anonymous asked:

💘 which quadrant feels like the most important for you to have in your life? What's the most important thing you look for in that quadrant?

you can’t really place one on a pedestal over the others… they’re all 1mportant 1n the1r own ways, y’know? 1t’s not l1ke be1ng a human… there’s lots of d1fferent, spec1f1c needs… wh1ch, y’know. 1sn’t even ment1on1ng monogamy, or w/e… 

say for red, or pale… just somebody for support, who really understands who you are, where you’re com1n’ from, and where you wanna get to… somebody compass1onate and down to earth. someone who sees me for who 1 am, and won’t try to change me… or themselves. that’s all 1 need, y’know?

actually… 1′ve had black fl1ngs before, and tbh? 1 st1ll don’t th1nk 1′m cut out for the p1tch quad? lol, 1′m l1ke an anomaly… 1ncapable of full-on pass1onate, romant1c hate… or hardcore platon1c hate, for that matter.