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hey there! i hope you can help me! i lost a fic where lance and keith are dating but keith completely forgot. one of the scene might be like this; keith has a crush on lance and he finds out that lance has been giving signs that he was taken and he has a boyfriend and keith is determined to know who he is but he's confused because it fits keith's description. i forgot about it, but in the end lance tells him they've been dating for several months i think? thanks for finding it!!

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Keith and the case of the mysterious boyfriend by princetins (1/1 | 2,664 | General)

“He said thank you, but he can’t accept because he’s got a boyfriend.”

Keith froze in his tracks, almost dropping his pen which would have resulted in a big blue streak on his notes. Lance had a what?!

Or: 5 times Keith doesn’t know he is Lance’s boyfriend, and the 1 time he finally does.

~Warning // Pt. 4~ (Hamilsquad X Reader)

A/N: Hello hello hello!!!! Oh shit r u ready for this??

T/W: More of the same shit; semi-graphic but still pretty bad description of rape, accusations of cheating, ???, shit’s fucked

Pt 1  Pt 2  Pt 3  Pt 4

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Everything revolved around Thomas.

And why wouldn’t it?

He hurt you if it didn’t, and you didn’t like being hurt, so you just let it happen. That was how your whole relationship went, really. Thomas wanted it, so he got it. And you got nothing.

He dictated when you left, when you came into work, whether you “stayed late”, when and where you went, what you wore, whether you looked your boys in the eye or not when you went home – but that was mostly acquitted to whether or not he forced you, hit you. The nights he hit you, the nights you didn’t want his touch on your body, you came home pale, flinching at every move, sobbing at every touch from your own boys.

You had wanted to go home Monday night. Of course, you had, you went home every night – you expected it. But no, Thomas had hit you hard enough to draw blood, accidentally catching his nails on your cheek when he slapped you and leaving a red swipe in his wake. He kissed you after putting bandages over the injury, slipped his hands into your pants, and forced you to feel things you didn’t want to feel.

Thomas didn’t like certain things, you learned. Your boys loved everything about you, had never asked you to do, say, or wear anything that you didn’t want to.

But Thomas…

If Thomas wanted something, he got it.

You were merely collateral.

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The Borrow peasant hovel. I really cannot resist making even the poorest families pretty homes… all the flowers are certainly much more fantasy than they are historical. However, they do have a purpose here! This is my forager’s lot. They also keep chickens that they let roam around free. One of the two elderly women who run the household of orphans (yes, a lot of orphans in my settlement, tragically) is the midwife. Hence why I couldn’t resist placing a lot of witchy herbs around the cottage. Even though they are dirt poor, the women still have a sense of aesthetic. But they also grow herbs that will be useful for the beekeepers to treat pests.

Three of the children in their care are teenage boys who will be working on the manor farm as farmhands. I think they will be all too glad to be away from home, their crazy grandmothers and the three screaming toddlers.

Out front they have a fenced home shop. And yes, I do still need a medieval mailbox replacement. :P

JEEEEEEZE I MISSED MY TABLET !!! I can’t believe I have to wait till I get 10 school marks before being authorized to take it with me in my studio >< Anyway, I missed it and I was so happy to be able to draw something =w= So here you have a lil Anti !