This here’s a birthday present I did for my brother a little while ago.
He’s gotten really into Dr. Who, so he asked that I draw him in different pieces of clothing from all the Doctors he likes the most.
Also, he got a “build your own Sonic screwdriver” kit. It comes with a few different screwdrivers from the show that you can take apart and put back together to create different styles…..or something like that. >v>;;
Hence the one he’s holding.

He said, if he were to be in the show, that’s what he’d want to look like. xD

Hope you like~

anonymous asked:

Do you and your girl ever plan on getting married?

Fuck yes. It is like fact, definitely going to happen, we don’t even think about breaking up dude. First we gotta concentrate on getting an apartment or something together once she gets a job after graduating college, then I’ll move back in with her and get my own dumb ass a job(I’m considering being an art model) while we’ll both be providing each other emotional and mental health and stability just by being there for each other. We’re definitely going to get a Husky, other animals are up in the air but definitely a Husky.

Might be awhile till we’re actually married, maybe we never will but honestly the concept of marriage is about as insignificant as the concept of virginity or any other man made society bullshit. What’s important is that we love each other and we’ll always be together.