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Emperor au headcannons for Ushijima Oikawa and Kageyama with empress s/o


  • I can see him seeming super serious about his Emperor work, but he’d let you sit in on meetings with him if you want (and as long as you “behave”).
  • If you have suggestions at meetings, no matter how “absurd” his advisors or others may think, he always makes sure they give you the respect and attention he absolutely believes you, as his Empress, deserve.
  • Not one for PDA, but he won’t tell you off if you grab for his hand or have him come down to your height to pepper his face with kisses and the like. He actually very much enjoys your attention.
  • BUT if you do get a little handsy, that’s when he really shows his assertive/aggressive side. With the same heat and passion as he has on the battle field, he’ll grab your wrist and take you down a dark corridor and have his way with you.
  • Considers it treason if someone walks in on you guys doing the do lmao. It takes your convincing to have him lessen the death sentence to something like. Cleaning out the stables or something lmao.


  • He was the lonely and cold beautiful type of prince….that is, before you. He’s always had legions of devotees that have loved him long before you came into his life. So when their object of affection, their idol, changes to a more shining, happy, kind prince, they kind of resent you for turning him into something they aren’t used to.
  • He’d be fiercely protective of you because he’s especially aware of some of his subjects’ resentment. If he’s busy and can’t be there himself, he never lets you go without his most trusted guards and knights - Iwaizumi, Hanamaki, and Matsukawa.
  • Unlike Ushijima, he doesn’t really let you sit in on meetings with him. He knows what the business side of being an Emperor turned him into; he doesn’t want to risk “tainting” your brilliance and beauty with the drab side of things.
  • BUT he is definitely grateful for you wanting to share his worries and stresses. He finds so much comfort. The time you share with him is the happiest not only for you two but for the rest of the Empire as well.
  • If something ever happened to you, though, I could definitely see him pulling a Song of Achilles on everyone’s ass.


  • A young and inexperienced Emperor who was probably put on the throne much too soon. Since he is a young ruler, you become Empress through an arranged marriage. You have a little more experience in the politics of ruling an empire because maybe more exposure to all of it? The only reason Kageyama doesn’t know as much is because I think he just wasn’t able to learn it all in the time before he was thrust into his position.
  • He’s a fierce and aggressive emperor, so it definitely takes your wisdom to talk him down and get him to think things through before acting.
  • His army and close confidants (which don’t become that close till you showed up, kind of the same way Karasuno and Hinata get him to open up from the “Ou-sama” persona in canon) are really grateful for your presence because they can see how he’s changed as well.
  • He’s inexperienced as a ruler AND a lover, so if you grab his hand while walking down the corridors or in the garden, he’ll get really flustered it’s really cute and unheard of. Don’t think lessening the surprise will help either; if you ask if it’s alright to hold his hand or give him a kiss or anything, he gets just as flustered if not more.

Dowager Empress: Where’s your young man?

Anya: He’s not my young man, Nana.

Dowager Empress: 

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Young Justice (1998-2003) #33

“Oh, yes. I understand… perfectly. If you’ll excuse me…”

One of the real reasons this story speaks to me is because I went through friendships very similar to this when I was in high school.

I was bullied, pretty relentlessly actually, and it hurt. A lot. And you never feel like anyone can understand your position as a girl - because you don’t see bullying like that in TV shows or movies. It’s always guys being bullied, and the bullying is physical with some name calling.

I was bullied, like a lot of girls, by people I considered my friends. And it’s all psychological - there may be name calling and the bitter poking at your various imperfections to belittle you, sure. You see that touched on sometimes in popular culture. But real bullying, the bullying I experienced, starts out a lot more nefarious than that.

It’s exclusion.

You’re brought into a group of friends, made comfortable enough to call them “friends” to begin with, and then your position is belittled. There’s not room at the table. You’re not as good of a friend that you’re included to birthday parties. You’re not invited to the mall but it’s only because then the others wouldn’t have room. And there’s no turns, it’s repetitive.

You stay, because you want to reach that status of friendship that the others share freely, but it will never happen. And you feel worse and worse about yourself until they stop the pretense all together. But then you’re trapped. They’re in your head.

Anita is in the start of that relationship, but she doesn’t stand down and allow it to slowly eat away at her.

This is the reason Anita became my hero. Because she doesn’t just sit there and take the neglect and abuse. She leaves. She walked out and let everyone involved know that belittling her was wrong and she wouldn’t stand for it.

What I would have gave to have a heroine like Anita do that when I was little. I instead came to appreciate this so much better when I began reading back-issues years later.

I like to think that maybe someone else who needs to see this moment can find strength in Anita the way I do.

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In exactly eight days from now, I’ll be binge-watching a whole bunch of asian drama. And since I’m very new to the whole drama world, I’m wondering if  you guys have any suggestions as to some really good dramas or movies.

1. Hwarang

2. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

3. A Werewolf Boy

4. W - Two Worlds

5. Descendants of the Sun

6. Queen of the Rings

7. The K2

8. She Was Pretty

9. Kill Me, Heal Me

10. One Warm Word

11. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

12. Tomorrow with You

13. Rebel: The Thief Who Stole The People

14. Scarlet Heart Ryeo

15. Hot Young Bloods

16. Empress Ki

17. Love O2O

18. Introverted Boss

19. Marriage, not dating

20. Uncontrollably Fond

21. Legend of The Blue Sea

22. Radiant Office

23. The Liar and His Lover

24. Cinderella and the Four Knights

25. Age of Youth

26. Love in the Moonlight

27. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

To be honest, I’m kind of unsure about The Liar and His Lover because I loved the Japanese one, it was so good. But I’ve seen some scenes and the posters for the kdrama, and it honestly just puts me off so much. It seems way too happy and cute in comparison to both the manga and the japanese movie.