I'm Home

Hi, glad to be back, so much to catch up on…

This is the only good ish pic of me. My sister and I in front of the rocks where we catch crabs and such….

This is what I wrote in the sand

(Translation: “I Have Maggots in my scrotum”) quote from the Book of Mormon in case anyway is wondering why I’d write such things…

This is the freak hot dog that I ordered at Linda Beans, they call it a “Red Hot” and the colour of it was so shocking, even the warning from my grandmother could not prepare me for it. Its was more of a flourecent pink, but still, horrifying. 

And this is my Grandma, sister and I at Cape Elizabeth (Two Lights) where we sit by the sea, eat food and hunt for sea glass. It was a nice trip:) 

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When you die, how should we dispose of the remains? 

You put me in a sweet as hell coffin (so I can ride to hell in style) and then put me in a spooky cemetary, under a willow tree:) I’m also custom designing my tombstone so please follow the intructions carefully

You’re going on a murder spree. Weapon of choice?

Going for my trusty axe

they are really fun to wield

and it takes a bit longer so you can enjoy the moment

Religious views?

Figuring them out:P

You get one superpower. What do you choose?


External image

Name a fictional character you have a crush on and explain why.

Freakazoid! He is just a really funny, caring, loveable character. He can save the world from evil, and still have a sense of humour. I love his hair too

You get to enact one new law in your country. What will it be?

Halloween will be made a national holiday, you get 4 days off for it too. 

What book have you read most often?

“Coraline” and “The Graveyard Book”- By Neil Gaiman I’ve read both the same amount and each offers its own adventure through strange, yet oddly comforting worlds. I would love to have a journey like theirs one day

What’s the worst trouble you’ve ever gotten yourself into?

I guess when I was younger I was much more bold. I feel like I came up with these horrible ideas but was waiting for someone to go ‘ya lets do it’ So we were in summer camp (which was held at our regular school) and we were in the caf watching a movie I think? and my best friend and I are obviously bored of it so we decide to go to the bathroom. We take our sweet time, but on the way out we get this crazy idea of balling up toilet paper, wetting it, and then flinging it at the ceiling to see if it sticks (which it does) So we just discovered the most fun thing to do ever and continue to pummle the ceiling with balls of wet tissue. While in the middle of flinging, another girl comes into the bathroom, sees what we are doing, and gets that look in her eyes. The “oh my god I’m so telling” look. We panic, we start spewing out reasons not to rat us out but they aren’t good enough apparently:P So she runs off and tells Brett (who is our group leader) and well, we get in a lot of trouble. We had to scrape them all off using hockey sticks….how Canadian eh

What’s your earliest memory?
Being carried into a dark room on someones shoulder, I believe it was the nursery in the basement of our church…that or being pushed around in a stroller at a mall 

What’s your first thought when you realize someone has unfollowed you? When someone you don’t know follows you?

Why?:( Like was it what I posted? or just me? And most people who follow me I don’t  know, so I welcome these people and hope that a friendship comes out of it:)

Ok so these are my questions:

1. If you could transform into any animal, which one would it be?

2.Where was your worst dinning experience?

3. What song makes you want to cry?

4.Who is your favourite celeb crush and why?

5.If you could visit any time period, which one would it be?

6.What was your best dream ever? (or worst nightmare)

7.What was your favourite costume you’ve ever worn?

8.If you had a unicorn farm, what would you name it?

9.What disease scares you the most?

10.What is the one thing you must do before you die?