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dear jiyeon

dear jiyeon,

i can already tell this might be the longest one. just because, you have grown on me so freaking much. i have literally gone from hating you to loving you so freaking much. i don’t think that has ever happened to me before. i usually go from like to dislike and never thought i would end up liking someone i disliked, but you have proved me wrong. when people first see you, they may perceive you as an awful person because of your face expression and the way you confidently hold yourself, but i’ve learned, behind that self confidence is a young child that is just as capable of being hurt just as much as the rest of us. you have been through so much since your debut that i’m surprised you’re still able to get up in the morning. although your company is horrible and has enslaved you way more than any child should be, you still continue to be who you are and smile because you know there are people out there waiting for you to come up on stage. you have had to act in countless dramas (which were all amazing btw because you are an amazing actress as well), you had to go through crazy concepts because your sajang has weird fetishes, and you also had to endure so many long years without a real fanclub. you’ve been through so much yet you still get up and do what you do because you care for people and you just love doing what you do. you’re probably one of the most persevering people i’ve ever seen and you amaze me beyond wonders. the fact that you also don’t have a lot of friends but love and cherish the ones you do have also makes me love you all the more. the look on your face when you look at jieun, the amount of tears you will spill for sunyoung, just everything about you that you are willing to do for your friends, just amazes me. you may not have a lot of them, but you do everything it takes to make sure that your friends are safe and are in good care. you think about them constantly and just really are such a different person when you’re with them. i’m so glad that you have sunyoung and jieun because then, that is like the one place that you can put your guard completely down and just be the 19 y/o girl that you really are but not able to be. and thanks to the help of sooji, jieun, and sunyoung, you have become one of my most favorite people. you truly have made a huge space in my heart and marked it as yours. i love you so freaking much park jiyeon, and i will always cheer for you no matter what happens. i will always be on your side because you deserve that and much much more.

sincerely, nahbit.

(i contradict myself so much it’s not even funny ohwelps, i love jiyeon)