Fifteen-year-old Oliver coming home from high school, in trouble for failing a few of his classes and for ditching school with some new girl. But his scowl melts away when five-year-old Thea comes running out of her room, wearing a plastic tiara, cowboy boots and their mother’s necklace, wanting to play. She chases him around the upper halls of the mansion. He lets her catch him and calls her Speedy. Tommy arrives to sneak him off to some party, but before they go, Tommy gives Thea a piggy-back ride up and down the hall. 

Seventeen-year-old Oliver, nursing a hangover, avoiding a girl whose name he can’t remember, hoping his parents don’t find out about the incident with the cop, staying home to babysit seven-year-old Thea so that Raisa can leave despite his parents not being home yet. They sit on the couch and watch the Princess Diaries, while Thea insists that the character’s name is “Thea” not “Mia” and Oliver assures her that she is really a princess. 

Eighteen-year-old Oliver leaving for college and eight-year-old Thea crying and asking him not to go before running off to sulk in her room. Tommy takes her to ice-cream the next day to make her feel better. A few months later, when Oliver returns home, Thea’s excitement almost makes him feel better about being kicked out. 

Eleven-year-old Thea telling twenty-one-year-old Oliver that everything will be alright as he gets ready to go to court for attacking a paparazzi. Tommy overhearing and telling him that Thea knows best and he should listen to her. 

Twenty-two-year-old Oliver kicked out of another school, still reeling from what happened with Samantha and the child they lost, panicking in response to the pressure from Laurel, texting Sara things he knows he shouldn’t gearing up to ask her to do the unthinkable, pushing all that aside for a little while because twelve-year-old Thea wants to tell him about her day and the plans she’s making with her friends and the boy she thinks is cute and Oliver for just a little while feeling calm and happy sitting on the arm of a chair in her room listening to her. 

Twelve-year-old Thea sitting in her room, staring at a wall trying to process the fact that her dad and brother are dead. Tommy takes her to ice-cream like he used to. There she breaks down and sobs and he hugs her and cries too. 

Seventeen-year-old Thea learning that her big brother is alive and believing for a little bit that everything that’s been broken for so long will be fixed when he gets home. She calls Tommy and they laugh and cry together on the phone. 

Twenty-seven-year-old Oliver coming home and finding that seventeen-year-old Thea is everything that broke him before the Island and wanting to help, to fix her, but unable to reach out because he feels he is so far past broken. How can he let hands with so much blood on them go anywhere near his baby sister? He tries but he can’t talk to her and she can’t talk to him because they’ve entered different worlds. Her big brother is still dead and his little sister is still lost to him. 

Thirty-year-old Oliver watching his dying sister, doing everything he can to help her and thinking about everything she’s never had. The father, the mother and the brother that she lost. The college she never went to. The career she didn’t build. The boyfriend who was forced to leave. The pain she went through, the darkness she let into herself. All because he came back into her life four years ago. Since she was born he wanted to protect her, but now he sees how much he failed, how much he dragged her down with him.

Thirty-two-year old Oliver seeing his baby sister grown up, letting herself heal, rediscovering her family ties. A warrior who isn’t trapped in battle. A capable woman in any career she chooses. Twenty-two, the age he was when his life fell apart but she’s just heading into the best part of hers. And she sees him, her big brother restored- a leader, a warrior, a hero- everything he was to her when she was little now for all the world to see. 

Robert Queen accepted Thea completely and unreservedly as his daughter even knowing that Malcolm Merlyn was her biological father. 

BUT Robert Queen also unofficially adopted Tommy as his second son when Rebecca died and Malcolm abandoned him. Tommy even talks about it: “your dad took me to my first hockey game. Your dad taught me how to fly fish. Your dad took us to our first R-rated movie” after talking about how Malcolm only had the appearance of being his father. 

Robert Queen raised both of Malcolm’s children as his own. Thea, Tommy and Oliver, were all three raised as siblings.

Last night episode was personally the best episode arrow has ever produced. This was a very deep character study of oliver queen. It tied perfectly to his time in the island, his state of mind when he came back to starling as the hood, and present day oliver. After all, they are the same man just in very different states of mind.

To understand this episode properly I think we must remember that for five years Oliver Queen was a slave of circumstances and others. For five years his entire existence was out of his control. He had no control over his circumstances, over his body, over how his body was shaped into a weapon and how his body was used as a means to an end. For five years Oliver Queen wasn’t treated as a human being but shaped into a weapon that you could use as you pleased to achieve whatever purpose you had. 

That matters because all that contributed to how and why Oliver slowly but surely stopped seeing himself as a person as a human being. Instead for five years the darkest side of human nature were fostered and used and abused. He was constantly pushed into dark headspaces were he still had no control. Slowly he began to think of himself as a monster who carried great darkness with him. He began thinking he was irredeemable. 

Talia confirmed that for him. She saw that monster and that darkness. And she provided him with a mask to channel that into action. Oliver bought into that. I think for him that was who he really was…he wasn’t someone he was something. something else. He was the weapon that was in the making for five years. 

When Oliver came back to Starling city he really didn’t think himself as a person he thought of himself as something. Oliver Queen was just a vessel for the monster. He needed him because it gave him a form but really all he cared about was The Hood. 

S1 Oliver probably did find pay off in killing and to an extent it did probably bring him a sort of enjoyment. Not in the sense that he wanted to kill just to kill but in the sense that he believed he was helping but also he was finally in control again. Killing gave him control. This is a man who for five years was used and abused and forced into a weapon. So yes, finally having control over your body and skills was probably exhilarating to him. S1 Oliver was darkness. He was a man who believed he was a monster and irredeemable but if he had to live he was going to be in control and try to do something good. That’s why he did. But at first he had no motivation to try to find another way because he had no concerns over his humanity simply because he didn’t believe he had one. 

This is why s1 Oliver struggled so much with reconnecting with his family and friends. This is why s1 Oliver couldn’t trust his best friend, mother, and sister  would love present day him because in his mind there was nothing left of that person. Now he was a weapon. He was darkness and a monster. He still loved them though. Oliver has always loved them. It doesn’t matter how people used him or how they destroyed his perception of himself the one thing he never lost was his ability to love his family and friends with everything he’s got. But even then he loved them in the best way he could and for him that was loving them by keeping them away from the monster he saw when he looked in the mirror. He wanted to let them believe he was still the man they loved and lost because that would help them. And he could give them that mask. 

I think that changed slowly through Diggle & Felicity because Diggle & Felicity met Oliver at his lowest and darkest time. When he had given up on his humanity and his ability to be someone other than a weapon. Earning their trust and love changed him because they saw goodness in him. This was later extended to Tommy, Moira and Thea. Tommy finding out his secret and before he died telling him he wasn’t all those awful things. Moira telling him she knew and she was proud of him. Thea reacting with love, support, and pride when she found out about his secret. All these things scraped the rust that had formed over his perception of himself. So yes, he started to believe he is a hero and that made all the difference in his life. Oliver found a purpose in his mission of helping people. 

Its a beautiful story because when Oliver told Prometheus his friends are his strength he wasn’t lying.

 Oliver’s entire journey has been shaped by love. The love he has for his family and friends and the love they have for him. The love he has because at the end of the day he guarded this in the deepest part of his heart and never let anyone take that from him. He never stopped loving them. Their love for him because in a way it slowly began to rescue him. Their love prove to him that he was worth loving that he must have some light in him- even when he didn’t know what that was. He knew it was there.

Now the hardest part is that unfortunately that is all not enough. It is not enough if he can’t love himself. And at the end of the day that has always been Oliver’s biggest and hardest battle. The one within. Learning to love himself again. Learning to believe in himself again. Learning to see himself as someone who is human, flawed, but at the end of the day still good and worth it. This is all something Oliver has to do for himself. Felicity can’t do it for him. Thea can’t do it for him. Diggle can’t do it for him. It is something only Oliver Queen can do for himself. 

I love Arrow and Oliver Queen because Oliver’s journey is one grounded on the resilience of the human soul and our ability to come back from the darkest of places and find goodness within ourselves. It is a journey about learning to love oneself despite our flaws and our darkest parts. It is about learning to harness the goodness and light without ignoring that most of us carry darkness within. It is about choosing to be good despite our losses, circumstances and flaws. 

Oliver’s most courageous battle has always been the one to save himself. 

  • Felicity: [can't find Oliver] Well this calls for drastic measures
  • Felicity: [using hands as a megaphone] FELICITY SMOAK SUCKS
  • Oliver Queen: [from across the room] whAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?!?!?!
  • John Diggle: [quietly walks up brandishing an AK47] who's gonna die now
  • Barry Allen: [zipping over from Central City] FELICITY AS IN FELICITY SMOAK WHO THE FUCK JUST SAID-
  • Caitlin Snow: [climbing down from Barry's arms] GET EM BARRY
  • Cisco Ramon: [loading the freeze gun] TEAM ARROW ON THE JOB
  • Tommy Merlyn: [rises from his grave] HONESTLY WHAT THE FUCK
  • Roy Harper: [rehulks out from Mirikuru in preparation]
  • Nyssa al Ghul: [leading the entire League of Assassins] Who dares insult the honor of Felicity Smoak MIT Class of '09
  • Felicity: hey guys...

How do you think the rest of that phone call between Moira and Oliver went?

Moira clinging to the phone, not wanting to hang up, afraid that if she does she’ll never hear her son’s voice again. But they’re both out of things to say, at least over the phone. She wants to know everything about the last five years but is too afraid to ask- and he wants to give her something but has no words to either described what he went through or to lie about it. Everything there is to say between them is too much for a phone call. And neither of them quite realize that coming face to face won’t make it any easier to talk about those five years, that they’ll never truly get the conversation they both long for. So instead they just sit and listen to each other breathe until they lose signal or the fishermen take the phone back. 

And then Moira sits and holds the phone for a while longer still, trying to figure out if this is real. Then she runs to find Walter and tells him. And of course Walter probably responds at first by trying to get her to be cautious- wondering if she’s imagining things or being scammed. He has to play the voice of reason, as much as it kills him to try and temper Moira’s joy. But then Oliver sends a picture. The man in the picture is dirty and bearded, older, and a little haunted, and Walter almost thinks that there’s the look of something dangerous in his eye. But it’s Oliver. And he celebrates with Moira, holding her as she cries and croons over the blurry image as if it’s the first baby picture. 

Then to Thea’s room, throwing open the door because she has to tell someone, everyone. Thea snaps at her with the interruption, but Moira doesn’t even notice, instead she’s shoving the phone into Thea’s hand and talking so fast Thea can’t catch a word- she’s never seen her mother’s composure so broken. But Thea gets a good look at the picture and the words suddenly become clear- Oliver’s alive. And she’s in shock. This can’t be true, can’t be real. But she’s hugging her mother and asking questions, questions they don’t have answers for yet, “how, where was he, when is he coming home”. 

Moira leaves to call someone else and it finally hits Thea. Her brother is alive. ALIVE! And coming home. She grabs the phone and calls the first person she can think of- Tommy. The same cycle. Confusion. Disbelief. Shock. And Joy. And the two of them sit on the phone and dazed laughter turns to tears as they each sob a bit- something neither of them will ever speak of. Their brother is coming home. 

Fic Recs 19

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18

Almost there! One away from 20! Oh, what a time to be alive.

Now, let’s get to the recs.

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Newlyweds by @alayneni - Married Olicity buys a summer home in Ivy Town. Their neighbors are way weirder than they expected.

The White Queen by @felicityollies - Adrian Chase wants to break Oliver Queen. He thinks Felicity can help with that.

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When a King is Really a Queen by @hope-for-olicity - Oliver Queen writes romantic suspense novels under the pseudonym Olivia King. Felicity Smoak is not pleased when she finds out who her favorite author really is.

Red Red Wine by @lynslogic - Donna Smoak meets Oliver Queen - winery owner - at Starbucks. She decides to show him Felicity’s picture and give him her number.

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Pressing Your Luck by @joyfilled_noise - Felicity gets caught counting cards in a mob casino, but thankfully it’s owned by the one Bratva member who won’t cut off her fingers.

take my hand (take my lead) by @bokayjunkie - Oliver gets “kidnapped” by the kindest, sweetest kidnapper ever. And it’s not technically even a kidnapping. Felicity just needs his help catching Tobias Church and exposing the CEO of AmerTek.

Moving In and Moving On by @hoffkk - Felicity’s getting evicted, and needs a place to stay. Thea just happens to have another spare bedroom. Oliver’s also living with her, but that won’t be a problem, right? Right?

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Wardrobe Changes by @layalee - Five times Felicity wore other men’s clothes. And one time she wore Oliver’s.

Tommmmyy!-verse by @greyhorizon - Tommy lives. What follows is four element-themed fics about Thea and Tommy working with each other to bring Olicity together as the power couple everyone knows they’re meant to be.

Bottom of the Ninth by @dettiot - A series of unrelated baseball Olicity prompts in honor of Opening Day! Super cute, sporty, and adorable.

The Magician’s Final Disappearing Act by @realityisoverrated-fic - Part 100 of the Infinite Love series. Malcolm crosses a line. It’ll be his last mistake. Aka: I always love a fic where Malcolm dies/is murdered. Life made.

Till the neighbors know our names by @nightkeepyr - SPICY AS H*CK. Continuing the smoaking billionaires trend with this fic. Felicity hella attracted to her roommate, Tommy. And his boyfriend, Oliver. What could go wrong?

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Platonic Best Friends Do Exist (You’re Just Not Them) by @somewhereelse - Felicity and Oliver are roommates and best friends. Just friend. Right?

In Another Life (I could be your man) by @angelicmisskitty - Oliver’s homeless due to mysterious circumstances, and one day he saved Felicity Smoak from falling in the subway. What follows is a relationship that will change both their lives.

About Last Night by @wrldtravler - CEO Felicity Smoak hires Oliver Queen as a personal assistant so he can learn more about the corporate world before he starts working at QC. Months of blistering UST come to a head one night.

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Gather Your Darkness by ME - Who wrote an angsty post-5x17 fic? That’s right, me! You’ve got broken Oliver, angry Felicity, and awesome Digg. I’m really proud of this one, guys!

Dr. Merlyn, MD by me, also - Did I write a Dr. Merlyn chapter of post 5x17? You know it. My kink is accurate medical descriptions, situations, and procedures. You’re welcome.


I’m sorry for everything, oh, everything I’ve done
From the second that I was born it seems I had a loaded gun
And then I shot, shot, shot a hole through everything I loved
Oh, I shot, shot, shot a hole through every single thing that I loved

The majority of the Arrow fandom seems to take one of two positions regarding Felicity: she’s perfect and always right, or she’s terrible with no redeeming qualities. I love Felicity, so if you hate Felicity, this post probably isn’t for you. She is one of my favorite characters. And I love her because she is a well-written, complex character. Which, sorry, means she has flaws, so let’s get rid of that pedestal some of you have been polishing. 

One of the most common criticism’s of Felicity is that she’s self-righteous and that she thinks she has no flaws. In essence there’s this position that Felicity thinks she’s perfect (I’ll talk more about her being self-righteous specifically in a second). And, frankly, she doesn’t. Just look at what she tells her father at one point “I grew up thinking I was broken”. The reason I think that some people get that impression is 1. from the fans who view Felicity as perfect and take her word as gospel in any disagreement, 2. because she’s juxtaposed against Oliver who is brimming with self-loathing and thinks he destroys everything he touches, so any measure of self-esteem looks extreme by comparison, and 3. because she is not as unguarded as she gives the illusion of being and actually keeps her insecurities locked away for the most part. So let’s look at what some of Felicity’s actual flaws are, and how aware of them she is. 

Felicity is a genius. That’s just fact. That means that growing up Felicity was a “gifted child”. One common struggle of gifted children is that they feel a pressure to be perfect. In all kinds of different ways- school, behavior, accomplishments. Felicity feels this push very acutely. That’s why her intelligence is always on full display, because her tasks have to be completed perfectly (you’ll notice she is generally very hard on herself if she feels she made a mistake). It’s why her appearance is typically completely pristine and put together (either in her more business-like professional attire, or when she chooses to get dressed up) even when you wouldn’t totally expect that level of togetherness (that and the fact that it’s a tv show). And that’s why she always feels a pressure to be the “good one”. This particular aspect is fed into by her father’s abandonment (a common reaction of children in this situation- which she outright expresses, as mentioned above- is the “what did I do wrong that he left me”) and by the fact that the team looks to her in that respect. This even twists into times when she feels she has to prove herself to the rest of the team in certain ways, like the time she’s been eager to be in on the action even though its not her disposition and not within her skill set. It is also the reason why she is often very guarded. Why she mostly chooses to grieve alone. Why she doesn’t talk about her past or her parents. Why she disguises her pain with humor. And why she appears to think she’s perfect- because she feels like she has to, because that is the expectation put on her by everyone else. 

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Fic Recs #16

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15

A Bringer of New Things by @onanomotopoeia - Felicity has a passionate one-night stand to prove her mother and roommate wrong. They say she has no life, but she showed them. Didn’t she? She certainly did, until that mistake came back to haunt her six weeks later when she realizes she’s pregnant with the child of a future-CEO and billionaire playboy Oliver Queen. Aka: what if Oliver had met Felicity instead of Samantha?

Broken Pieces by @jbuffyangel - I literally found this fic, read the first chapter, then went back and read Once and Forever Queen in 2 hours. Amazing and compelling. This story will suck you in and never let you go.

all eyes on you by @callistawolf - The sequel to “ready for the fall” that I never knew I needed in my life. I don’t want to tell you more unless you haven’t read the first one! GO READ IT NOW.

The Queen Series by @alayneni - Oliver and Felicity are dating. This is a series of one-shots that takes place in a no-island, no-Arrow universe in which Felicity and Oliver are madly in love and just trying to be a couple in this crazy world.

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Of the Wretched by @yellowflicker09011996 - Felicity, Tommy, and Oliver met when Donna married Malcolm Merlyn. It completely changes the course of their lives. Angsty, funny, and totally awesome! Also, Robert is the Hood and stuff because Robert took Oliver’s arc and Oliver took Sara’s, so there’s League stuff and it’s kind of confusing but awesome so just roll with it.

Brothers in Life by @alexiablackbriar13 - Part of the Man’s Best Friend Series where Oliver comes back from the island and isn’t as good at hiding how he’s changed: he gets diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety, and gets a service dog named Hunter. In this chapter, Hunter meets Tommy and Malcolm Merlyn. His reactions to the two men are as different as the men themselves.

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Elves by @realityisoverrated-fic - The cutest, fluffiest Smoaking Billionaires holiday story from the Infinite Love series. Our favorite trio is hosting a holiday party for QC’s investors, their first one since coming out as a three, and Oliver’s frustrated because his partners aren’t helping him decorate.

The Fire is so Delightful by @felicityollies - Sweet, fluffy, happy Olicity cuddles in front of the fire place.

Order Up by @smoakinitup - An oldie but a goodie! Felicity is waitressing to pay the bills while she finishes up MIT when an arguing couple takes one of her tables 10 minutes from closing.

A Second Chance by @bri617aroundtheworld - Bodyguard AU!!! Aka, one of my greatest weaknesses. Felicity helps out with A Second Chance – a program that helps people in prison get on their feet and find jobs after they’re released. Oliver Queen – disowned, cut off ex-billionaire – isn’t the right fit for her tech company, but John Diggle and Arrow Security may be just the place for him.

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We’ll always have the foodcourt by @wherethereissmoak - Felicity is the manager of an indie bookstore in the mall and Oliver runs the phone accessory kiosk outside it. It’s a tale as old as time, mall employee romance.

Holding Pattern by @somewhereelse - Oliver and Felicity have spent years basically being married - but Oliver still insists they can’t be together. Until he changes his mind.

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Fifty Bucks says by @entersomethingcleverhere - Oliver is trying to open a restaurant, so he gets a roommate to save money. No one in his life was expecting Felicity Smoak, and they can’t help but take bets on when she’ll get fed up with Oliver and move out. Unfortunately for everyone’s bank accounts, Felicity is way tougher than she appears.

Maybe This Christmas by @oyhumbug - Part 2 in the Oliver Dearden Series. It’s been a year since Felicity and Oliver met on his Christmas tree farm, and what a year it’s been. A marriage, a dog, and seven months of a pregnancy later, someone from Oliver’s past shows up at their cabin in the woods.

The Long Game by @adubbs47 - Canary and Oracle are notorious thieves. They each have their own reasons and their own code, but they’re a team in a world that’s entirely against them. One day, they chose the wrong mark in one Oliver Queen, secret vigilante. He’s bent on bringing them to justice, until they get in the middle of a mob war.

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Somewhere With You by ME! - That’s right, it’s everyone’s favorite part of the fic recs where I tell you about what I’m writing. I’ve not had the time to write like I want because real life (new job, moving, writing an original novel, etc.) but I AM writing it! Felicity rolls into the tiny town of Star Beach, and she’s every inch a mystery. John Diggle offers her a place to stay, and she accidentally falls into friendships she never intended. And then there’s Oliver Queen.

Arrow 5x23 - “Lian Yu” What We Know What We Hope

What We Know

Extended Promo


DEATHSTROKE, NYSSA AL GHUL, MERLYN AND DIGGER HARKNESS JOIN OLIVER’S BATTLE AGAINST PROMETHEUS – The battle between Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) culminates in a final epic battle on Lian Yu. After recent events, Oliver decides to recruit a group of unlikely allies – Slade (guest star Manu Bennett), Nyssa (guest star Katrina Law), Merlyn (John Barrowman) and Digger Harkness (guest star Nick. E. Tarabay) – to defeat Chase. However, Chase has his own army – Black Siren (guest star Katie Cassidy), Evelyn Sharp (guest star Madison McLaughlin) and Talia al Ghul (guest star Lexa Doig) – and the forces collide in an explosive season finale.

Promo Stills

Cast on IMDb

Note: is it just me or IMDb just listed everyone (erratickly at times as it’s no way Julianna is rigth after Stephen on the Credits order) and some probably aren’t going to be there? If you have other info please tell me but Deadshot(?); Tatsu(?); Constantine(?); Mari(?); Roy(?); Rory(?); Anarky(?)… I’m almost certain Marc told us Rory wasn’t coming back this Season; Roy, we keep hoping but…I don’t think he was filming.


Wendy Mericle & Marc Guggenheim

They wrote several episodes together

3x04 - “The Magician”

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3x18 - “Public Enemy”

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4x01 - “Green Arrow”

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4x23 - “Schism” (Teleplay) 

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5x01 - “Legacy” (Teleplay)

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5x08 - “Invasion” (Teleplay)

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Game changing episodes, out of the box episodes. But always good Olicity in the bakground moving forward.

Behind the screen pics

What we expect / hope

This Season of Arrow has not failed on giving us pumped, fast paced, breath taking episodes and it looks like for Season Finale they are taking us on a ride that is threatening to blows us out of the Earth atmosphere.

Firstly there’s so many great characters coming back to our screens for this Finale there’s no way they can fail in providing for great fights; second, Chase is a top node villain, right up there with Mirakuru pumped Slade Wilson; third, we know we are losing people, wondering Who will have us at the hedge of our seats (eventually right up until Season 6 premiere)

The fights are going to be epic and both the stills and the promo show a few of them:

Nyssa vs Talia

The al-Ghul sisters having at it is a long wish for all of us.

We don’t know if this is a fight to the death or not, we only know there is going to be a clear winner

Colar resposta do Marc à minha pergunta

I hope they both survive.

Between the two Nyssa is the one more meaningful on the Arrowverse, a “player” on both Arrow and Legends. Talia is more relevant in the comics, on Batman, and a great foe for the showrunners to keep up their sleeve in case it’s needed.

Dinah vs BS

Dinah finally shows up and right when it’s needed. BS doppelganger on Earth 1 wasn’t a Meta but her power fell on to someone else.

Don’t know if that is going to be a surprise to BS, hope it is. Plus it looks like their Scream’s equal each other with one added advantage for Dinah in future Season 6; Curtis gadget from 5x22 protects her from any soundwave blocker. A pity it was left there on the ground at Dinah’s home

 or did someone pick it up? If so I’m really hoping it was Oliver.

This fight is not life and death because both characters were confirmed for Season 6 and Marc even went to the extent to say they wouldn’t kill KC character ever again.  So they will scream their heads off, in the end the Team that includes BS will lose, and Team Arrow that includes Dinah will win.

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I know BS fits the plan of getting Olicity haters back to watching and that’s really why that character is there. It also fits as the main opponent to Dinah and to deepen Quentin arc that has been pretty basic since he was successful in overcoming his drinking problem.

I really enjoyed the good “couple” / bad “couple” feels the show gives us here

Yes, I do know Oliver and Nyssa are not really a couple, they never could or would be, but Chase and BS wouldn’t be bad IMO. An Oliver/Felicity fighting Chase/BS for Season 6 doesn’t sound that bad but I don’t think that’s what they are going for here. Chase won’t be around for Season 6 (either he’s dead, in jail or committed to an asylum) this looks to me like a Big Bad mantle pass on.

With BS as Big Bad of the Season Team Arrow needs Dinah, she’s the one that holds the same kind of weapon, the one that can physically counter act BS.

Oliver vs Chase

The fight we all been waiting for. I don’t know how many steps Chase thinks he has on Oliver now, 10, 50… what I know is that I don’t think Oliver is making the moves the way Chase expected. He definitely expected Oliver to come to Lian Yu but I don’t think he was expecting the alliances Oliver brings in with him.

Chase has been preparing this moment for years, his purpose all along was having a broken Oliver so close to the hedge that a simple nudge would send him spinning down the lowest pit and into a suicidal cycle, and William is the last nudge and Chase is ready to give it.

But that’s not the Oliver that stands in front of him.

Plus Chase’s Team is nowhere near to aid him in anyway. They are facing their one foes; and the people Chase was holding has leverage are all free except for William.

But William is really the one that matters. To get to him Oliver will have to go through Chase but Oliver values and knows something Chase is probably not considering, his Team is as dead set as him in getting William to safety. They would risk themselves for it; they won’t leave or run for cover before William is safe. And the Team will get William, I have no doubt.

Oliver’s alliances

Besides Team Arrow (Felicity, Thea, Diggle, Curtis, Rene, Dinah), the “volunteering” Malcolm Merlyn and Nyssa al-Ghul (since 5x22). Oliver goes to the ARGUS prison on Lian Yu and recruits both Harkness and Slade Wilson (not under Mirakuru influence anymore).

Slade Wilson

The “old times” when they were brothers. The “old times” before the Mirakuru. Slade has a son, just like Oliver, he’s on board to fight but what will he want in exchange? His freedom? More than that? Only that? Nothing?


He’s only shown in one still (like Rene) a hint that he may be involved in scenes too interesting to be showing up in the promos.

If I can venture a guess I would say William’s rescue.

Other things happening

William’s rescue

There’s no detail or images on how William is rescued but we know someone is rescuing him. Samantha was taken too (hence she didn’t alert Oliver before 5x22) so I have no doubt she’s on the group that goes to save William. The other members of this group I think are: Thea, Felicity, Curtis, Malcolm, Harkness.

Those are the ones that are not involved in any face off with Team Prometheus members. I would add Diggle if it weren’t for the still that shows him at Nyssa, Deathstroke and Dinah side. Same with Rene.

Queen’s siblings

Oliver goes to face Team Prometheus and splits the Team. I recall the two truths and a lie that listed a moment when Thea would not agree with Oliver’s “orders”, I think this is true and that this is the moment when it happens.

Oliver doesn’t want Thea joining the part of the Team that will face Team Prometheus, Thea does not agree. But Thea will accept, she’s needed to save William


I look at the still’s and I have 3x23 feels all over. Oliver is going off to face the dangerous, more personal, foe he ever faced; a foe that has proven, time and time again, that he plays Oliver like a fiddle. Oliver may not come back, but Felicity will make sure Prometheus won’t break Oliver again with his mind games.

She’s the only one that can reassure Oliver that Chase is wrong, Oliver is a good man, the proof being that Felicity, the woman Oliver recognizes for her goodness, for her light, loves him, she allways will. He made her life better just by being in it, not worse like Chase argued, never worse.

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Getting out of the Island

Are they getting out of the Island in current timeline before the end of the episode? That’s a question we can only guess the answer to. My guess is they will be on their way out of the Island, eventualy at least part of the Team that got to William and William himself will be on the way out. Remember the plane doesn’t have the capacity to fly everyone at the sametime and I do think William and Samantha will take precedence over everyone else, plus someone that can fly the plane (maybe Curtis). Others will need to find another way out. Team Prometheus knows where their transport in is so they are the ones with the advantage to use those. But this is all a guessing game. What I do know is not all answers will be given and the Season will end with a cliffhanger, the greatness of which we never witnessed before, at least not on Arrow.

On the opposite end, on Flashbacks, Oliver Queen manages to get to the boat Anatoly got him and he’s off the Island. Somewhere along the line there will be a last face off between him and Kovar. A parallel to Oliver vs Chase. Both fights will probably share the time slot episode wise keeping us jumping from one to the other in a incredibly pumped moment where Arrow will have the oportunity to once again show us how different the Oliver that left the Island 5 years ago is from the Oliver that is at the Island in current time (hope I don’t get disappointed on this).

On flashbacks we are in to face more terribly emotional scenes as the show is going to present us with scenes they didn’t show on the pilot. I’m wishing for these scenes to be shown: Moira, Thea, Tommy finding out Oliver had been found alive; Quentin finding out Oliver is alive and is hope building on Sara survival only to be crushed all over again.

Of course I know they are going to show double L too. I’m not ready for this but it’s the final end of Oliver and double L story.

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I’m so very excited the episode is going to be so pumped so very lit my head is already spinning. This is going to so so good

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and the introdution to a rough Summer Hiatus.