96 questions about me

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i was tagged by lukashood.  tysm ilyy!

what was your:

last drink: raspberry tea

last phone call: uh either my mom or dad

last text message: ty (to my mom)

last song you listened to: trap queen

last time you cried: 3 days ago

have you ever:

dated someone twice: yes

been cheated on: no

kissed someone and regretted it: i havent kissed anyone yet

lost someone special: yes

been depressed: yup

been drunk and thrown up: no

in the past year have you:

made a new friend: yes

fallen out of love: no

laughed until you cried: omg yes

met someone who changed you: no

found out who your true friends are: yes

found out someone was talking about you: yes

kissed anyone on your fb list: i dont have a fb


how many people on your fb friends so you know IRL: i dont have a fb

do you have any pets: dog

do you want to change your name: idk not really

what did you do for your last birthday party: had a waterslide

what time did you wake up today: like 1 pm

what were you doing at midnight last night: watching mean girls

name something you can not wait for: 1d concert

last time you saw your mother: 10 minutes ago

what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: idk theres alot

what are you listening to rn: nothing

blood type: i think b idk tho

favorite emoticon: 🐙

nickname(s): welchie, fuckface

relationship status: single and wanting a bf/gf pls

zodiac sign: leo

pronouns: she/her

favourite tv show: CRIMINAL MINDS BITCH

hair colour: brown

long or short: long

height: 5′

do you have a crush on someone: yees

what do you like about yourself: im really caring to everyone

tattoos: no but want

righty or lefty: righty

first surgery: i was 7 in 2nd grade

first piercing: ears

first best friend: meghan

first sport you joined: gymnastics

first vacation: six flags

first pair of trainers (sneakers): i have no idea probably airwalk

right now:

favorite song: um idk

favorite band: 1d

what is the song stuck in your head right now: trap queen lmao

eating: nothing

drinking: nothing

i’m about to: inhale

listening to: nothing

waiting for: my phone to charge

want kids: yES

getting married: hopefully

career: f.b.i b.a.u

which Is better:

lips or eyes: lips

hugs or kisses: kisses

shorter or taller: taller

older or younger: older

romantic or spontaneous: romantic

nice nose, stomach or arms: stomach

sensitive or loud: sensitive

hook up or relationship: relationship

troublemaker or desitant: idk

have you ever:

kissed a stranger: no

drank hard liquor: no

lost glasses/contacts: yes :(

sex on first date: no wtf

broke someone’s heart: no

been arrested: no

turn someone down: yes

cried when someone died: yes

fallen for a friend: yes

do you believe:

in yourself: nah

Miracles: nope

Love at first sight: no

Heaven: no

Hell: yes

Santa Claus: no

Kiss at first date: no

Angels: sure

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thatletty asked:

Is that KYLIE JENNER roaming these dangerous streets? No, it’s just LETICIA " LETTY" GOMEZ. I heard the19 year old gang member is apart of the VIPERS as a DEALER They can be CHARMING and RECKLESS but they’re also HOT-HEADED and SNEAKY so I wouldn’t mess with them. { Taylor, CST}

Kylie Jenner is now known as Leticia “Letty” Gomez, please send in your account within 24 hours.