Christmas Quilt

This quilt is a quilt I started late last year with a group of women from my ward who get together once a month to quilt.  And this is the finished product.  I like it, but it is not my choice in colors at all.  This choice was made by our quilting instructor for us.  Of course I chose the border of green!   It is a lap size quilt and I did absolutely everything on it, and my most favorite thing to do on it was the free motion machine quilting!  Love it love it love it.   Its relaxing yet kills my neck and shoulders at the same time!  Weird.  Since beginning this particular quilt, I have started and completed three other quilts with one more still under construction.  I like my new hobby a lot.  I have even started up my own machine quilting business.  Well sort of.  Most of the ladies who are making this quilt have booked me in to machine quilt their finished quilts!  Awesome!  Fingers crossed my cheap sewing machine can handle the heavy duty hammering it will receive!  The picture below shows a close up on the machine quilting done on this quilt.


The Nutcracker 08

A special Christmas treat was seeing Georgia perform in her Ballet schools “Nutcracker” performance.  She played the part of a buffoon.  Georgia, along with seven of her fellow classmates entered the stage under the skirt of a massive dress worn by one of the girls dads (made up to look like a woman).  The dress is traditionally worn by a male in any Nutcracker performance due to its weight and size.  It was huge, huge enough to have eight little girls hidden underneath it!  The best part of all, was that Grandma was in the audience!