Some Assembly Required: 15 Avengers Rosters Better Than The One In The MCU
CBR examines 15 Avengers rosters from the comics and determines why they're more better than the team currently in the MCU!

My favorite era of Avengers books - when they consisted of  All-New All-Different Avengers, Al Ewing’s New Avengers, A-Force and the Ultimates - have all been acknowledged, so were current Avengers and Dan Slott’s Mighty Avengers that featured Stature, teen Vision and Amadeus Cho and Avengers with young Star Brand and Nightmask. Weird they counted both incarnations of Young Avengers as one team roster, but personally wouldn’t mind a team featuring just all of them.

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kung fu panda fancast / fc suggestions ( with gif hunts ): the furious five

As someone who usually haunts animation rps, there are some films and characters that I’d love to see more. Kung Fu Panda is a great film with fantastic character potential, but the lack of well-known Chinese fcs really puts a damper on the whole thing. So, here, I’ve tried to find fcs that I feel fit the characters! All of these fcs are Chinese or of immediate Chinese descent. I have also posed the characters from top to bottom as oldest to youngest. These suggestions are focused on young incarnations of the characters. 

 Meng Jia as Tigress (x) (x)

 jia’s gifs range from happy to stoic, and that latter expression really struck me as something that could be useful for tigress. can be a tigress aged 19-24. 

Victoria Song as Viper (x)

victoria has a great smile and presents a delicacy and grace that is very viper. can be a viper aged 19-24. alternate fc could be liu yifei

Huang Zitao as Crane (x) (x)

tao has a great range of bitch-face expressions to plain ridiculous; he also has bonus martial arts gifs! can be a crane aged 18-22. 

Henry Lau as Monkey (x

henry’s hair colour initially struck me as similar to monkey’s fur and on top of that, he has a youthful and ‘class clown’ personality. can be a monkey aged 17-19. 

Brandon Soo Hoo as Mantis (x)

for the most part, brandon looks completely done with the world and that is exactly how I see mantis. can be a mantis aged 16-19.

Wishes Wasted, a Kisses Cursed story

I just posted the beginning of a KC one-shot collection on AO3! 

Wishes Wasted: The Book of Offerings
FFN link

It took me forever to decide on a name, though. Like, this has legit been plaguing me since Petals Fallen became a thing? ‘Lydia, if you made a KC oneshot collection what would you call it?’ or 'Petals Fallen would be an amazing name for a collection but no you had to use it for the Hermione story!’ Although to be fair, if this one was PF I wouldn’t know what to call the actual PF either, so I guess it works out?

See below for chapter 1.

Lily, 1977

For the fourth time this week, I find myself at the fountain in the centre of town.

Everyone says that the Rose Fountain is creepy. I admit, it’s a strange sort of thing to have in a town square. It’s called the Rose Fountain because the rose motif is carved all over, but the real focus is the people. Six figures all in a circle, knowing grins and leers twisting their sculpted faces, water trickling from their mouths or the objects in their hands. Their eyes follow you as you walk.

And yet, I am still drawn to the fountain. Cannot help but come here, day after day, to stare up at each of the statues in turn and run my fingers over the carved names at their feet.

There’s Past, who can’t be more than eight years old. Dark hair, dark eyes, childish scowl, pendant around his neck, a rose in one hand and a toy in the other. It looks like some sort of figure, perhaps a doll in a gauzy dress. The funny thing is that everyone who gets a good look at the doll’s face swears that it resembles someone from town. It’s never the same person twice, either. When I’m feeling particularly fanciful, I imagine that the doll looks like me. Hermione keeps a log in the library where you can write down your name and that of the person you think Past’s doll resembles, but I can’t quite bring myself to write my own name in it. It feels too much like a confession, but what of I’m not sure.

On the opposite side of the fountain is Prophecy. Prophecy, who spits water from his mouth like an invective. Unlike his counterparts, he is the only one of the figures whose eyes do not have any detail to speak of: no pupils or irises, just blank white marble. Despite that he, like Past, is a child, he’s probably the most unsettling of all six of the figures. It doesn’t help that he’s depicted restrained, chained up by roses. The thorny vines twine around his limbs and burst into bloom around the crown gracing the boy’s head. It’d be almost beautiful if it weren’t so creepy.

To Prophecy’s left stands Beast. One of the more eerie looking ones, because his face is inhuman and he’s missing his heart. To be more precise, there’s a gaping hole in his chest, from which grows a single rose in full bloom. A clever idea, but rather unnerving in practice. Beast’s long fingers are wrapped around the stem of an ornate goblet, from which the water flows like blood. He offers up its contents with a tiny smirk.

His counterpart is called Nameless, who stands barefoot on top of a mass of rose thorns. Like Beast, his face is pale and gaunt and just a bit off. Unlike Beast, his heart appears to be whole. There’s a ring resting in one of his hands, the stone much too large for its setting. Nameless looks to be contemplating it, and the viewer, and finding both wanting.

And then on Prophecy’s other side, Monster, the young adult incarnation that doesn’t look all that monstrous at all. Well, the white marble of his face has veins of a darker stone that creep over his cheeks towards his eyes, but I’m sure that’s just a quirk of nature; the sculptor’s bad luck that the block of stone he’d been carving wasn’t pure white after all. James swears up and down that the Monster’s teeth are pointed, curved even, like the fangs of a snake (James hates snakes). I have to admit I can’t quite see it; for all that he holds a rose stem between his lips, and dribbles water from his mouth like he’s just eaten something particularly bloody, the statue’s smile isn’t wide enough to tell the shape of his teeth for sure.

Across from him is Riddle, nearly identical to the Monster in posture and countenance. Riddle’s rose is tucked in the lapels of his suit, and he holds out a small book with a mocking smile. The fountain’s mechanism is hidden beneath the open pages, so that the water flows from between his fingers to trickle into the basin below. It looks almost as if the book were bleeding ink.

Six figures, half monstrous and half not, all just slightly wrong and with definite airs of superiority. I have to wonder what the first Lord of the Manor was thinking, to commission the Rose Fountain to look like this.

Town legend connects the fountain to “The Curse”, the fairy story that every mother here tells their children. We grow up on the story of the Curse the way other children grow up on Snow White and the Frog Prince. I will tell it to my child, when and if I have one.

Pandora says that the name of the story is actually “The Kisses Cursed”, but then Pandora has always been strange. The Curse isn’t a love story, far from it in fact. What place would a true love’s kiss have in a story which features characters such as the Beast, the Nameless, and the Prophecy?

And a cursed kiss, a doomed kiss, is hardly much better.

I shiver, even though it’s still summer and really shouldn’t be that cold for months yet. It’s almost sunset. James invited me over to his parents’ house for dinner. I turn to leave, but I can’t help but glance back one last time at the fountain, bathed in the final rays of sunlight. Past’s eyes glint knowingly back at me.

Sometimes, especially in twilight hours such as these, it feels as though the town is just … waiting. Waiting for what, I don’t know. When I was little I used to imagine that the statues would come to life, but of course that’s just silly. Then again, they are life-size and rather realistic. If monsters and beasts were more than just fairy stories, this is certainly what they would look like.

Marvel should just make a team-up book of Kamala (Ms. Marvel), Miles (Spider-Man) and Sam (Nova).

They’re all on the same team, they’re all the young, teenage second incarnation of their respective superhero names.

Plus, they’re adorable whenever they cameo in each other’s books

@marvelentertainment if you’re looking for writers for a Ms. Marvel/Spider-Man/Nova team-up book I’ll be right here.

Sooooo YaoiHag’s remarkably quiet….and something I did respect and like about TRL—they TWICE talked about the massacre last night and expressed their sorrow and prayers for others….additionally, alone those lines:

PT stans a dude whose recent posts have been entirely about making fun of his co-worker for being more intelligent/intellectual/having varied interests and who has opted to ignore completely this tragedy….

While condemning as evil incarnate a young woman who graciously thanked her TRL hosts and that’s following her multiple posts also promoting love, but resistance to violence for everyone…..

All because that young woman interferes with her fapping fantasy and has a life YaoiHag covets on every level….

Literally the LEAST you animals could do is tag your gross sexualized Link fan art as underaged.

It’s literally NEVER tagged. Not even when it’s the really young incarnations of him. You guys are gross.

Tell me about Incarnated Angels

Hello, I just went to a traditional doctor and he told me I’m a young soul, an incarnated angel who asked God to incarnate to see the wonders of Earth. I have reading things on the internet and my personality matches that I don’t know how to receive, I tolerate a lot of things, I feel guilty of saying no to others and I tend to try to help people who have a lot of potential (even physically I am younger than my real age and have baby-face factions) but it doesn’t match that most of the angels are here to learn about being human and help others, also most of them are fat and I am really thin s: . Do you know anything about incarnated angels? If so, I want to work with being able to receiving and to improve my psychic abilities (I perceive presences nearby and in my mind I can listen to most of them). I also had a vision of being an angel and trying to help someone but I was unable due to their frequency, I remember being frustrated and not understanding why.

First, Don’t get tripped up on the labels. They are interesting, they help give us a new identity yes but they also pull us unconsciously into these dividers between people. We are all interconnected Earth Angels. You can be whatever archetype you desire and that is cool I like being a starseed, lyran, Venus, a scarlet woman, Thoth’s high priestess, crystal child amongst others ;) But my point is when we get fixated on these little labels, we suddenly think we are special, chosen to save humanity and get lost in this world of duality on accident. We are all interconnected as one collective consciousness, we are all starseeds creating the ripple effect of humanity because we are all reflections of the other as a unity. We all have this potential within us. You are merely starting to awaken to it. 

All of these labels, indigo children, starseed, incarnated Angel, blue ray, ascended master, wayseer, all underline one thing, a spiritual/Kundalini awakening and that process of awakening. So you’re in the right place! 

I think it is a great thing that you want to be an Angel and help people, that is honestly the mentality we need to have anyway. What you are experiencing though with these visions is your Higher Self’s way of nudging you about the remembrance of who you are.

I would instead look more into Spiritual Awakening, researching the kundalini process and don’t limit yourself towards one archetype. You are ALL the archetypes. You can be any of those labels, I love working with the Angels. if you want to do that, go for it but don’t let it confuse you. We can limit ourselves unconsciously when we only stay in one “label” or term, you are connected to the all, so be whoever you want to be. WE are all starseeds, interweaving stardust and conscious expansion rippling across generations of experiences. Your ripple is impacting millions just by being alive and in this state of mind, you are a part of it all, you are not less or more but part of the all. When we see this, we don’t need to limit ourselves to one mechanism but instead learn to see that we are the symbols, we are the archetypes and you need to spread those wings babe because you are meant to fly <3

Be the angel you desire to be not the boxed-in definition. 

love <3