first of all, happy new year. i hope you all are happy and healthy during 2015. second of all, this is my follow forever. obviously. here are some of the amazing people i will ‘follow forever’ // l o v e


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xxxx love you all xxxx


My band I (Here’s To You), have been big fans of the 1975 for a while. We recently recorded a live-session cover of “Sex”. We’re all really happy with how everything turned out, and it would mean the world if you checked it out. If you like it, feel free to post it. love xx

i don’t really have a reason to make one of these other than i was bored & i love you guys! i tried to include everyone so i am very sorry if i missed you, i promise i still love you! xx 


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bit of a throwback to when we did this the1975music / taylorswift mashup with Haley Klinkhammer. Any The 1975 blogs out there who dig it?? :) 

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Sorry about the spam’ish post, just wanna share this with as many the 1975 fans as possible! Feel free to reblog so more people can see it :)

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Yo! So I’ve been following you for quite a bit now and I just first wanted to say what’s up and that your blog is spot on! Anyway, I’m a musician and I did a cover of Girls. Was wondering if you could check it out? 

Thanks :)