Former NY State DEC Commissioner Al Appleton on Fracking in New York State. (Hint: He vehemently opposes it and says it will not happen.)

Today in black history we’re going to tackle propaganda that’s only used against black people the term “black on black crime” is racially biased majority of murders happen out of proximity meaning people tend to kill those whom they live around so people please learn and understand what propaganda is because then divisive tactics such as these would be rendered meaningless #factsonly #nolies #blackempowerment #blackunity #blackhistory #knowyourhistory #repost by charles_b.the1
Rappers are ACTORS!


Nana is the1

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lmaoo i confess ,, i was the1 who asked who the beef was wit . I scroll down n see that black icon tho ahah dam.. missed out on the Mess tho gonna see what that s about x

from the v first post they ever did when they first joined tumblr n didnt follow anyone but staff their blogs a mess lmaoao also fuck i just checked what u meant (in yr second msg) and fuck!!!!!!!theyre so rude lmao like 2 alll of the anons theyre always so short n defensive its rlly weird lmaoo xx


tRuTh… U cAmE fRoM tHe SkIeS… sTaRy EyEs, ThE 1WiTh GaLaXy EyEs. ThE1… i WaNt U 2FeEl… I wAnT u 2FeEl… I wAnT u 2FeEl DeEp iNsIdE. i WaNt U… i WaNt U dEeP iNsIdE… 2FeEl WhAt I hAvE wItHiN mInE eYeS… tRuTh? LoOk! NoW lOoK, lOoK iN2 tHeSe EyEs. I wAnT u… I wAnT u 2FeEl DeEp InSiDe… WhAt I hAvE wItHiN mInE eYeS… tHe 1WhO nEeDs U… wHo NeEdS u… wHo NeEdS tHoSe EyEs. EyEs WiLl PrOvIdE. wItHiN mInE… lIeS? nO! nO oThEr BuT i WiThIn MiNe EyEs LaYs TrUtH. tRuTh… WhAt U mEaN 2Me. U&TrUth. TrUtH&EyEs.


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are you the8? because you're the1 for me c; omg i agree! seokmin slayed. I actually can't choose between the vocal unit and hip hop unit. they're so different yet both so good. I really like how they make like 100 different version of the same song. they're so talented^^ what's your favourite thing about wonwoo? c: - secret valentine ♡


but yeS SEOKMIN DID SO GOOD!!! im so proud of these beans for being so darn talented and creating so many great performances :’)

and where do i even start with wonwoo omg i love everything about him ;; but i guess if i had to choose, one of the best things about him is his way of thinking about love i guess???? like he believes in true love no matter the age or distance and i think thats so beautiful and i agree so wholeheartedly!! he has such a big heart, i love him :’(

what about you with jeonghan and wonwoo?? i love to hear about these things, theyre so cute ;;



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「聞いて極楽 見て至極」
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tRuTh… U cAmE fRoM tHe SkIeS… sTaRy EyEs, ThE 1WiTh GaLaXy EyEs. ThE1… i WaNt U 2FeEl… I wAnT u 2FeEl… I wAnT u 2FeEl DeEp iNsIdE. i WaNt U… i WaNt U dEeP iNsIdE… 2FeEl WhAt I hAvE wItHiN mInE eYeS… -maiicoARTMICHAELscoles-
Tania and Jacky Celebrate Christmas in Paris

Joyeux Noël! Tania and Jacky went to Paris The1 January.
Celebrating Christmas in France is a joyful experience steeped in rich customs and traditions. Many of the traditions are centered around food, family, charity and the story of the Nativity. Most French homes display a la crèche; a Nativity scene at the heart of the Christmas celebration. The scene’s clay figurines symbolize the Holy Family, saints, the magi, shepherds, as well as more contemporary community characters like policemen and bakers. Mistletoe is a common site in French homes, hanging from doorframes as a promise of good luck for all who pass under it. On Christmas Eve, children place their shoes by the fireplace in hopes that Santa Claus, or Père Noël will fill them with gifts. Overnight, the sapin de Noël, or Christmas tree, is magically decorated with small gifts, candies and fruit. Out in the street, actors and puppeteers reenact the Nativity story, and shop windows are colorfully decorated, often containing a sapin de Noël and la crèche. Families and friends exchange small gifts and celebrate with elaborate dinners and parties.

Le Réveillon is a traditional late night feast or party held when families return from la Messe de Minuit(Midnight Mass) on Christmas Eve. While the food tradition varies from region to region, the meal is full of lavish delicacies including oysters, foie gras, escargot and roasted fowl. The Le Réveillon feast is traditionally accompanied by wines such as Anjou, Champagne, Muscadet, and Sauternes. Dessert always includes la Bûche de Noël, or Yule Log, a cylindrical sponge cake filled and frosted with chocolate buttercream.

Family and friends in Paris and Île-de-France often dine on oysters, smoked salmon, pat de foie gras, caviar and champagne. In the Alsace Region of Northwestern France, a traditional meal is stuffed goose served with sauerkraut, foie gras, warm mulled wine, pain d'épices (gingerbread), and bredeles— Christmas cookies typically flavored with anise, cinnamon, or orange. In the Dijon and Burgundy regions of central France, the Christmas dinner is a turkey stuffed with chestnuts and accompanied by a Volnay or Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Beaune wine, foie gras, finishing with la Bûche de Noël for dessert. In Provence, Le Réveillon concludes with the presentation of the 13 desserts that represent Jesus and the Twelve Apostles. These confectionaries include dried fruits and nuts, pain d'epiceLa Bûche de Noëlpompe à l'huile, a flavored bread consisting of orange flower water and olive oil, andCalissons d'Aix, a marzipan pastry topped with a sugar icing.

A Traditional French D’Artagnan Christmas
Bring the traditions of Alsace to your home with an All-Natural Free Range Goose stuffed withchestnuts and apples. Our ready-to-use chestnuts are cooked and skinless. A traditional French Christmas is not complete without foie gras. Choose from our large selection of domestically raised foie gras, terrine and mousse or give as gift. French Kisses, plump, juicy prunes marinated in Armagnac and filled with mousse of foie gras make the perfect Christmas present for family friends and colleagues