Cats Day 8

Summary: You and your son, Frerin II, accidentally turn Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, Balin and Gandalf into cats and this is the result (Spin off of The Elf and The Dwarf)

Chapter Summary: Thranduil comes to visit you.


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The next day, you completely forget about the gift and head to throne with the four cats following behind. Last night was not a good night for you, but Thorin tried his best to help out and it worked. You were in a slightly better mood today.

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Oh fuckkkkk the Gap… man that’s going to fuck up more than just Eyahn it’s going to fuck up Mack’s timeline too, because of Lorene and her family being in the City during it. There’s no way these same characters from a poor sector of the City without much medical access will still be alive a century and a half later. I’m going to have to drop it from their timeline or…. allow them to die long before Towerfall. Before the start of the game. And if I keep them to that old timeline the City is going to have to be much less developed, less amenities for those on the outskirts…

That is, assuming Six Fronts is still a good three centuries back like expected. The time when the City was actually founded and the walls were built. I’d expected the Walls and towers to have been finished by the time the Gap happened but if you push that back a hundred years they really might not be? Orrrr we’re just gonna push Six Fronts back as well, and add a couple centuries onto everyone’s expected age. Saladin, Zavala, the Iron Lords, everyone. That puts Efrideet closer to four or five hundred years away from Saladin. Can people even remember things up to five hundred years? Do Ghosts help with memory retaining?


Keep in mind that the Speaker pointed out that human lifespan tripled because of the proximity of the Traveler affecting the race as a whole. Honestly don’t see that exactly being taken away so most of the deaths can be from attacks from Fallen or other enemy races along with shortages of supplies, disease, etc. A person probably has the capability of living a rather long life so long as outside factors don’t diminish it greatly or well extinguish their life completely.

So this is something I’ve been talking with people about lately, and there’s kinda two ways to look at it.

@felwinter and I discussed one perspective, that longevity is based on advancements in human technologies during the Golden age. When the collapse hit, those technologies and pharmaceuticals would have been lost, and so people would revert back to normal human lifespan, a maximum of which is determined by genetic factors. Correct me if I got stuff wrong there.

@theishtar-sivacollective explained me another way, the concept that treatments or the Traveler managed to instill a permanent change in DNA that was then passed on to the subsequent younger generations. It would slow down the divisions of telomeres- the tips of strands of DNA and one of the causes of natural death and maximum lifespan in humans. Similarly correct me if I got stuff wrong.

I lean towards the first because a) it’s based more in explained science, with just a touch of space magic, b) it keeps the Collapse and the City and it’s early days more desperate? we lost everything. c) there is no other mention of it at all besides that past tense comment of “human lifespan tripled” and d) there would be psychological effects of longevity. there would be cultural changes and there would be differences in the world and I get it’s hard to show that but I don’t see any of it bungo give us more nonguardians.

It’s also worth noting that the difference in time between a “generation” and a “lifespan” is different. A generation is usually considered twenty-thirty years? I think it’s supposed to be the time from a child being born to the time they also have kids. This probably wouldn’t change with extended lifespans, because Isthar explained that the delay of death wouldn’t really show effect until a child reached maturity, and the body stopped growing.

And since we have literally no confirmation on any of this theorizing, it’s kinda up to each person’s own interpretations. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯