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To SQ shippers: y'all be shipping Emma with her step-great grandmother. That’s not cool.

———————– I’m adding this little bit because… well this is just getting too crazy: I’m sorry. I didn’t think so many people would be offended/annoyed by my stupid comment. Honestly, I love Swan Queen. I think they have a wonderful relationship and work extremely well together. I absolutely love their scenes. I was just stating a small fact about SQ that I thought was a bit funny. I thought we could all laugh together, all OUAT-ship-fandoms together and then forget about that little fact. But I guess I thought wrong, and I’m truly sorry. I should have thought more about you guys. Yes, I’m aware that Hook is worse. He slept with Henry’s grandmother… And now Henry’s mother… (Well they didn’t sleep together yet, but they’re dating). Anyways, the point is that I’m sorry and hope that you understand that I’m new to fandoms and I obviously have a lot to learn about what to post, what tags to use, etc. etc. I’m not deleting my comment (even though I want to because I can see that I’m hurting a lot of nice and innocent people who just want to enjoy their ship in peace and then I come barging in destroying their happiness… I’m sorry holy shit that made me feel worse… I’m sorry, I love Swan Queen <3) Because I feel like that would make me seem weak? Like I’m trying to hide evidence of a murder. I’ leaving it out there so you can see my mistake, my stupid mistake, and maybe forgive me… I know I was rude, but I didn’t mean to be. I honestly thought it was gonna be a stupid little think to laugh at because like everyone is related in OUAT… but I guess I was wrong and should have thought about you guys more. I hope you can forgive me for my mistake, and I swear it won’t happen again. I hope you all don’t still want to kill me…

anonymous asked:

could you maybe do one where you're dating Luke but you were friends with Michael first and Luke finds out you hooked up with Michael before you were together?



“Would you mind puting on some pants?”  

You frowned at Luke, who was usually never concerned about the amount of clothes you wore, because you dress appropriately to the situation. At home with Luke, you didn’t find it necessary to be all dressed up, especially not on a lazy day.

“You’re literally only wearing your boxers.” You pointed out. In comparison to him, you wore a lot more clothes.

“Yes, but the guys don’t look at my ass when I walk by.”

“My bum is covered, Luke. I’m wearing underwear and a tee shirt that reaches my thighs.” You said. “And the guys don’t look at me like that.” You added.

“Michael does.” Luke mumbled, looking both annoyed and sad.

“Not because he’s lusting on me or something.” You defended your friend, knowing Michael’s feelings for you have always been platonic. “We can go ask him if you’d like, so he too can reassure you that everyone’s okay with me walking around without pants. And, like, they have all seen me in bikini before, Luke, so I don’t understand where your sudden concern is coming from.”

You both went into the living room to find Michael, and you noticed him looking at your legs, but shrugged it off, he probably just looked at the bruise on your knee or something.

“Mike, do you have any issues with me walking around without pants on?” You asked him bluntly.

“No, of course not.” Michael chuckled.

“You just stared at her, I saw you smirking!” Luke says defensive.

“Seeing her like that just reminded me of when we hooked up, that’s it.” Michael shrugged.

“You what?” Luke snapped.

“You never told him that?” You asked Michael. You honestly believed Michael had told his best friend that you hooked up with him before he encouraged Luke to go after you.

“There was never a time.” Michael replied.

“I thought you told him! You’re an idiot.” You sighed. “Luke, I’m sorry you’re just finding this out now, I expected Michael had told you before he set us up.”

Luke just looked confused and desperate for answers, yet angry at the same time. “You touched her?” His face started to show disgust.

“Before you did, you can’t be angry about that!” Michael exclaimed. “Besides, we only got to second base.” He shrugged.

Second?” Luke looked furious now. “You went to second base with my girlfriend and you didn’t once think to tell me?”

“It’s really not that big of a deal-“

“It is to me!” Luke almost shouted. “I seriously can’t believe this.” He murmured. He went to walk away, and when you followed him to his bedroom, he accidentally almost threw the door in your face.

“I need to be alone right now.” He said, again he looked just sad. He closed the door, leaving you to wonder if a stupid hook up with a friend you’ve had for years, could lead to the end of your relationship with Luke.

- Naomi x

NC-ok theirs this guy in my English class that king of scares me. The other day the male teacher was telling the class a story about some dicks that would catcall girls and touch girls butts and stuff. This guy then says to the teacher any guy that didn’t catcall or grab a girls but is a pussy and isn’t cool and he would totally do it. The teacher then told him a man doesn’t do that and the guy responded yes they do. I’m scared of of this guy cause he said he wants to be a cop when he grows up.

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do u have a thing for asian guys !!!!

yes!!!!! in fact i have a thing for all guys!!!!!!!!

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have you ever had feelings for a guy friend?

Yes and I don’t recommend it because they end up telling you guys only view you as one of their bros and not dating material. 

Strange Mysteries: The Axeman of New Orleans

The Axeman of New Orleans was a notorious serial killer who killed in and around New Orleans, Louisiana, during the period of May 1918 to October 1919. As his name suggests, most of his victims were killed with an axe, in some cases an axe taken from the victim’s home.

He is most remembered for once stating that he would spare the lives of anyone listening to jazz music.

His crimes came to a mysterious end before he could be caught and to this day no one knows his identity or his motives.

A fictionalized version of the Axeman appeared in 2013′s American Horror Story: Coven. Yes, guys & ghouls, he was based on a real person!

Hiiiii guys, yes, Naam is alive and this page is still a thing.

So, no I didn’t suddenly lose all interest for the giant squid bassist I’m still all ‘fuck your damn solo project’ despite loving the album though but whatever.

It’s just that things got really busy at university and I was so tired that I just didn’t have the time / strenght / motivation to keep on translating.

I’m a nice person though lol, so I’ll catch up and spam your dashboards upload all the translations from the past 3 months.

I’m almost done so it should be there tomorrow~
Stay tuned!