• Emily: What if we were one?
  • Me: We'd be like siamese twins...?
  • Emily: No, like ONE. Not two stuck together.
  • Me: Oh....well I don't know then, what would we be?
  • Emily: Well, we'd have the same color of hair still. We'd have brown eyes but they'd be big. We'd be 5' 7". We'd attract people AND deflect them.
  • Me: At the same time! We'd be like batteries!
the56enigma asked you: 14 36 37 79 92

14) Do I have a crush? Kind of sort of idk I’m waiting to verify that for myself let alone other people

36) Tattoos and piercings I have: first holes in each earlobe stretched to 14mm, second hole in left lobe stretched to 3mm, unstretched second hole in right lobe, right ear cartilage. Squid tattoo on my neck, repeat sign tattoo on my right hand ring finger.

37) Tattoos and piercings I want: Christ ok I’m getting a floral quarter sleeve on my right shoulder/arm in a month or so, I want a carved water buffalo skull with a frame of twigs and leaves thigh piece (kind of weird to explain but theres a pic on my blog somewhere idk), an idaho tattoo that’s also kind of difficult to explain behind my left shoulder, the lyrics “We fall but our souls are flying” from The Decemberists’ song We Both Go Down Together idk where I want that one though, and the signatures of The Beatles im thinking on my left upper-inner arm of forearm idk yet. And as for piercings, I don’t have any in mind. And I don’t plan to stretch my current ones anymore.

79) What would I want written on my tombstone? I haven’t given it much thought and I don’t want to make any rash decisions right now. But I’m not even sure I want a tombstone. I don’t want to be buried. 

92) Kissed a girl? Not in a romantic situation. I wish. I’m extremely picky about girls though so we’ll see.