The World is the final card in the Major Arcana and it indicates completion, achievement, and the end of a cycle as well as heralding new beginnings and the next phase in your journey. With only a few hours left in my IndieGoGo campaign, this seems like the best card to end with. Thank you to everyone who supported and shared this project. Love and magic to you all 💖 #Linestridertarot #linestridertarotdeck #theworld

@dpascht installation in secret HQ that makes you feel like a kid in seconds. We ain’t stopping ever. Canvases, pizza, donuts, margaritas, marshmallow ice cream. The WORLD is LIMITLESS. @ironeyeretna @kaws #GregorySiff #adwavescollection #theworld brother! Photo by the homie @bsnuggs1

Today we are seeing the world a little differently. We are allowing ourselves to become comfortable in what we used to think was an uncomfortable situation. Meaning, we are settling in. We are dealing with communication again today. We are having a hard time hearing others opinions. We are reminded that the world DOES NOT revolve around us but the universe does live with in. We are remembering to consider all the other worlds going on around us and that everyone is a universe of their own. You were raised a certain way, and you should try to return to that today when you need it. Just remember, other may be doing the same thing. Don’t let tension or shift be an uncomfortable thing. Just go with the flow and respect the change.

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Unfortunately the world can be a very deep, dark, cruel, twisted, terrifying place.

But it can be so beautiful, and fantastic aswell.

If negative, terrible things can happen to you, it only means that wonderful, positive, rewarding things can to.

You are always entitled to every ounce of goodness and positivity you experience. And the bad experiences you have is just the reality of life, but it is never your fault that those things occur.