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Her questions :

Henry Cavill. David Tennant. Tom Hiddleston- Marry, Fuck, Kill?

 Kill Henry Cavill, Fuck Hiddles and marry Tennant

If you could live any of your fandoms, which would it be?


Favorite Movie?

 Bridge to Terabithia, even though it hurts.

Favorite Cereal?

 Lucky Charms

Teddy Bear or Dinosaur?


Visit the moon or visit a star? 

 Moon because stars are made of fire.

FRIENDS or How I Met Your Mother?

 How I met Your Mother

Dogs or Cats?


Superman or Batman?


Salt or Silver Bullet?


Television or Books?


My questions:

What’s your most embarrassing moment on tumblr?

Which actor in your main fandom do you think is the hottest, or if your fandom doesn’t have any version of it on the big screen, what character do you think would be the hottest?

Supernatural or Doctor Who or Sherlock?

What do you want for your wedding?

Daleks or Cybermen?

Dinosaurs or komodo dragons?

How long have you been on tumblr?

Do you have any pets?

How long have you been roleplaying on tumblr?

xkit or missing e.?

Minecraft or Skyrim?