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A - Age:
B - Biggest Fear:
C - Current time:
D - Drink you last had:
E - Every day starts with:
F - Favorite song:
G - Ghosts, are they real:
H - Hometown:
I - In love:
J - Jealous of:
K - Killed someone:
L - Last time you cried:
M - Middle name:
N - Number of siblings:
O - One wish:
P - Person you last called:
Q - Question you’re always asked?
R - Reason to smile:
S - Song last sang:
T - Time you woke up:
U - Underwear color:
V - Vacation:
W - Worst habit:
X - X-Rays you’ve had:
Y - Your favourite food/foods:
Z - Zodiac Sign:


s u m m a r y : First you think the worst is a broken heart (1), what’s going to kill you is the second part (2), and the third is when your world splits down the middle (3). Fourth, you’re going to think that you fixed yourself (4). Fifth, you see them out with someone else (5). And the sixth is when you admit that you may have fucked up a little (6).

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[Imagine you being the insane one]

[and the Joker being disguised as the]

[doctor in Arkham  Asylum trying to]

[make you just like him but he]

[madly falls in love with you with each]

[step of the way into his mind]

A/n- So I decided that I would spice this up just a bit and have a little fun with the way the Joker acts as in Jared Leto has the mind of the Heath Ledger Joker so yea 

lol not really but I couldn’t pass this picture up. 

Joker’s P.o.v

As I drove through the gates of hell I was introduced to my worst nightmare, Arkham Asylum. Now your probably wondering WHY in the hell, why in the god damn hell would I The Joker go back into this rotting place of despair. Well let’s just say I went through some secret documents within Commissioner Gordon’s office and found a special little lady that might be more insane then me. But how am I suppose to know because I just read what was on the paper. “Sir may I please see your ID?” I pulled out my fake ID and with just the right amount of luck I was in. Now your also wondering how can I The Joker get into the asylum when my skin is as pale as the devil in the moon light? Well It’s called make up but lets get back to the main objective which is this lovely little insomniac named (Y/n). I plan to get her out of here but that’s going to be the hard part so I might as well start off by introducing myself to her as her therapist. So into the light I go! 

After I was checked, scanned, and stripped to last bit of clothing to make sure I wasn’t dangerous I went into (y/n)’s room or shall I say my patients” room. Well hello there (y/n), the names J…Mr. J and I hope to make you much MUCH more enlightened. I appreciate the offer mister…but I think I would rather stay in here and not smell like you, she said as she giggled away. I chucked at her words, And what do you mean by I smell? I smell like what?  “What you smell like, well it’s death.” Oh my dear, oh my dear, oh my dear. How did you know? I asked. I don’t know I just smelled you, she said quietly. Your weird and I like that about you, I had said. “Well I think your cute to J.” Can we play a game, she asked. “Depends on what type of game I’m in for.” “Well I think it’s a game that you’ll like very very much.” As she said those words I noticed she bit her bottom lip down and I had known that she was up to something much more then what she was playing at. “So how do I play?” “The first step sir is to take this straight jacket and then maybe we could have a little fun…” “Look I know what your up to. Its the old let me go and I fuck you trick but instead your going to skip the fucking me part and just kill me with that piece of glass in your mouth.” 

She gave me a very unfriendly look and as she did so she fell out of the chair on to the floor laughing and just wouldn’t stop. I walked over to her and crouched down to her level. “Spit it!” As I told her to do so blood began to run down her lips and then she finally had dropped it. She had scooted closer and licked my shoe. “I wonder what you tastes like?”  Well doll I taste like candy but there’s no way your getting laid by me unless we get you out of here, I told her playfully. “Wait!!! Your bailing me out of her!!!” “Shhhhhhhh! What the hell is wrong with you keep your voice down women…” Beside where out of time anyway, I said at I walked away. No no no no no no no!!! You Wait YOU WAIT!!!! I slammed the door and heard her continuing to scream wait as I walked down the halls. “Sadly I think I might have a thing for her but who know’s, she might end up killing me before I can say a word to her.”

A/n- I really liked how this turned out and I got the idea from a song that I will post on my blog later but OMG I hope you guys, gales, or its enjoy. I also plan to make a part 2.

koehlerhwu  asked:

36 then 28 with Philip? Please!

#36 - “I wish I could hate you” | #28 - “Marry me?” with Phillip Hamilton

When you heard about your courter, Phillip, going off on a duel, you were furious. You marched to his house just as his father was about to leave, nearly running you over. 

“Y/N!” Alexander called, clearly distressed. “Phillip-” He said his name with such dismay, you quickly thought of the worst. 

“Please, let me come.”

He nodded, ushering you in the carriage that had been called. The both of you made your way to the cot he currently laid on. His white shirt was now tainted with the colour red. 

“Phillip!” you cried, running up to grab his hand. 

“Y/N,” he whispered. 

You heard Mr. Hamilton talk to the doctor, and you took this time to talk to your love. 

“I’m sorry,” he said, his voice strained. 

“You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“Please, don’t hate me.”

You shook your head, leaning down to kiss his forehead. “I wish I could hate you.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.”

“You don’t have to apologize, Phillip. You’ll get better, just you wait.” Tears were streaming down your face, your voice was breaking as you tried to convince yourself of your own promises. “The doctor will fix you. Just hold on.” 

Marry me?

Your breath hitched at your throat, you looked down to see his hopeful eyes. Bright green eyes that you would never forget. “Of course, I’ll marry you! We’ll have a great white wedding-”

He grunted in pain, making your heart stop with dread. 

“I love you, Y/N. Don’t forget it.” 

“I won’t. I love you too, Phillip.” 

You muttered a million words confirming your love for him as his life was fading away. His parents having their own moment with him, but you could only stare at his face, trying to memorize every detail. He took his last breath, a smile appearing on his lips, and he was gone. 

incandescent-darkness  asked:

i'm coming over to the usa to pour holy water on u &absolve u of ur sins, i cannot believe u like s p a r k l i n g water it's The Worst™

YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE! Also my boyfriend has threatened not to kiss me if I continue to drink sparkling water so even though you all are CLASSLESS HEATHENS for not enjoying the CHAMPAGNE OF WATER, I have no choice but to stop drinking this delicious and refreshing beverage.

But please do come over to the US and dump holy water on me, it would be a laugh and we could go get pizza afterward and I wouldn’t even judge you for your weird fruity pizza.

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Worst fears

(first M!A I got!  Worst Fears: muse is haunted by the thing(s) that scare them the most. Lasts a full day. I’ll probably do like two like more cause meh, it works, but jeezus these can break him easily. sorta) 

Time: Wh-what w-was tha-


Time: W-wait…w-was that…n-nope no th-there is no- 

*bark bark!* 

Time:p-please no…

(he is terrified of dogs, sorreh if this isn’t the fear you were expecting but this is one of the 2 only things that scare him. Gate also does but not sure if I should include him or not so yehhh)

anonymous asked:

DUDE I RESPECT UR PILLOWS SO HARD what kind of books do u read outside of harry potter bc sadly i buy into the very sappy "new teen bestseller romance" bc they're cute n i can read in like a day but i really want to branch out more so if u have any good book recommendations hmu (also no scifi pls) okay but don't worry you don't actually have to hit me up or recommend any you have to recommend pics n whatnot often enough just ignore that okay one last thing whats your favorite book atm k srry bye

Lol I am the wrong person to ask because I literally only read sappy teen bestsellers.  I really like Looking For Alaska and P.S. I Love You.  Also anything Nicholas Sparks. I like old timey books too. Like The Tempest and Othello, also Wuthering Heights and Sense and Sensibility.  Also A Thousand Pieces Of Me.

I have the worst way of picking books I literally just pick whatever is suggested on goodreads for me or whatever cover I find visually attractive LOL. 

As of now, my favorite book is Me Before You cause that’s what I’m reading and it’s pretty damn good so far :)

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Lapiki takes lead role in the new Batman movie, defends Gothem from it's worst villain yet: D o n a l d T r u m p


i’m just doing god’s work psst do any of you know how can i get blood stains off??