Minghao: Good Enough

Genre: Meta/angst/Minghao-centric

Word Count: 773

Characters: Xu Minghao, Kim Mingyu, Kwon Soonyoung

Prompt: 41: “We’re in this together.” 

a/n: Minghao is a precious human being and I hope this tour does him well. 

It started with the pictures.

“Wow, you look great!” Joshua offered brightly, pointing to a particular picture of him on the roof. It was grainy and out of focus, which was supposed to add to the retro vibe, but it still wasn’t cutting it for him. “It’s very aesthetic, even the sky is a little pink.”

Minghao winced, his fingers tensing around the book. “Hyung, you can’t even see my face.” the shot was too far and he wasn’t even looking at the camera, his figure looking miles away in comparison to the huge house.

The older one shrugged, giving a wan smile, knowing what he meant. “Don’t think too much of it.” and he patted his shoulder, walking out of the living room.

Minghao followed, going into the bathroom and locking the door. He started doing his usual face routine, something he had meticulously crafted to keep up with so-called beauty standards. It may have been a solid five minutes before he could look up and dry his face off, and cleaning the stray droplets along the mirror. He poked his face, the soft pale skin bouncing back like fluff. He glowered, making various facial expressions to his reflection.

Cool cutie, he glowered to his face. It was his image, but apparently his image wasn’t enough to put on camera. So what was enough? What exactly did they want?

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When you Awaken,
the Awakened Ones,
both physical and non-physical,
welcome you.

The hunters will try to take from you.
The Awakened knows
that the hunter is there,
and has no fear.
There is nothing they can take from you.

There are also those
who will run away,
unable to accept your Power.
Let it be so.

—  The Lost Book of the Essenes