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Late Night Snacks and Underwear - 1

Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary:  Y/N and Peter run into each other late one night.

Words: 1,000 on the dot

Paring/Characters: PeterParkerxStark!Reader, Mentions of the other avengers

Warning: Mentions of partial nudity? Awkward Peetie?

Author’s Note: So, I have a lot more written for this one, but I’ve never written Peter before so I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested. Let me know I guess and I can keep this one going for a little.

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“Toothbrush!” You exclaimed to yourself and immediately clamped a hand over your mouth. You almost slipped on the wood floor in your fuzzy socks as you hushed your packing revelation. Everyone else was asleep and you’d never hear the end of it if you woke them up, especially with the early morning coming.

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Hips - part 1 (A Jongin Two-Shot)

This wasn’t quite what you had envisioned for your life. The laundry basket was heavy and balanced just on your hip and you gripped the tiny hand of your 6 year old daughter tightly with your other hand. You had only been living here for a week and a half, and the one thing you hadn’t quite taken into account was managing the four flights of stairs with a clean load of laundry fresh from the first floor dryers.

The place was cheap enough for you to afford the two bedroom unit in a safe part of town and still be able to afford certain things like food and electricity on your income. Nari’s dance lessons came out of the support you received from your ex. You swore to yourself that no matter how tough things got, you would let her stay in the class she loved so much.

“Nari, stop jumping up the stairs, just walk normally.” You could feel your palm getting sweaty and you wanted to switch sides, but the girl was selective in her hearing. If you didn’t use your ‘mom voice’, she usually just did what she wanted.

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The Incident™

Rated: Explicit
Word count: 2673
Summary: Being roommates for as long as they had been, they really should’ve seen this coming before now… OR she saw his, then he saw hers, then they did something about it.

Thanks to @cutiepiemish who helped beta 😊

The Incident™

Betty was exhausted. She had just finished her fourth twelve hour shift in a row- “a story never sleeps, Elizabeth,” her mother would say- and she was so excited for her head to hit the pillow she could hardly see straight.

That’s probably why she didn’t hear the shower running when she entered her apartment, that’s probably why she didn’t notice the dirty clothes sticking out of the slightly open bathroom door, and that’s also probably why she didn’t register that her very handsome, very wet, very naked roommate was getting himself out of the shower and reaching for his towel when she barged in, until it was infinitely too late.

He screamed. She screamed. Neither of them moved. He was frozen in all his toned, lithe glory, completely exposed before her and she was equally frozen staring, embarrassed while simultaneously sending thanks to whatever gods happened to be on her side.

After several moments spent suspended in time, Betty broke the silence. “JUGGIE! Oh my god, I am so so so so so so sorry!”

It was as if her words snapped him out of whatever trance he was in. He scrambled for his towel to cover himself in order to preserve whatever modesty he still had. She tried to cover her eyes and step out of the steamy room to give him the illusion of privacy.

“It’s okay, Betts,” he assured her. “It’s not like you haven’t seen me almost naked before anyway, right?”

“Haha, yeah.” Except she hadn’t almost seen him naked. You’d think so, because they’ve lived together for the duration of most of their adult lives, but she had done very well at giving him the space she knew a twenty-something guy would want. She was his roommate, not his girlfriend.

The closest to naked she’d seen before that night was probably him sans shirt after a hard day of work with Archie and his father at the construction company. She’d never even seen him in his boxer briefs and absolutely never without his beanie.

“Okay, so I’m just gonna… go to my… room now. Okay?” He said, awkwardly trying to shuffle past her.

“Um, yeah. I’m just gonna… go to bed.” She forwent any bathroom usage and buried herself in her pillows, embarrassment and all.


She tried so hard to pretend that night never happened. Really, she did. Except she had always found Jughead attractive and after you see a body like his with a face like his and hair like his, it’s really hard to pretend you didn’t see a thing. So she avoided him the next day, and the day following that, until she was finally able to meet with Veronica.

“V!” Betty whined, shoving her face into a pillow, willing it to smother her shame. When that didn’t work she continued: “What do I do now? I mean, we’ve been roommates forever! You and Archie have known us forever! Did I just disrupt the dynamic of the Core Four? WHAT DO I DO?!”

Veronica struggled to hold in her laughter. Leave it to Betty Cooper to feel guilty about seeing a gorgeous man in all his glory, as if Jughead would mind. He’s only loved her for forever. “Uh, B? First thing’s first; get a hold of yourself. Secondly, you are aware that to Jug you may as well have hung the sun in the sky, right? He’s in love with you, sweetie.”

Betty rolled her eyes at Veronica’s suggestion. Seriously, she and Jughead had lived together for almost six years. If he showed any interest in her the way she had in him, surely he would have said something by now. Veronica continued despite Betty’s stubborn denial. “You should give him a peek, B. It’s only fair.”

“What.” Betty replied using a statement rather than a question. She could hardly believe Veronica would suggest such a thing. “How in the hell would you suggest I give him a ‘peek’ exactly?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Use your imagination. You don’t even need to tell him if you aren’t comfortable with it.” She paused, tapping a well-manicured fingernail against her chin. “Oh! I got it! Sometime when you know he’s home, run out of your bedroom in your lacy cheeky lingerie set. You know the one. When he sees you, pretend you didn’t think he was home and voila! Everyone is even and the two of you can bang and get it out of your system. Or marry him. Whichever”

Betty laughed. Whether Veronica was joking or not (Betty had a feeling she was not), she thought that her idea might actually work. It would, at the very least, help Betty feel less guilty.

The two women spent the rest of the afternoon discussing mundane topics while simply enjoying one another’s company before Veronica left for her and Archie’s apartment. “See you soon, B. And if you follow through, you better provide me with all the deets!” She spun with a flourish and took off towards the elevator down the hall.


That night Betty dreamt of smooth skin glistening with slick moisture sliding over her own warm, bare body, fingers exploring uncharted territory and tongues warring with one another through deep, intoxicating kisses. It was a really great dream and she most definitely did not want to wake up.


Betty, wearing her finest lacy lingerie set- light blue cheeky panties with a matching bra and garter- checked herself over in her floor-length mirror. Her bedroom door was closed and the rest of the apartment empty for the time being, though Jughead was due home any minute. She had a plan. She would hear him come in, put her earbuds in her ears, and strut her stuff “accidentally” in front of her roommate, feigning ignorance to the fact that he would be home at all.

She turned so that her butt was facing the mirror. Did she look alright? Would he think she was attractive? A very big part of her hoped so.

She finally heard the apartment door open then close again. She took a deep, centering breath and put the earbuds in their designated positions before turning on her playlist and heading out of her room.

She was disappointed, however, to find that he was nowhere to be seen. She could’ve sworn she heard the door though. She walked through their apartment and yanked her earbuds from her ears. “Juggie?” No answer. His bedroom door was closed, though, indicating he had probably gone straight there. Still avoiding the awkwardness, no doubt.

Well, Betty couldn’t exactly just barge into his room unannounced and nearly nude, could she? No. She went back to her room and threw some leggings on with a comfortable tee and ventured to the kitchen to dig up some lunch.

As she was standing at the stove watching her burgers sizzle, she heard Jughead’s door open. “Whatcha makin’, Betts?” He asked, leaning over her shoulder to get a better look.

“Your favorite, Jug. Grab some plates?” If this was the most normal they had been in several days, she would take it without complaint, despite her plan not having worked the way she would have liked.

She flipped the burgers and checked on the fries which were finishing up in the air fryer as Jughead brought two plates over. They worked together to finish their lunch, then sat down to enjoy.


After their lunch that day, everything seemed to be back to normal, except Betty found Jughead wore less clothing and more confidence around her. She both loved and hated this new version of him.

He was pretty much constantly in shorts if not his boxer briefs alone. No shirt. No beanie. His body wasn’t incredibly built, but more defined and toned with hidden hills and valleys of muscle. He had the body of someone who was much stronger than they appeared.

Betty really liked it.

But for the length of their friendship and their roommate status, he’s been boxed up in Betty’s mind as Jughead: Friend and Roommate and Totally Off Limits. This new Jughead made fitting into that box in Betty’s mind incredibly difficult.

She tried her hardest to ignore that feeling deep in her belly that suggested she needed a new box for him.


Betty was late as hell. She had a 20 minute commute to work and less than ten minutes before she was due to start. She was floundering around trying to find a damn shirt when she looked at the clock. She was so fired after today.

“FUCK!” She yelled as she started digging deeper… nothing she picked up looked as though it would fit or look right and she was about to break down and cry.

“Betty?” Jughead asked as he opened her door. “Are you… Naked! Oh god you’re naked fuck Betts I’m so sorry…” he was staring. Not covering his eyes. Apologizing, yeah, but made no move to correct his error before Betty grabbed the nearest thing she could find to cover herself. His eyes darkened.

“Hi, Jug,” she said, her voice a mixture of embarrassment and something… else. Satisfaction, perhaps, that her plan was carried out after all despite it coming into fruition in a completely unexpected and inconvenient way.

“Call off work, Betty.” He told her. It wasn’t a request but rather a very serious demand.

“Why?” She asked, noticing but trying her best to ignore the sultry look in his eye.

“Just… Do it. Please.” And with that, he turned and headed for his own room.


He was only gone a few moments before returning to her bedroom just as she was hanging up her phone. She, much to his dismay, had thrown a baggy shirt over herself in his absence.

“Did they take it well?” He asked her, the dark features of his face still taking in the parts of her that remained exposed.

“They said I deserved a day after all the extra hours I’ve put in. I’m off the hook.”

“Excellent,” he muttered as he strode toward her bed. “May I sit?”

She shifted to make room for him. In doing so, the hem of her shirt reached a dangerous position, nearly baring her to his hungry gaze. She could have sworn she heard him whimper, though he would deny it she was sure.

“So… That happened.” She laced her fingers together and placed her hands in her lap willing her forced, awkward smile to get the hell off her face.

“That it did. So. You saw mine and I saw yours.”

“Yep,” she replied, her lips audibly popping at the end of the word.

“And what should we do about that, Betty?” He asked, clearly suggesting he already had an idea of what he’d like to do. She blushed from her chest to her forehead. He tossed a devastatingly handsome smirk in her direction.

“Listen, Juggie. We’ve been roommates forever and more importantly friends. Whatever happens here today, let’s not forget that, okay?” Ever the voice of reason, Betty needed to say it.

Jughead nodded and she pounced.


She brought her hands to either side of his face and brought her lips to his in a bruising kiss, which he eagerly returned. His hands found her waist with ease as he pulled her onto him so that she straddled his lap, allowing their bodies easier access to one another.

“You know, you’re really sexy under all those layers, Juggie,” Betty said between breaths.

He let out a small chuckle. “Your body is incredible, Betts. Incredible.” His mouth connected with hers again, tongues tasting one another, before he added, “Your legs go on for days.”

Her mouth moved from his over to his jawline where she nipped, eliciting a growl from his chest which she was very eager to hear again. Her lips traveled from his jaw to his ear, down to the thick tendon in his neck.

His hands roamed her body as she tasted his skin. He filed away the hills and valleys of her form over her clothing before he grabbed the hem of her shirt and silently requested permission by tugging at it.

Betty nodded, permission granted.

She broke away from the spot she had been lavishing on his collarbone so that he could remove the only thing separating his hungry gaze from all of her. He tossed the offending article to the ground before bringing his hands to her breasts with a soft groan of appreciation.

“Betts, you’re perfect.” He lowered his mouth to one of her nipples while finding the other with his thumb. She rolled her hips over him in response.

“Are we really doing this, Jug?”

“Fuck, yes, Betty Cooper. Absolutely.”

“Excellent,” she replied before shoving herself off his lap. She kneeled beside him and encouraged him to help her remove his boxers. As he did so, she wasted no time feeling his impressive length. “I’ve wanted to do this since the day I saw you,” she said.

“Do wha-” Before he could finish his question, her mouth had descended. He uttered wordless praise and wound his fingers into her golden locks as she worked him with both her mouth and hand until he could hardly stand it.

He gently, and reluctantly, pulled her off him before he could finish. “Your turn,” he whispered urging her to lay before him.

He nudged her legs open. Starting at her feet, he softly drug his fingertips up her legs, approaching her inner thighs but he completely bypassed where she wanted him the most. He could see her desire, yet he couldn’t resist teasing.

He brought his mouth to her breast where he nibbled and kissed her nubs until she was practically panting his name, begging for his touch.

“What do you want, Elizabeth?”

“Your mouth, your fingers, your dick… just you. All of you. Please.”

He smiled before dropping his fingertips to her center. She was so wet, he had to taste her. Once his head was nestled between her legs, her fingers found his unruly black strands where she held on for the ride.

His tongue danced around her sensitive bundle of nerves while his fingers pumped in and out of her, quickly unraveling her to a shaking mess. “Juggie, I’m so close,” she sighed. He quickened his pace until he felt her come undone. He slowly worked her through it before bringing his lips up to hers where he allowed her to taste herself.

Before she had a chance to say or do anything, Jughead had already procured the condom he must have brought from his bedroom and stashed somewhere in the bed and was rolling it onto himself. He lined up with her entrance and paused.

“Are you sure?” He asked

“Just do it, please! No more teas-ah!”

He thrust into her causing her words to get caught in her throat. He allowed her to adjust to his size for a moment before slowly pulling almost all the way out. Again he paused and after a moment pushed back in. Both Betty and Jughead became lost in the pleasure of it along with one another.

Through it all, their lips kept finding each other and hushed whispers were passed between the two of them. Why did we wait so long, you feel amazing, Juggie, please don’t ever stop, and I think I might love you along with I think I might love you too.

She shattered first, her inner walls fluttering around him causing him to tumble after, coming with her name on his lips.


“That was… wow.” Betty said.

“You bet it was,” Jughead replied as he laid back down beside her.

They sat in comfortable silence for several moments before he asked, “So where does this leave us, Betts?”

Her face lit up with a dazzling smile. “Well Forsythe, as long as you never call me Elizabeth again, you’re never getting rid of me.”

He smiled that kind of smile reserved for the best moments in life before wrapping himself around her. “You got it, Betts.”


Please let me know what you think! 💛💙

BTS Reaction: You Have Anxiety

@kokobop-seahoon asked:

Hi buddy, I hope you don’t mind if I make another request. Could you maybe do a reaction for how the boys would help their s/o who has anxiety, or experiencing an anxiety attack? If this is a sensitive thing to write about just let me know, I’ll understand and I have no issue with changing my request. But if you do accept it, thank you tons in advance 💕

Of course I don’t mind! You can send me however many requests you want, sweety💕


Jin had the day free and had planned to take you out, but you weren’t feeling up to it. You two have been at home all day and you just keep thinking how much he had been looking forward to it. You are afraid that he’s secretly upset with you. Everytime you think about it, your heart starts racing and you get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Jin has noticed how anxious you’ve been. It’s already 4 pm and you have refused to eat, saying your stomach was upset. He knows why.

“Jagiya,” he says as he turns the volume of the tv down so you can talk. “What’s making you so anxious?”

“Nothing. I’m fine,” you lie, you’re heartbeat picking up again.

“I know you better than that, princess,” he gently scolds you.

You give in and tell him what’s been bothering you. He listens carefully, pulling you onto his lap and tracing circles on your arm with his finger. He discovered once how this helped to calm you, and it has become a habit of his whenever you two are together. He’s even been know to let his hand wander under your shirt to trace circles on your lower back.

“I’m not upset.” His gentle reply works just as well as his soothing touch, and you sigh in relief. “I know you have bad days and don’t feel up to going out. It’s fine, as long as I can spend time with you.”

You look into his eyes and see that he’s being genuine. You smile as you wrap your arms around his waist and rest your head on his shoulder.

“How about I cook us an early dinner, since you haven’t eaten, and you pick a movie for us to watch?”

You immediately agree once you realize how hungry you are.

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retrouvailles (pt 1/4)

as promised, here is our new project in honor of the blog hitting 500 followers! this is going to be a four part installment that all of us have collaborated on. we are really excited about this and hope you guys will enjoy it! 

the piece is called retrouvailles and each of the four parts will be written by one of us: i have written the first, marlo will be writing the second, kaitlyn the third, and our lovely shannon will be bringing it to a close! here is part one! 

love always, mikayla (@cagedbirdsong)

“Yes, just the coffee please. Thank you, keep the change–yes, you too!” Claire offered a smile to the spritely young barista behind the counter, exchanged a handful of cash she still didn’t quite know how to count for the coffee, and turned only to crash directly into the stranger standing behind her.

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Could Get Used to That

Description: a very fluffy, very smutty, Sebastian fic 

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: SMUT. (rough, slight hair pulling kink, i had to close my eyes and compose myself a few times), and lots of fluff too :)

A/n: Okay, so this is so different from what I normally write because Sebastian is not on Supernatural, plus this is an actor fic rather than my normal character fics (also I am so far up Sebastian Stan’s ass i couldn’t help myself in writing this) so I hope y’all like it. Don’t be too mean ;)

Originally posted by seabasschino

“Seb! Are you in here?” You called out into the apartment.

“Yeah, Y/N, just give me a minute!” He shouted back from his bedroom. You walked into the place, taking a seat on the couch. Sebastian’s apartment had become a second home to you in the past few months. Your friendship with him grew ever-stronger, and you probably spent more time with him than alone.

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fallen angel! hwang minhyun


minhyun x you


floff n angst

other members: woojin | daniel | to be cont..

  • “i can’t believe i’m finally in my own house!” you said excitedly to yourself as you unlocked the door to your new place
  • it was the first time you were completely on your own
  • you were ecstatic to say the least about not having to wait forever to use the bathroom or having your hard-earned snacks stolen by your roommates or etc.
  • the place you bought already had basic furnishings so you spent the rest of the day unpacking and putting up decorations, putting away groceries, setting up your internet you know, all the necessities in life
  • after a long day of putting everything away, you were happy to be able to get ready for bed
  • thrilled, you quickly throw on your new comforter, climb inside, and pull out your book to read to help you get drowsy-eyed before sleeping
  • as you opened your book, you finally could let out a relaxed sigh
  • that is, until you were interrupted by the ceiling above you suddenly giving out
  • the plaster and drywall crumbled around you, kicking up a thick cloud of dust that made it hard to see
  • as the dust settled, you saw a
  • ??? man ???

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I’m gonna wear my Hello Dean t-shirt tomorrow in protest. :P

But really, the ABSENCE of the words was PERFECT.

Because I think everyone in the damn universe was saying HELLO DEAN at their tv right there… and it feels like fill in the blank for what happens next.

We just saw Dean at his ABSOLUTE LOWEST he’s ever been, not even meeting the New Death and being told she has work for him, that he IS important, was enough to make him feel it.

But now that Cas is back, Dean FINALLY got his win. SOMETHING went right.

I wonder if Dean is gonna think Billie had something to do with Cas being alive again…

I also wonder if Billie’s pestering of the Winchesters all through s11 and s12 was her knowing that bit about the next reaper to die hands them the mantle of Death’s power… and had been kinda-sorta waiting-hoping that the Winchesters would just kill her already so she could have that power…

I mean they do have a knack for killing things that insist on trying to kill them…



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26. for the prompts pleeease

09. “So… I lied…”

 18 year old Harry? Don’t mind if I do.

 Warnings: Fluff, foreplay

 (also I’m a giant piece of shit I’ve been so busy and barely have time to write but I’m tryiinnggg)

You were sure he could feel every pounding heartbeat as his lips hastily attached to yours, his palm pressed to your ribcage. You tried to play it off and seem cool with the whole thing, but you were so nervous you thought you would throw up. And then you couldn’t stop thinking about throwing up while he was kissing you, and that made you even more nervous.

You had come over to watch a movie. That was Harry’s original plan, but you could tell he was feeling cheeky just in his voice when he’d called you earlier, and you knew there wouldn’t be just watching a movie and holding hands like a couple of middle schoolers.

So that’s how you found yourself in this predicament: Harry slipping his delicious tongue into your mouth as he settled himself between your open legs, his hand inching ever so slightly under your shirt. You could feel his calloused fingertips tread lightly over your skin and you shivered, your heart jumping.

“Yeh good?” he murmured against your mouth, his lips brushing yours with every word.

You swallowed and nodded, because this was good, right? You’d always had a thing for Harry. What girl didn’t? This was practically a dream come true for you. Or so you thought.

He devoured your lips once more, cutting off any words that could have escaped in his absence. He grabbed the hem of your shirt and pushed it up, his hand cupping just beneath your bra. Harry’s thumb grazed across your ribs, then dipped below the fabric cup holding your breast. This was progressing. It was no longer some silly make out session.

You pulled away from him rougher than you anticipated, your cheeks burning. “Wait,” you gasped.

Harry pulled back, his lips raspberry red and swollen from pressing against yours. “Yeh okay?” he asked, his brows furrowing in concern.

You sat up and he situated himself from between your legs to your side as your tucked your hair behind your ears and tried to keep your embarrassment to yourself. “I’m fine,” you muttered.

“Was I goin’ too fast?”

You bit your lip. Was he going too fast? He wasn’t exactly ripping off your panties and just going for it, but he was going further and faster than you had anticipated. You’d only ever made out with a guy, and you let one cop a feel over your shirt once, but only for a second. However, Harry didn’t know any of that. In fact…

“So… I lied…” you squeaked.

Harry tilted his head in confusion, anticipating your next words.

“I’m a virgin,” you blurted, your cheeks hot. During a conversation weeks ago, when Harry and you somehow got on the conversation of your sex lives, you played it cool, acting like you’d lost it to a past boyfriend. In reality, that wasn’t the case. 

Harry’s eyes didn’t leave yours. He didn’t look shocked or stunned or disappointed. The lack of reaction from him relieved you. “Tha’s okay,” he shrugged.

You tugged on your fingers and tried to avoid his eyes, but they were so damn green and dreamy. “I’m sorry.”

“’Ey,” Harry said in a somewhat stern voice. “Yeh ‘ave nothin’ to be sorry for.”

You smiled.

“We could jus’ kiss if tha’s all yeh wanna do,” Harry suggested.

“That’d be nice,” you admitted, chewing on your lip.

Harry grinned and reached over, gently placing his palm on the side of your neck, leaning in as he guided your head toward his. “Yehr heart is beatin’ really fast,” he noted.

You couldn’t help but giggle. “I’m fine. I promise.”

Your consent and confidence gave Harry the green light to meet his lips with yours once again.

And boy, did he speed past it.

Natural Bonds

Originally posted by kimthwriter

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Fluff, smut
Summary&A/N: You set out to share a place close to your heart with Taehyung. Together, you make it even more special. Dedicated to any other country girls who sometimes feel a little left out in the fandom.
Word Count: 4.3K

Home can be different for everyone. For some, it’s a physical place. For others, it’s a person. You are one of the lucky ones who have both. That both fit so flawlessly together is a gift unlike any other.

From the first time you’d brought Taehyung back to your childhood home, he fit like he belonged here as much as you. He charmed your family flawlessly just as they did him. Mutual politeness rapidly gave way to the same teasing warmth you grew up with. It matched him perfectly. Now they always ask when you’ll be bringing him back.

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Unraveled secrets

This fic is a destiel high school AU. It has bullying and angst just by the way.

Being gay was his secret. Everyone had one and that was his. Where he lived didn’t help his situation, homosexuality wasn’t exactly accepted to put it lightly. While he had never participated in the bullying of a few of his classmates, he did witness it. Castiel knew he was gay, he had known since he was thirteen. A girl had shown him her breasts and he had just stared, feeling nothing. His first jack off session had ended with a boys name on his lips. So he kept that part of him buried deep deep down. Castiel lived in a small town, where religion and god played a huge role in the lives of everyone. It’d been in the newspaper before: local gay boy beaten to death. Up until now he had been able to ignore it then Dean Winchester moved to town.

The guy was beautiful with emerald green eyes, many freckles, and sandy blonde hair. When he had walked into his junior English class and saw Dean Winchester seated directly across from his, he knew he was screwed and that brings him to where he was now. Dean was wearing a short sleeved shirt and Castiel could see freckles spreading across his arms, disappearing under the material of his shirt. It got him wondering if he had freckles in other places like his-

“Castiel” He was ripped from his thoughts of Dean’s ass to the current lesson.

“Um sorry what?”

The class snickered and the whispers started like they do every year. “Can you name a famous Shakespeare quote?”

“Um uh what is a name uh that could smell as sweet as um the rose”


Castiel lowered his eyes, staring at his paper, not bothering to listen to the lesson. Picking up his pencil to look like he was taking notes, he started drawing bees on the edge of the paper. A hand tapping his shoulder made him look up to see Dean staring at him.

“You don’t know what we’re doing do you?” Dean asked him.


“We’re supposed to be doing the assignment on the board together as partners."Castiel nodded and pulled out his book.

"I haven’t gotten your name what is it?”


“Castiel, huh kinda a mouthful can I call you Cass?”

“Uh Yeah Cass is fine.”

They didn’t talk again for the rest of the period. The bell rang and Castiel couldn’t wait to leave and get to his next class before Alastair caught him. He was lucky and got to math. It was weird Alastair hadn’t been bothering him at all that day and it worried Castiel.

Alastair had started bullying him a little at the beginning of the year but nothing too bad. Castiel really wished he knew why so he could fix it or say sorry at least but he had been unsuccessful. Lunch was his worst time of the day, everyone roamed the halls. He didn’t like feeling the constant anxiety about where his bullies were during lunch and the library was one place he knew they’d never go. Castiel tuned out as he made his way to the library to read. This lunch seemed to stretch on and on and he couldn’t seem to focus on the words, anxiety flowing through his veins. The bell rang and he nearly sprinted out of the library to his government class.

History was his best subject and he thoroughly enjoyed the class, until he noticed Dean was in the class too. ‘Great now I’ll never concentrate’, he thought as Dean sat in his seat looking nervous. As usual Mrs. older than the textbook, started the class and it became hard not to daydream of freckles, green eyes, and sandy blonde hair. He wished he could style his hair that way if it would cooperate but his curly raven locks wouldn’t have it. The bell rang, startling him out of his thoughts. What had happened? Did they have homework? Who knew, not him. Castiel gathered up his stuff and began his trek to his car parked on the opposite side of the school. His thoughts wandered as he walked, what was for dinner?; did he have homework?; could he do his homework?. Hands grabbed him from behind and Castiel yelped loud in surprise. Hands went over his mouth to hide his struggle as he was dragged behind the school to the place called “smokers pot.” An arm pushed him backward into the brick wall and he was faced with Alastair.

“Evening Castiel” Alastair said to him with a smile.

“Let go of me” Castiel said as he struggled to wiggle free from Alastair’s cold grasp on him only making the fingers grip him tighter.

“Oh no no talking Castiel” Alastair said before stepping back and another boy he didn’t know stepped forward, throwing the first punch across his jaw and another to his nose. Castiel cried out as pain rang through his body, which earned him a punch to the mouth so hard he fell to the ground. Feet kicked themselves into his gut and he gagged and the feet got harder. Another set of hands grabbed his, yanking his arms painfully behind his back forcing his head backward. Punches rained down on his face for god knows how long.

Something hard and painful that felt like a baseball bat was hitting his stomach, getting harder as the hits continued. Distant voices rang in his ears and the bat hit him hard in the head. A similar object was skillfully whacked into his neck. The punches and kicks continued and Castiel had stopped fighting, hardly breathing. Something hard, cold, and sharp was digging in his shoulder and Castiel couldn’t help but whimper as it carved into his skin. The kicks had stopped on his stomach but were starting on his back. He distantly heard a new but familiar voice yelling and that was all he heard before he drifted off.


Dean had thought someone was messing with sports equipment and went to see what it was but what he found was far worse. He saw bats, ski sticks, knives, and six familiar faces. One of those six was on the ground and the other five were brutally beating him. Dean had never seen so much blood in his life and his dad was a hunter.

“Hey” he found himself yelling.

Surprised shouts of fuck, get out, move, and stop rang out as the guys rushed to run away. Dean didn’t even care, he was running to the one on the ground. He looked like he was attacked by an animal, blood flowed from various spots on his head, there was deep red line on his neck that was bleeding lightly and seemed to be getting worse, there were cuts on his shoulder which was what was causing so much blood to flow, and so many red marks. He walked gently but fast over to him, ripping his flannel and then his tee off to press to the shoulder wound. His face was familiar but he couldn’t place him until he saw the familiar necklace he saw on him earlier.

“Cass? Castiel?”

Nothing. Dean bent down and as gently as he could press the tee to the cut and picked him up and ran to his car parked a few rows down. Placing Cass in the back seat, Dean jumped in the front and booked it to the first hospital his phone brought up. He’d never felt this anxious about anything before. The drive to the hospital was really only about seven minutes but felt like hours until he finally arrived. He didn’t spend time finding a parking spot and stopped the car under the big ER sign. His ears were ringing as he lifted Castiel out of the back seat and raced inside the ER.

“Help! Help he’s hurt real bad” Dean yelled as he got into the entrance.

A nurse came out and gasped, wide eyed as she called for a gurney and a doctor. His shirt was soaked entirely with blood from the cut on Castiel’s shoulder. Doctors raced out faster than he’d seen since his mother’s accident. They gently pried Dean’s arms off of Castiel placing him on the gurney and speeding off. He watched as the gurney was rolled into a surgical room, his head spinning. Air blasted through the vent above him and Dean became painfully aware of his absence of a shirt, shivering. A nurse led him gently to the bathroom, where he realized his hands and chest were covered with blood, which the nurse took samples off. Dean stared at himself in the mirror, very aware of what he had just done. His hands shook as he turned the water on and cleaned his hands until the water ran clear, doing the same with paper towels on his chest. Unwrapping his flannel from his waist, he slipped it on ignoring the red splatters of blood on the soft material. Walking out of the bathroom he was greeted with three nurses and two police officers.

“Son will you come with us” one of the officers asked him.

Dean absently nodded his head. They led him to a private waiting room.


“Dean Winchester”

“Huh haven’t heard that before, you new in town?”

“Yeah I moved here a little over a week ago”

“Alright do you know the name of the boy you carried in?”

“Castiel I don’t know his last name”


The officer paused.

"Castiel Novak yeah Novak, how did you find him?”

“I heard some noises coming from behind our high school and wanted to see what it was, I thought it was someone messing with some sports equipment and found 5 guys beating on Cass”

“How do we know you didn’t participate?”

“I don’t have any blood on me that’s mine, my knuckles aren’t bruising, I didn’t do it”

The officer squinted at him as if he was trying to decided to believe him.

“Chuck come on it”

A man came into the room looking very worried, he had Castiels same eye color, if he was guessing he’d say this was Castiel’s father.

“Yes hi”

And the awkwardness.

“Sir this is the young man that found and brought in your son”

Dean looked up at the man.

“Thank you uh-


“Dean thank you”

The officer looked over at him.

“Son you’re free to go if you’d like-

"Hell no I’m staying here until he wakes up”

Both men other than Dean were silent.

“Alright” Chuck responded, smiling at Dean. A nurse chose the time to come in.

“Chuck Novak?”

Chuck was instantly up out of his chair.

“Yes that’s me”

“Alright is everyone in the room family?”

“No but they’re all welcome to stay”

“Okay so Castiel has a concussion, five cuts that need stitches on his head possibly caused by a blunt object, light burning and mildly severe cutting on his neck, the most serious was the letters carved on his shoulder which start close to the hyoid bone and travels back to his shoulder bone, severe deep bruising, and many minor cuts and scrapes. The surgeon is working on his neck and shoulder right now. Your son was very lucky if the laceration had been more than 3 inches to the right and he would have been paralyzed. We’ll let you know when you can see him”

The room was left in silence. Dean hadn’t realized until that moment the weight of what he’d done, he’d saved Castiel’s life. He wanted to know more about him.


Dean looked up somewhat warily at chuck.


“You don’t have to stay I can call you when he’s stable but I would like to know how do you know my son?”

“He’s in my English, government, math, and biology classes”

Chuck nodded and seemed relieved.

“Do you have any idea who did this?”

“I recognized the faces but the only name I know is Alastair”

“Thank you for saving him”

Dean smiled a little and got up to leave the hospital, giving his phone number to Chuck in the process. He walked out of the hospital and to his car parked in the front, trying not to notice the smears of blood in the back seat. He can’t go home now, he can’t force himself to go face John after what he just saw. Dean knows of harsh lives but he never thought another person could cause such damage to another. Now he’s scared, he’s scared to see his dad after what he just saw, he’s to vulnerable. Sammy can’t see him this way. So he drives, he drives until the sun starts to go down. Dean doesn’t want to go home but he knows he can’t escape the inevitable. He takes a huge breath before driving his baby up the driveway, getting out and walking through the door. Dean turns to go down the hallway and is met with a fist to the face.

“Where th’ hellve you ben’ boy”

Dean squeezes his eyes shut as pain radiates from his jaw. Another punch lands on his cheek, seconds later another lands in the exact same spot, and he crumbles to the floor.

“Answer me boy”

“I was with a friend”

Dean only receives three kicks to the stomach before John mumbles something and stumbles to his room.

“Dean” he hears a quiet whisper from somewhere to the left.

“Are you okay?” Sammy asks as he came out of his room.

“Yeah yeah I think so” Dean grunts out as he tries to stand helped by Sam. The kid was only 14 and had already passed Dean in height.

“You don’t have to keep doing this, I can take dad”

“Sure you could but you’re only 14”


“No Sammy”

Sam rolled his eyes.




He doesn’t know what happened, where he is, or how he got here. He remembers being in the back of the school. And pain, so much pain. Castiel doesn’t understand why he can’t move or why his eyes aren’t opening. His throat hurts, it’s so dry. He can hear sounds echoing throughout his head varying in volume. It’s as painful as it is bittersweet because he’s alive but being alive means he has to go back to the hell that is his life.

Castiel cracked his eyes open just a smudge, seeing nothing but blurred shapes. He tries to focus his hearing to at least understand what’s going on. Castiel’s heartbeat speeds up when he hears his father’s voice. Oh god, he knows about the bullying now. His thoughts started to grow out of control and an annoying but insistent beeping got faster. Black spots appeared in his vision as everything faded out and went black

when magnus got home after 2x18, do you think the sight of his loft just hit him full force? like all the sublte hints of alecs absence like a shirt on the couch, a used coffee mug, a couple of knives, a toothbrush in the bathroom - it all just screams alec and magnus wonders when exactly his boyfriend had moved in.

he tries to ignore the sight of these things because if he dweels on them he will end up calling alec, begging him to come home to hom and he can’t do that, it’s not safe for either of them to be together right now 

but when he goes to bed and his sheets smell of alec he just loses it and starts sobbing into alecs pillow until he falls asleep. (and yes, it somehow had become alecs pillow, even though all these nights when magnus hadn’t really gone to bed alec had somehow ended up on his side of the bed, as if he had been looking for magnus while he was asleep, and wasn’t that a thought that broke magnus’ heart all over again? because alec loved him. magnus felt so loved, more than he had been in a very, very long time. maybe ever)

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For the Baby Time! AU would you be able to write the labor/birth/first time seeing their twins? Where Iwa is super sweet and supportive with Tooru throughout? I'm a sucker for that stuff. Oh and bonus...Taichi meeting his baby siblings?

Read it on Archives:

“Do you need me to get you anything?”

It’s with a soft voice that the alpha speaks down to the omega, slowly putting a hand to a sweat dampened forehead and smiling slightly when the other man hums out a happy sound. Hajime careful swipes curly tresses away from his husband’s face, leaning down to give his forehead a quick kiss to which he receives another happy sound.

After a moment, Tooru answers back with a soft, “M’fine,” as he leisurely strokes over the large swell of his belly, only pausing in his ministrations when a sudden shudder overtakes his body, making his head fall back against the prop of pillows as he gasps out a small, slightly pained sound.

Hajime continues to pet through his hair as gently as he can, gazing over his husband worriedly until he finally opens his eyes again, gracing the alpha with a small, tired smile.

“Another contractions?” The older man asks, a question to which Tooru nods at.

Hajime purses his lips, “Can you tell if they are closer together? Should I call the midwife?”

The omega shakes his head this time, “No…I don’t think they are close enough yet.”

He can hear the underlined exhaustion in his husband’ tone, another reminder of how long they had been awake and trying to carefully monitor Tooru’s contractions. It had probably been six or so hours since his husband had woke him this morning, telling him with soft words that they needed to get up and change the sheets because his water had broken in the bed. Hajime was a little miffed at first when he realized that Tooru had been up an hour before him, trying to distinct if he was still dealing with Braxton Hicks contractions or actual labor ones without waking him, but hurriedly quelled those feelings at the first sound of his omega’s obvious discomfort and supported him until Tooru could stand up long enough for him to change the sheets. Hajime tried to ease him through every contraction that he could after that, stopping only when they heard the familiar cries of a very cranky pup.

Up until that point, they had never really decided on what they should do with Taichi if Tooru were to suddenly go into labor. Hajime’s first idea was just to send him to visit Hajime’s parents during the week of his due date—an idea of which they bickered over for a few days until Tooru finally relented and agreed to let him go stay.

Only, the week of Tooru’s due date brought no new additions to the family, nor did the week after that one and it came to a point where Hajime couldn’t stand to go another day of seeing his omega’s sad weepy eyes whenever he was talking to their little guy through the phone (it probably didn’t help that he was really missing his son too), so Taichi came home.

And of course, not even three days later, Tooru was now in labor.

Which was why for almost an hour Hajime spent trying to call any available body to come and stay to watch their son (since Tooru refused to send him off anywhere again) and how he end up thanking the stars, the gods and heavens above that their two oldest friends, Hanamaki and Matsukawa, were able to come and help them.

In the meantime though, Tooru had gotten some much needed snuggle time with their baby boy and, when Taichi got too riled up to stay in the bed with his momma any longer, the beta couple arrived with perfect timing to go and take little Taichi off to play in the living room, giving Hajime the capability to keep his full attention on his laboring mate.

That had been over four hours ago and you could still hear the pitter-patter of adult feet and the occasional peel of childish laughter.

A comfortable silence settles back in between him and his husband, with Hajime still petting his hair like he likes. The alpha gets the idea after a moment to go dampen a wash cloth to put to his mate’s sweaty forehead, happy with the relieved sounds he gets for it.

“Are you hot, love?” He asks, noting the slight sheen of sweat to all of Tooru’s skin and how he had his long sleeved shirt push all the way up past his elbows, blankets kicked down in his brief absence.

Tooru nods slightly and plucks at the collar of the shirt a few times.

“Yeah…just a bit. I feel sticky too…” He admits.

“I’ll go turn the air down in a second, but let me get you a change of clothes first.”

“Oh yes please.” The omega breathes and the look he gives him is nothing short of grateful.

Hajime smiles at him before turning so he can walk over to their closet, instantly zeroing in on Tooru’s favorite pair of comfy shorts and a pair of briefs. He considers what shirt for a moment, flicking through a few of the omega’s softest ones until an idea strikes him. He quickly goes over to his side of the closet, yanks one of his own shirts down and makes his way back to his husband who was currently attempting to undress himself.

He doesn’t have to help, it’s not like Tooru is completely incapable, but he’s eager to assist in anything his mate needs. He slips the pair of sweats Tooru’s wearing the rest of the way down along with his underwear, struggling only for a moment to get the newer garments in their place. When he does finally pull those light blue shorts up, he rubs over Tooru’s thigh comfortingly, moving his other hand to fit behind his back before he’s carefully urging Tooru into a sitting position. Once he’s tugged Tooru’s shirt off of him, he quickly reaches for the one he was currently wearing, tugging that off too. The omega makes a surprised noise at that, eyes wide and questioning. Hajime can’t help but feel a little bashful when he responds with, “I was thinking you might like something covered in my scent. It might not fit very well though…I can get you one of your own shirts if you want.”

The alpha almost laughs at the speed in which the omega shakes his head no.

“No please, I want the shirt with your scent on it. I really want your shirt with your scent…”

With that, Hajime doesn’t hesitate to throw the shirt over Tooru’s head, easing it over him carefully and trying to not feel too proud at the way the omega takes a huge inhale of his scent before fully pulling the garment completely over his head.

It’s a bit of a stretch over his round belly, just unable to hide a small peek of skin, but Tooru’s purring away with it on, not caring in the slightest that it doesn’t fully cover when he can easily pick the collar of the shirt up and take a deep breath of his alpha’s wonderful, comforting scent.

If Hajime thought the look Tooru had given him before seemed utterly grateful, the look he was shooting him now was at a whole other level of gratitude.

“I love you.” Tooru tells him earnestly, a small dopey smile on his face.

“I love you too.” Hajime returns just as earnest, not hesitating to crawl into bed besides him after throwing on the other shirt he pulled from the closet.

From then on it just because a waiting game of timing Tooru’s contractions.




“Oh-oh, Hajime it’s time-it’s—”

Hajime rubs a soothing hand over his mate, rubbing up his arm and squeezing his shoulder firmly when he hunches over slightly.

“Hajime—” He cries again and the alpha quickly touches their foreheads together, pushing both of his hands through the omega’s hair to try and ease him.

“Shh, it’s okay. I already called the midwife. She’ll be here soon, just try to relax until then, okay? I’m right here, baby. I got you.”

Tooru makes a pitiful sound but nods against him. Hajime places a chaste kiss to the center of his forehead, giving him a few more when the omega lets out another groan of pain.

It doesn’t take long for the midwife to come after that. Her and her little omega assistant come in maybe ten or so minutes later and start setting up immediately, having Hajime peel off Tooru’s shorts so they can check him.

“Oh honey, you’re a lot further than I expected. It would probably be a good idea to get yourself propped up and ready. Do you want your alpha to sit with you?”

The way his omega turns to look at him, eyes big and imploring, makes Hajime wonder if Tooru actually thought his alpha would deny him. Without a word, Hajime carefully eases his mate forward, moving to sit behind him, leaning Tooru back against his chest and kissing his cheek when the omega fully relaxes in his hold.

The older midwife smiles at them and Hajime’s pretty sure he catches her mumbling, “Such a cute couple…”

With Tooru against him now, he can feel the sheer heat radiating off of his body. He can also feel every time his mate clenches with a contraction, hear the whispers of a pained breath which has him nuzzling into the side of the omega’s neck, letting Tooru take and hold his hand as tightly as he needs.

“Okay sweetie,” The midwife starts, pausing to look up from where she’d been checking down in between him, “things are moving just a little bit faster than we planned. I’m going to ask that you start doing your breathing exercises that we talked about before. If you feel like you need to start pushing, let us know immediately. You’ve got a centimeter or two to go, but your body language is telling me it won’t be long before you’re fully dilated.”

Tooru makes a noise, out of pain or fear, Hajime can’t tell, and Hajime’s quick to give a firm squeeze to the hand holding his own so tightly, burrowing into the crook of his neck and murmuring a soft, “I’ve got you, Tooru. I’m right here. Breathe with me love.”

Tooru makes another noise, but thankful follows along when the alpha takes a deep breath behind him, matching every time his mate took a raising breath and releasing it just as Hajime did.

It’s a few minutes of silence after that, other than the older, beta midwife instructing her younger counterpart on where to set something and how to spread out the towels nicely. She checks Tooru a few more times as time passes, asking how he’s feeling with a soft, gentle words—she very much reminded Hajime of his own grandmother which was comforting to him.

He hoped that Tooru felt the same.

“Do you feel ready to push now, sweetie?” She asks after a moment and Hajime quickly looks down to gauge his husband’s reaction, stomach dropping slightly at the realization that they were so close.

The alpha sees as the omega’s face bunches up, mouth pursing and nose scrunching as he quickly shook his head no.

“No,” He gasps, “Can’t—not ready—”

The midwife nods her head, “That’s okay, sweetie. I don’t want to force you; I know you’ll start pushing when you’re ready. Just know that you’re fully dilated now and that you’ll have to start pushing soon.”

Tooru nods swiftly, sucking in a quick breath. Hajime feels it as what’s probably a wave a pain courses through his mate with the way he suddenly seizes, shooting forward with a startling cry.

“Oh god…! Push—I think I need to push…!”

The midwife smiles knowingly at Hajime, a smile that they know Tooru can’t see with the way his eyes are clenched shut. The beta woman instantly goes into directing the omega, using kind, strong words to usher him forward. The little omega assistant handed Hajime a washcloth at some point and Hajime’s taken to the task of dabbing it over his forehead with it.

Every time Tooru fell heavily back against his chest, Hajime didn’t hesitate to press a quick kiss to his temple, murmuring to him over and over of just how amazing he was doing. The omega smiled each time with an amused huff and went right back into pushing like he was instructed.

There comes a point where every time Tooru flops back against him that he starts to go boneless, struggling to even pick himself back up to keep pushing. After one particularly long push, Tooru falls back against him with whimper, suddenly turning slightly so he could look at the alpha.

“I can’t—” He sobs out once he catches Hajime’s gaze, “I can’t Hajime, it hurt—it really, really hurts…!”

The alpha’s chest instantly seizes for the pained way his mate tells him this, seeing the tears brimming in his eyes which makes him feel like an asshole for putting his husband through this again.

He briefly thinks back to the birth of their first child, remembering that while it hadn’t been a particularly bad birthing experience, Tooru still had been in a lot of pain back then, probably the same amount he was in now, which was awful considering he had not one but two bodies to push out this go around.

But he also knows there is no going back from this point, so he hurriedly presses a kiss to his temple again before mashing their heads together gently, pushing Tooru to look forward again while he tried to squeeze his hand with his almost numbed one.

“You’ve got this, babe.” He tell him with every fiber of surety that he has in him. “You’re doing so, so well, Tooru. I swear that you’ve got this. You’re going to keep pushing so we can finally have our babies here with us. I know you want to hold them just as bad as I do and were so close Tooru—so close! Just a few more pushes, okay? Can you give a few more, just for me?”

Tooru doesn’t actually respond to any of which Hajime’s said, but the alpha knows he’s been heard when that bone-crushing grip tightens on his hand once more and Tooru’s heaving forward again with everything he’s got.

It one takes one—two—three strong pushes before the room is suddenly filled with the high pitch sound of crying and Hajime can feel his own throat close in response, having to visibly force back his own tears at the sound.

It’s not over though, not when Tooru makes a particularly loud cry and pushes himself forward again.

Thankfully, this round of pushing on takes a minute or so of strong pushing, before a second wave of crying suddenly joins the first with both pups being held in the arms of the two midwives.

“Congratulations you two,” The older one tells them after a moment with a big smile on her face, “You have two healthy boys!”

Hajime’s more than surprised when he feels Tooru’s head suddenly fall back against him while the ladies take to cleaning the pups up, looking at him with tired eyes full of mirth as he says, “If all three of them turn out to be alphas like you, were getting a divorce.”

And the alpha can’t help but bark out a laugh at that, squeezing his mate to him a little more firmly and giving him a long, very well-deserved kiss to his husband after the laughter dies between them.

It’s only a moment later that the midwife is standing to the side of them, holding both babies and staring at them expectantly. Tooru doesn’t hesitate to reach both arms up and the beta carefully passes both of them off to the exhausted mother, backing up and leaving the room with her assistant to give the family a moment.

It’s then when they are finally alone that the tears Hajime had expected earlier start to rush down the omega’s cheeks.

“Oh Hajime…they’re both perfect…”

Hajime stares down at the two covered bundles, feeling that choked feeling return when he can clearly see all of the perfect features the two of them took from their beautiful, perfect mother.

“They’re going to look just like you, all of our babies look just like you.”

Tooru’s returning laugh is light and sounds like heaven in his ears. “I have all the good genes remember?”

The alpha doesn’t try to negate the statement, just hugs his mate gently from behind and whispers, “You do. They’re beautiful, just like you. God, I’m so happy Tooru. Thank you, thank you so much for bringing us two more beautiful children.”

A sudden thought occurs to the alpha and he’s suddenly out from behind his husband and two new pups and out of the door from the bedroom before Tooru can even ask where he is going. It doesn’t take him very long to come back though, this time with a very familiar face in his arms.

The second the little pup catches sight of Tooru in the bed, he squeals out a very excited, “Mama!” Which has Tooru giggling instantly. He tries to dive out of his father’s arms to reach for him, but Hajime’s quick to react by putting a hand behind him and squishing him back into his chest.

“Hold on there big guy, let daddy hold you for a minute, okay?”

Taichi just responds by nuzzling into his chest, making the alpha let out a chuckle. He pets across the pup’s tuffs of unruly hair for a few moments, giving him time to calm back down before clearing his throat which gets his son to look at him. “Mommy and I have two big surprises to show you. We’re going to go lay in the bed with Mommy, alright.”

The pup makes a sound, something that might sound similar to a yes, so Hajime heads over to the bed, careful to keep Taichi pressed again him as he eased closer to where the other three were. It’s only when Taichi is within reaching distance of the twins that the pup decides to pick his head up, staring at them curiously.

Tooru doesn’t miss a beat, making sure to talk very seriously to his first son even though he knew he wouldn’t understand a lot of it. “Taichi, these are your baby brothers, this—” he holds up the baby in his left arm, “—is Koji and this—” he holds up the baby in the other arm, “—is Koichi. They are going to be with us from now on and you’re going to be helping Mommy and Daddy take care of them.”

Taichi doesn’t look like he’s listening much, just staring at the two closed-eye bundles in his mother’s arms with what looked to be fascination.

“Do you like your new brothers?” Hajime tries to prompt, seeing if they could get any kind of reaction from the little pup.

It’s then that Taichi breaks out of whatever trance he put himself in looking at the two of them, suddenly looking up at his daddy and telling him very seriously, “My babies.”

Both Hajime and Tooru stare at him for a second, sharing a look with each other before Tooru asks, “Whose babies are these, Taichi?”

“Mine.” He tells them, still just as serious. “My babies. Mine.”

And the omega simply nods at his son, a big smile breaking over his lips. “Yeah, your babies, honey.”

Taichi spins his head to look at Hajime, “My babies, daddy?”

Hajime smiles too. “Yeah, your babies, Tai.”

The little toddler nods his head in approval, even going as far as to reach out and touch Koji on the head, being extremely gently for a one-year old.

“My baby.” He tells him, as if he was making sure the little pup knew who he belonged to and both parents were pretty sure he’d reach out and do the same to Koichi if he could actually reach him.

“Well, that’s one less thing to worry about…” Tooru decides to add after a moment, startling a laugh out of his husband.

“Yeah, now we just need to get through the next eighteen or so years without having them kill each other or kill us in the process.”

“Sounds easy enough.” Tooru quips back after a moment, shaking a laugh between the both of them. “Hey, at least we have each other to get through it together.”

Hajime smiles, “Only if they don’t all present as alphas, remember? You’re leaving me to suffer if that happens.”

Tooru snorts, “You’re darn right I am, especially because I know you want them to present that way.”

“Hey! I’m not biased. I’d just handle alphas better…I’m a little rough around the edges if you haven’t noticed.”

And Tooru laughs at that, gracing his alpha with the wonderful sound of it.

The silence that settles between them after that is nothing short of comfortable, the two of them just marveling in the sight of their beautiful, sleeping children—dozing in the case of their oldest pup.

“Hey.” Tooru whispers after a moment, waiting for Hajime to look at him which the alpha does. “Our little family is even bigger now.”

Hajime nods, “Yeah, it is.”

“I’m so happy, Hajime.” He tells him as he looks back down between the three of his pups, the expression of adoration on his face making the alpha’s lips stretch into a soft, tiny smile.

“Me too, Tooru. Me too.”

Data drabble - “Is there a special reason as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”

Requested? Yes, by an anon
Word count? 265
Warnings? None

You’d been woken up early when Data was called to the bridge for a quick briefing. He’s apologized before leaving, and you tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t without him there. So, to make up for his absence in the bed, you had changed into one of his shirts so his scent was surrounding you.

You felt a dip in the bed and were pulled from your dreams.

“I am back,” Data said quietly when he saw you waking up. “I apologize for leaving so abruptly.”

You opened your eyes and smiled when you made eye contact. “It’s okay. I understand that other people need you, too.”

He smiled slightly then his eyes went to your torso. His eyebrows furrowed. “Is there a reason as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”

You looked down at yourself and smiled. “Oh, right. It helped me sleep.”

He frowned. “I hardly understand how an item of clothing assisted you in finding slumber.”

You laughed softly. “You weren’t here to cuddle me, so I had to improvise. Your shirt smells like you.”

“Interesting. Would you prefer it if I lay back down and held you again?”

You smiled at him and pulled the blankets aside. “Yes, please.”

Data lay down next to you and wrapped his arms around your torso. You snuggled against his side and rested your head on his chest.

“Go back to sleep,” he said softly, rubbing your back.

You smiled and shut your eyes, putting your arm around his stomach in a loose hug. “With you here, I’ll have no problem doing that.”

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Prompt: "You're so cute wearing my patriots shirt I could kiss you right now" "well..what is stopping you then?" With Chris Evans pls :)

Uh oh! More Evans for the Word Prompt Challenge!  ❤ ❤ 

Word Prompt Challenge: Send me a word or phrase and I’ll write a story.

“Next time, a little more warning when we’re gonna go on a weekend adventure, please?” 

You give another little shiver, feeling goosebumps trail over your skin as you hop from foot to foot, wrapped in nothing but a towel. Chris had swooped in from out of town and announced a beach trip, gathering you and the pup into the car, only giving you enough time to throw a few pieces of clothing into your bag and hope for the best. 

Turns out that’s not the best way to pack for a weekend adventure. Bikinis and sun dresses are great during the day, but once the sun has gone down the chill off the water sets your teeth to chattering. And then there’s the matter of the air conditioner, and Chris’ determination to freeze you out. It’s either a ploy to keep you glued to his side, absorbing what warmth you can from his body, or turn you into a popsicle. The warmth provided by your shower had only lasted so long. 

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[fic] black beauty

how do you save a beloved from their own self? modern AU. sfw.
note: this fic is heavily centred on depression and recovery, (with brief mentions of suicide) so if this is a trigger, please don’t read. beta’d by my love Kat @sawamura-daichis-thighs who I still can’t believe puts up with me!



The thing is, Yona thought she knew what depression looked like. It’s the permanent absence of a smile, it’s long sleeved shirts and hidden scars, it’s silence in a crowded room, and most importantly: it doesn’t happen to strong-willed people.

Like Hak.

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Dean wakes up cold. The soft-skinned boney body that had been curled up against him in the night is gone, sitting instead at the unsteady formica kitchen table, one leg tucked up under him and his sweet, slim frame drowning in Dean’s discarded t-shirt from yesterday.

Sam’s absence makes him come to fast, quickly sitting up while his eyes land on his little brother, taking in the way he’s hunched over, shoulders slumped, with his fingers idly fidgeting in the hem of his borrowed shirt. The sight of him makes Dean ache in every way he knows.

Last night Dean knows a line may have been crossed - Hell, not just crossed but damn well obliterated - when closeness became something else and Sam’s hands found new places to rest on his body, and Dean sighed Sam’s name against his brother’s ear, wishing instead for his lips, for his tongue, for his taste. Dean’s always been good at saying no to himself, he’s been doing it for what seems like forever where his brother’s concerned but Sam- Dean always gives Sammy what he wants. He just didn’t realize what that was. His heart is fit to burst but when he sees the way Sam is facing away from him at the table, head down, Dean’s afraid he still doesn’t know, that he’s made a terrible mistake.

“Sammy…” He croaks out, voice sleep-rough and worried. His brother shifts but doesn’t respond. “God, Sammy, please.”

He must’ve put something right into it because Sam is sighing, small and shaky, finally turning to look at him. His eyes are shiny and a little red. Dean’s never been more sure of the agony of a broken heart. He wants to say sorry but it’s a lie because he’s never wanted anything the way he’s wanted his brother. He stutters around words he can’t find, desperate to fix whatever mess he’s made, salvage them somehow because he needs Sammy like he needs the air; he’s certain he can’t live without him.

“De,” Sam starts, and his voice is trembling and soft and even now Dean wants to swallow it down, keep it for himself. “Please don’t be mad.”

Dean blinks. Sam looks at him from behind his hair where he always hides, where he always looks his age, so young, just a kid, only 15, but it makes Dean’s insides flutter. Dean is confused; how could he be-

“I’m not sorry. I can’t be sorry, I- it’s how it- how I am and if it’s not what you- if I’m not what you-”

Sam’s words rush out in a hurry like a dam has been broken but they’re jumbled and he’s suddenly so worked up, a flush in his cheeks and his eyes swimming, and Dean can’t take it, not when it’s so clear they’re just missing each other but Dean can sort this out.

“Sam! Stop, just- stop. Come here.”

Sam stares at him with those watery puppy eyes and Dean can’t help it if his are a little glassy, too, but dammit the kid had to go get all emotional it’s not his fault. Dean raises his eyebrows at his brother when he fails to move and pats his hands on top of his thighs.

“Sammy, come here.” He says it gently, smiling suggestively, but with a hint of something else that makes Sam shiver before he starts to move, shaking as he climbs onto Dean’s bed and into his brother’s lap. Dean tucks his brother’s legs on either side of his hips.

Sam’s hands find their way tentatively to Dean’s chest, trembling and hopeful.

“Sammy,” Dean cups his little brother’s face with one hand to make sure he’s looking right at him. “You’re all I’ve ever wanted.”

Sam laughs, it’s little and partly all the breath he’s been holding let out finally with relief. His face breaks into a smile like Dean hasn’t seen in way too long, his dimples deep and beautiful teeth showing. Dean doesn’t miss it when his brother’s eyes drop to his lips and he grins back at Sam as he starts to nod.

“Yeah, Sammy, c'mon. Kiss me,” he barely gets the words out before Sam’s hand is at his jaw and their mouths come together. Dean pulls Sam to him with the hand on his neck and licks between the kid’s pretty pink lips. Sam opens for him so easy, gives up everything just like that, and Dean knows from that first taste that there’ll never be anything else.