Watch Atom and Matt riding through the hills while you listen to bad ass rock music.
“Southern Medicine” the title song from the new EP self released by theHELL

wormz  asked:

there used to be a girl who came to mt school every fuckin day dressed as junko from dr and im a billion percent sure she was kin w her (im also frm texas btw) and theres a lapis kin in my 1st period

DU8IJKDNKJIUS GOD!! WHAT THEHELL there was this dude who wore his dave strider cosplay every week and i found his blog on accident and he put that hes an egalitarian anti sjw in his about and i almost stroked out?

girl-thehell-up  asked:

Did you realize there was less Carmilla (the character) in s2 of Carmilla compared to s1 once you finished writing it? And if so, did you think of ways to include her more or just decide it was an inevitable consequence of the season's story?

1] Yes! It was a major note going into our second and third round of editing the script. Mattie came in and really stole the show out from under everyone. Jordan and I had to dial her back in some parts and bring Carm more to the forefront. I remember writing a note along the lines of ‘Where is Carmilla in all this’ at some point in the 20s on the first pass, HOWEVER; 

2] It did, on some level, make sense for Carmilla to be absent for some parts of the plot, especially post the break up. And now, as she’s raging her way into getting stuck in some place unpleasant (more on that once her twitter fires back up again later tonight). 

3] We did work her back into a lot of scenes were she was absent or silent. Some of those were then cut back to stop there being like 9 people in the room and causing impossible blocking. The scene in 16 where literally everyone’s in that tiny break up angle space? No one could move there. Sometimes yeah, it was just a time/framing/space question, other times it was what the story dictated.Those are choices, with only one camera, one angle, and a set amount of pages, that you gotta make as a writer. 

4] But, please remember that Carmilla was silent in a lot of the early episodes of S1 as well, just chilling on her bed, reading while Laura & Co. did their thing. Natasha absolutely sold it with the most hilarious facial expressions/background acting I’ve ever seen. Girl has a gift for silent comedy.  Sometimes, though, she wasn’t there at all. 

It’s something we’re definitely keeping in mind going forward.


So this is what Willard left AvA for. Well it’s got Skiba in it so naturally its amazing!

girl-thehell-up  asked:

When the Dean says it's just tradition but not necessary to take virgins for the sacrifice, was that you retconning so that Laura and the other girls didn't have to be virgins? Cuz them being smart and studious and hence virgins was a bummer to me

No that was the dean eye rolling at a patriarchal translation of a book from the 1870s and basically poking fun at the virgin myth. The girls who were the smartest were taken as they had the best minds for the fish to eat.