Tumblr Pilipinas V-Day Meetup Year II : Part II

So after eating and taking a yosi break, I am ready to type the 2nd part. Brace yourselves for this part! Since I’ll be talking about the meetup proper. By the way, you can find here the first part (click).

The day that everybody has been waiting for.

I can feel the excitement! If you gonna’ ask me how, it is through the post I’ve been seeing all over the social accounts I have which is Facebook, Twitter and of course this blog and the other blog I manage. I as well is so excited! 

The organizers (which is the Directors and Administrators of Tumblr Pilipinas) is scheduled to have a very quick meeting about the community and the meetup itself. It is just actually our second time to talk about it and everything was done on the spot. What I mean is the program and other stuff other than the paper kemes and registration process. 

So I arrived in Trinoma Mall around 12 noon and the rest of my co-organizers already started cutting out some paper kemes to be used in the program. I then started to map out the things we have to do by writing in my idea pad. I only ate a piece of burger and a cup of soda for lunch and that’s why when the meetup finally ended, I was soooooo starving!

Around 1:30 in the afternoon we started to proceed at the venue. Which is at the roof top keme of Trinoma Mall and I was surprised that the chairs are already arranged by the kemes, thanks again to the Trinoma Mall/Ayala Mall management for that one!

I actually saw a lot of people at that time in the venue. Ansavehhh, early birds ang mga eksena nila! Then around 2 o'clock I started a very quick briefing on the program and activites. Then..

By 3:00 o'clock, we already started the registration which I have to admit took 10 years in the making since we’re only expecting 100+ attendees and that’s why I only assigned one person in each post to assist the people in writing on their names into the registration sheet, writing their names in the name tag and distributing the paper kemes needed for the program!

We also asked (well, required) all of the attendees to bring minimum of 5 pencils (die all of those who didn’t donate! Karma will strike you back! Keme lang~ Haha) to be donated to the poorest of the poor communities in the country, especially those grade school students).

So this meetup is not only for Valentine’s Day (though we didn’t really focused on that) but for more of a charity meetup! “Pumunta ka na!, Nakatulong ka pa!”. This program will be called #The1MillionPencilProject and the rest of the details of this charity campaign by Tumblr Pilipinas will be announced once done! Kudos to those who donated as we’ve been able to collect 570+ pencils with this meetup! Cheers!

We started the program by letting each people to introduce themselves. I actually though I bored them since it took me forever to introduce them one by one! Imagine! 250+ introducing themselves one by one like eats up 1 to 3 minutes of the time of the meetup! Especially when the crowd is like not lively of saying “Hi keme!”, I let them repeat to say “Hi keme!” to that keme. Though I can see to thir faces that they’re really interested to know people as whenever they wasn’t able to hear the URL of the person that is being introduced in front they say “Ano daw?!?”, “Ha?!?” or “Ano daw URL niya?!?”. Especially kapag pogi or maganda yung pinapakilala. Tsk tsk. Haha. 

The awesome handwriting of the people of the Philippines actually helped me a lot while I call their names! Some of their handwriting is like in Arabic or Chinese or French! That’s why if I can’t understand them (the handwriting), I automatically call them “keme”. Then when I finally understood their name, I say “perfect!”. That’s why the words “keme” and “perfect” was so overused at that day! Haha!

Well, I do think that having the opportunity to be introduce in front of ~*a lot*~ of people helps in building confidence to each and every individual and it breaks the barrier of being shy throughout the meetup. I think it was effective. Sa sobrang hyper at daldal ba naman, mukhang hindi pa?!?  Haha.

After introducing them one by, we divided them into 4 (four) groups namely: 1 (One), 2 (Two), 3 (Three) and 4 (Four). I think that was the most awesome group names ever~ I took us one month to think about those names~ It is so unique that it is required to be posted in Wikipedia. Haha.

After the group is already comfortable with each other, we combined 2 groups, for them to know the other beings in the other group! So that is group 1 & 2 and group 3 & 4! Then the most craziest of all is combining all of the groups! Which took forever~

So this group circle thingy lasted for 3 hours which took almost 60% of the program’s time and that’s the reason why we wasn’t able to do the banana game (which was so epic last December 2010 meetup) and another game that is designed to make things much more exciting! Well, I guess those 2 other top secret games of mine are reserved for the next meetup.

So say Hello to my sexy back! Hahah. Keme lang~

So after the sun dawns, we decided to let the people fill-up their strips of papers since it is already getting late. I would also like to add that this strips of paper thingy was introduced by yours truly way back 2010 during the Pre-Christmas Party Meetup 2010 at Blue Wave Pasay City. Because “some” people are saying na I copied it to “other” meetup organizers. Excuse me please?! Haha. Keme lang~

So here are the samples of the strips of paper for you to have an idea (not for you to copy. haha.):

I was really surprised when I asked what time it is and someone told me that it is already 6:30 in the evening! Because most of the time, people are not staying that long in meetups because of curfews and other kemes in life. So I really feel that people enjoyed and they don’t wanna’ go home! However, other than that, I think there are a lot of world wars that is happening in their empty stomachs during at that time so we decided to wrap up things fast!

So we exchanged strips of kemes~ Then I stated my last final words for the day.

I think this post is was too long. The closing statement and the aftermath of this meetup will be then discussed to the 3rd/last part~