Ballet pantomime in 3 acts 

The first act presents the young Mirza (incarnated by the celebrated Mlle Guimard) at her father’s home, the governor of the lands, entertaining a party with her talents as a musician and a dancer. There she meets several guests, [two of whom] are Corsaire and Lindor, both of whom are already smitten by the young woman. In the second act, while discreetly passing a note, [Mirza] sets a time to meet that same night: she refuses Corsaire’s advances with even more insistence. The following act relates the two pretenders: whereas Mirza and Lindor arrive at the specified place and confess their mutual love, Corsaire enters the scene being chased by the natives. Saved by Lindor’s justice, he swears to never disclose the nocturnal rendezvous that surprised him. Soon, however, jealousy prevails and - returned a few moments later, accompanied by his men - he tries to remove Mirza. She manages to escape, but a duel starts between Lindor and Corsaire: mortally wounded, the latter falls into the sea off a bridge and disappears into the waves. Concerned with the fate of her lover, Mirza returns to the scene and at the sight of blood staining the sea, she believes [Lindor] has died. Ready to follow him in death, she is prevented [from doing so] by Lindor, who reiterates his love. The Governor, also having arrived at the scene, decides to seal the union of the two young people. The third and final act is dedicated to holding festivities on this occasion. 

–summary by Alexandre Dratwicki in his article “Gossec et la danse”, my translation.

Composer: François-Joseph Gossec

Choreographer: Pierre Gabriel Gardel

Premiere: (supposed date) 18 November 1779, Paris. Arranged in 1784 for flute, violin, alto, and orchestra; revised in 1788. 

“One is reminded that this symphony is one of those that the author made with the deepest pleasure.” -Mercure de France, July 1784

Symphonie concertante in D Major, I. Allegro

Symphonie concertante in D Major, II. Adagio

Symphonie concertante in D Major, III. Rondo allegro

we are trying new things!

I will try to update this when I can, but I just want to say that both the writer and the artist for TYI are college students and have lives outside of this comic. Progress may be slow, but there will be progress!

That being said, this is a learning process for everyone involved. I as the artist am trying to find effective ways to draw panels with the level of detail we are going to need. This means a lot of trial and error. I am also working on designs for the various characters and landscapes. We are trying to make the world of Incar a very diverse place. I am also going to figure out how to fix my Photoshop program over Thanksgiving. 

Hopefully there are people here that will enjoy the process along with us and be patient! Thanks!

- the Artist