So when @2013ann posted this art, I told her I was definitely gonna print it out and frame it to place it on my work desk. And she thought I was kidding! Well Ann here’s your proof and I adore it so much! ;D I will never stop loving your art ever. This sweet little frame will forever make me smile while I do my homework!

  • Draco: So Granger, I was thinking, you and me we can go and get some dinner together, sort of a date situation.
  • Hermione: Oh, that's really sweet, but I don't think so. I don't feel very date worthy.
  • Draco: Are you kidding me? You're the smartest, funniest, toughest, buffest, talented incrediblest girl in the world
  • Hermione: You really feel that way about me?
  • Draco: I felt that way since the moment I saw you! Trust me I know we're going to have so much fun together.
  • Hermione: You know what? I could use some fun. Okay, sure.
  • Draco: Yes! Who the luckiest guy in the world? Right here! Malfoy!

holo snapped of this cute couple spotted at the Bazaar earlier being extra cute. How bizarre

I tried to get a pic from an angle with the confetti coming down but didn’t save for some reason so tumblr, take it away if you’re still doing that

I’m really sorry to see this place close down, but I’m rlly glad to have been able to have the opportunity to meet yall cool beans 8^) I haven’t been here as long as some ( I’ve been here….. 4 months I think?? ) but I still hold this place v closely to my heart ;;

I’d love to keep in contact w as many of yous as possible, so if you guys wanna do the same, pls don’t hesitate to ask for my kkt!! But that said, this may be the last time I ever talk to some of you and it rlly breaks my heart…

Anyway, I wish all of you the best of the best, and hopefully we can all meet again someday soon, in a community as cool as this ;u;

  • Best Buy Guy: "Oh yes, this laptop here is perfect for your digital art. It runs on AMD, has 6GB and 1TB. It's got Windows 10--"
  • Me: "Great, I'll take it."
  • Best Buy Guy: "What kind of Wacom tablet do you own, miss?"
  • Me: "Oh, well uh.. I own a Wacom Bamboo Fun CTE 650."
  • Best Buy Guy: "Yikes, that's very outdated. I don't think it would be compatible."
  • Me: "But... my old laptop had Windows 10 but it still worked fine with it."
  • Best Buy Guy: "Well, there may be a slight chance it could work. But what's to say if you buy this and you can't even draw on it. You might need to buy a newer tablet."
  • Me: "OH COME ON!!!"


@legend-of-tree + everyone who has liked any of my posts and/or has followed me: why are you such nice people

why do u like my stuff lmao

anyway thank you legend-of-tree for spamming + following me! i dont rlly get why youre doing this but tHANK

you are a good bean

my-myself-and-art  asked:

I want to write a rude character (kinda like your typical popular guy) but I don't really know how. I'm not a very rude person and I don't really know how to make them rude. How would I make them seem like they make everyone on edge?

You don’t have to be a rude person to write one. The typical popular guy - you know these guys, yes? You’ve met ‘em. They suck. What do you remember about them? How do they act? Write that. If you’ve experienced these types of people, you’ve got enough info in your noodle to expand upon.

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I think a nice friendly tea-drinking goat king would be more than happy to help. or give fluffy hugs. goat dad is cool when he's not killing kids.

Oh yeah, that guy. Yes, he could be helpfull…

But he’s also the king and has a kingdom to rule, and if he don’t visit them on his own, i dunno what would make him do that….

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mmm I agree with your opinion on cayde so much. yeah he's a goof and can be pretty funny but he is more likely to annoy me than make me laugh. we're damn lucky his plan with the dreadnaught worked and it absolutely would not have if eris hadn't helped. I also want him to leave Ikora alone!! I get it, he's the "fun parent" but Ikora's research and guidance are really important and honestly I'm just waiting for his arrogance to end up costing him more than a few angry glares and sighs.

yes! like dude mah guy. you’re like, so cool. if you’d just be more aware of how much of a dick you come off to people like, you could find the balance. There’s a balance between the cocky comedian and actually a dick and dude u had it, u had it, and then you pushed it too far and lost it.

you can get it back cayde. I believe in you.