5 Seconds of Summer Medley | Pauline Peters 

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5sos + the 5sosettes

hiiii everyone i’m lisa and yeah idk there isn’t too much to say except that i love 5sos BUT i also love girl bands so i mean i feel like this network would be just the thing for me yeah yeah ok thank u for reading over ilysm xx


I See Fire - Ed Sheeran | Acoustic Cover 

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hi i rlly wanna be in ur group but its very late at night and i don’t feel like making anyting even remotely cool atm, i will do something later but for now i want you to know that i can bring snacks to this partyy so like whats to lose

example of my great snacks bc who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies yum

im going to regret this post in the morning when im actually awake and aware of what im doing but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Valerie - Amy Winehouse | Acoustic Cover


Flaws - Bastille | Acoustic Cover

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