do people publ1cally adm1t to the1r 1nstab1l1ty or mental defects and see 1f 1t helps any? cause boy… let me tell you…

half of my problems at least are caused by some sh1t 1 refuse to talk about to anyone anymore. 

b1ockh3d  asked:

I don't 1ik3 circ13s. Or th3 co1or gr3y.

RF: … S0, y0u f1nally d1scard the mask and sh0w y0ur face.

RF: 1’m h0n0red 1n a way. Are y0u 0ne 0f th0se pe0ple wh0 1ns1sts that the v1ct1m sh0uld kn0w the face 0f the1r k1ller?

You transportalize back to your hive, weapons on standby and waiting to see an entourage of assassins. But that isn’t what greets you. It’s just your hive, as usual, if not a little cleaner. You step into the living room and look around.

Whoever’s here better show the1r asses pronto.