Sebastian “I don’t know what my face is doing” Stan
at Hublot’s Tennis Fusion Celebrity Challenge (2009)

Inbox me a letter (or a few)
  • A:Age
  • B:Best memory of...
  • C:Confess something personal
  • D:Direct confrontation or passive hinting
  • E:Ever done something illegal?
  • F:Favourite blog you follow
  • G:Goodnight text or good morning call?
  • H:Horror movie preference
  • I:Interested in...?
  • J:Jeans or sweats
  • K:Know another language?
  • L:Looks or personality
  • M:Most important person/thing to you right now
  • N:Name something you need to try
  • O:Opinion on..
  • P:Parties?
  • Q:Quiet or loud
  • R:Rank your top five favourite accents. One being the most and five being the least
  • S:Something you need to have every day
  • T:Thoughts on love
  • U:Underaged?
  • V:Virgin still?
  • W:Worst experience in your life so far
  • X:*ask anything*
  • Y:Younger or older relationship partner?
  • Z:Zero to ten, how easily jealous do you get?
  • [when asking, if you pick a letter with a '...' At the end, submit what you want to fill in the blank, as well as the letter. Example:"B... Your childhood" or "O... Technology"]

The worst side effects, for me, are the flashbacks. It’s always of the last person I … when … when I was in my untreated state. Um, me and another dead … PDS sufferer, we hunted together and we went to this supermarket and this girl was there.
It’s so vivid what we did, what I did to her.

T h e   g u i l t   i s   c r i p p l i n g.
B u t   I   g u e s s   I   d e s e r v e   i t.

Assorted Question Time
  • A:Lactose intolerant?
  • B:Favorite quote?
  • C:Spearmint or peppermint?
  • D:5 songs you associate with your last relationship?
  • E:2nd favorite color?
  • F:Longest flight you’ve been on?
  • G:Pancakes or waffles?
  • H:Drink of choice?
  • I:Worst date?
  • J:How do you pronounce “crayon”?
  • K:What song makes you the most emotional?
  • L:Does chopping onions make you cry?
  • M:What do you call your parents?
  • N:Favorite temperature outside?
  • O:Do you know how to Wobble?
  • P:What do you wear to bed?
  • Q:How many phone numbers do you know by heart?
  • R:Is solar or wind power more interesting to you?
  • S:Would you rather bungee jump or sky dive?
  • T:What language would you most like to learn?
  • U:Do you know any magic tricks?
  • V:Would you like to be able to read minds?
  • W:Favorite Harry Potter book?
  • X:What musicals have you seen?
  • Y:What is your phone background a picture of?
  • Z:What is a not well known passion of yours?

Cameron Dallas Imagine

*****request: can you do something sad*****

<a/n: so I decided to make this a Cameron Dallas imagine since a boy wasn’t specified for this one.>

Cameron’s P.O.V.
Walking the red carpet wasn’t a problem for me. I wasn’t afraid of the flashing lights, interviews or anything. However my fears changed after (Y/N). She changed my perspective on life; for the better and for the worst.

Today’s carpet event was for a major film that (Y/N) pushed me to do. She told me that if I didn’t audition for it, she would embarrass me in an interview. And I know she would do it too. She was reckless, relentless, and a rebel. (Y/N) got what she wanted and if she couldn’t get it, she became your worst enemy. But that’s why I love her. She was persistent and confident in herself.

Anyways, I arrive at the red carpet with my costars, and I notice a long line of interviewers waiting. My stomach knots, knowing what they will ask me. About her. I don’t know if I will be able to answer if they do ask about her. (Y/N) usually helped me with countless interviews. She always had a good answer for their tricky questions.

I smiled as I walked down the carpet, but I didn’t want to. However, I smiled for (Y/N). After a few minutes of hearing interviewers call my name repeatedly, I walked over to one. We said hello and she began with the questions.

“So what has been the craziest fan encounter from the fans of this film?” She asked faking a smile.

“Well, there was a girl who came up to my wife and I at a restaurant and didn’t leave until security took her away.” I said with a slight chuckle.

“Oh my. And now speaking of your wife, how have you been after the loss?” She asked with a sensitive attitude.

“Uh. I’ve been okay. I mean, it’s not easy to loose someone your close to, or anyone, especially your wife, to cancer. I will admit that it has been difficult not having her around. She was my best friend, my wife, and the mother of our son, and it’s very hard without her.” I admit to the interviewer.

“I was very fond of her work and yours and how has your son been about this.” She asked.

“Um, he has been upset for the past few months. He reminds me a lot of her and he always asks about her now. I mean, he is only 4, so he didn’t get to grow up a whole lot with her. However, he does miss her a lot.” I admit once again.

After a few other questions, I continue walking down the carpet. As I was walking I remember some of the times that I brought with to these events.

Once the night was finally over, I went home to my son sound asleep in bed. I took a quick shower and decided to go to bed early. As soon as I shut my eyes, I saw that I was in the hospital. ‘I was dreaming of the night I found out (Y/N) had cancer,’ I realized.

(Y/N) had been feeling faint and wanted to go to the hospital. Doctors ran tests on her all night. Finally one came back and said, “I am very sorry to tell you this, but (Y/N) has cancer. It is a rare type of lymphoma and unfortunately you have progressed to stage 4, and treatment is harder to come by this late in the stage. I’m sorry again, my best wishes to you both.” And with that he quickly left the room.

(Y/N) looked over at me to see my reaction which was just a very confused face. I did not know how to respond to the news that my wife has cancer. She herself looked upset, but put on a strong face for me.

I couldn’t handle the dream anymore and I woke up with a start. I started to cry and heard the creak of my bedroom door opening to reveal my son. He looked confused and slowly walked over to the bed, climbed up, and sat next to me.

“Daddy, why are you crying? Is it because you miss mommy?” he quietly asked.

“Yes. I miss mommy so much it makes me cry, but I still have you okay?” I told him.

“Yeah. I miss her too. I’ve cried about it too, but I know she loved us.”

“Come here.” I told him as he climbed into my arms and laid back down on my bed. He eventually fell asleep in my bed and I didn’t bother moving him. I didn’t want to be alone, and I knew that he was my only reason to keep fighting for (Y/N).

Doctor Kay.

Y/N’s p.o.v.
I hate being sick. I love sleeping all day but I hat being sick. I had spent about 90% of the morning throwing up. “Here sweetie, have some meds” Robbie says handing me a glass of water and a box of tablets, “hopefully you can keep them down long enough” if only throwing up had been the worst part of it, I had a blocked nose, sore throat, and a headache. “Thank you” “need me to run to the store for anything?” “I could do with some throat lollies, maybe a nasal spray type thing for my nose and some vapor rub?” “Sure thing sweet. Be back in like 10 minutes” between coughing and throwing up, I managed to drift off to sleep.

“Aww baby, have managed to keep anything down?” “No” I cough out, “Not solids, not liquids. Nothing?” I shake my head, coughing violently. Robbie sits on the end of the bed, patting my legs, “I think we should get you to a doctor” I groan “nooo” “you need to go, baby. You can’t keep anything down”

Robbie got what he wanted. I went to the doctor, got a whole crap load of meds and some powder stuff to mix in drinks and put in ice to hopefully keep me at least somewhat hydrated. “I’ll get you home to bed then run to the store and get some lemons and honey” I nod, just wanting to go home and sleep.

I had been asleep for like 20 mintues when Robbie came bragging into the room, loudly as hell, “Doctor Kay is back, got you some more tissues while I was out” I groan, slowly rolling over to face him, “sorry baby, we’re you sleeping?” “Not really, just, just resting” He sighs, sitting on the edge of the bed next to me, running his hand through my hair, his fingers getting caught in a few small knots, “My poor baby” “pass me the bucket please” I had never seen Robbie move so fast, he practicality shoved the bucket in my face. After throwing up for what had to be the 10th time today, I was surprised I had anything left to bring up. “You rest up, sweetie. I’m going to go make some ice and ice blocks and out some of that stuff in them and later we can cuddle” “No. I don’t want to get you sick” He shrugs, “it’ll be worth it” “Not a risk I’m willing to take, Robbie” “one I’m willing to take” He tries to peck my lips but I quickly pull the blanket up to cover my face, “no” I let out a muffle groan, “kiss me baby” I pull the blanket down, in yet another coughing fit, “nooo, it’ll taste like vomit and I don’t want to -cough- get yo-cough-you sick”

I had given up, I wanted cuddles with Robbie. I wanted this horrible flu to go away.  “Here, get this in your system” Robbie hands me a mug with hot water and lemon juice in it, we both knew I wouldn’t keep it down for long but the doctor recommended it so, I guess it was worth a try. Robbie bent down beside the bed, patting my legs, once again. “How’s that?” “Tastes kinda gross, actually” He gives a quick confused look before taking my mug off me and having a sip for himself, “Robbie no!” I croak out, “eww, that is gross” I sit there, looking at him with my jaw dropped, “what?” “You might get sick now” He shrugs, placing my mug on the bed side table. “Can I get a kiss then? I’m already at risk of getting sick so I don’t see why not” He says matter-of-factly, cocking his eyebrows at me, “you’re going to keep trying until you get one, aren’t you?” He nods, smirking at me. I sigh, causing another coughing fit, “can I have some cuddles?” “Only if I get my kiss” “fine” “yay!” He leaps across the bed, jumping on to his side of it, I roll over and snuggle into his chest, “My kiss please” I look up at him and quickly peck his lips, “don’t blame me when you get sick” “I won’t”

***2 days later***
I was feeling better by this point, however, it was now Robbie’s turn to be sick. “Since you were so kind in looking after me when I was sick, it’s my turn to look after you now, huh?” He nods, groaning, trying his hardest to unblock his nose, “this is your fault, baby” “Hey, you drank out of my mug at your own risk, not mine and you’re the one who wanted a kiss” “but you wanted cuddles” “oh, right. But still, can’t blame me. I’ll be back with some meds and stuff in a sec, okay?” He nods and I kiss his forehead, playing with his hair, “My poor boy” He begins to cough and I instantly back away from him, “yeeeeaaah, I’m not kissing that” He groans and I run out of the room, “Doctor Kay 2.0 will take good care of you”

A/N first imagine of 2016. Hope everyone had an awesome new years. Here’s to all all of you lovely people and many more imagines this year. Hope you like it!

Ask me my ABC’s!

A) Age?
B) Biggest Fear?
C) Current Time?
D) Drink you last had?
E) Easiest Person To Talk to
F) Favorite Song?
G) Grossest Memory?
H) Hometown?
I) In love with…
J) Jealous Of…
K) Kissed someone you regret?
L) Longest Relationship?
M) Middle Name?
N) Number of Siblings?
O) One Wish?
P) Person who you last called?
Q) Question you’re always asked
R) Reason(s) to smile?
S) Song you last sang?
T) Time you woke up?
U) Underwear Color?
V) Vacation Destination?
W) Worst Habit?
X) X-rays you’ve had?
Y) Your favorite food?
Z) Zodiac Sign?

Ashton Irwin Imagine → Jealous Much?

Pairing: Ashton x Reader

Request: Yes

A.N: I’m really sorry it took so long!

Yes I suck a choosing titles, well this was Clara’s idea but lets not talk about that. it sounds sassy as fuck but I dont wanna spend my evening with choosing a better one bc like i said i suck and no one probably cares so I should just shut up now.

Ashton’s P.O.V

Jealousy. It’s a terrible thing. Everyone knows that it’s one of the worst emotions a person can feel. It’s about wanting something you can’t have or it’s about another person having something you’re not having. Jealousy has a lot of sides and reasons and my reason in my current girlfriend (Y/N).

We’ve been dating for only three month, which still makes me very insecure about things. Am I doing everything right? Do I make her happy? I question myself loads of times lately. She’s been hanging out with my band mates more than with me which makes me think, does she really like me as much as I like her?

Today was one of those days. She’s touring with us for a few weeks since she just finished school and had some free time. I thought it was the best time we could catch up and reconnect but we haven’t had a lot of ‘alone’ moments. I don’t have that much time because of all the appointments with the band but in our free time the other boys were always around and I have to admit, I got jealous after a while. And not just a little bit. It was the end of her first week with us and we have been alone maybe 4 times?

It was Sunday morning and we all had breakfast together in the hotel restaurant. “So, do you guys have any pans for today?” She asked. “I think I’m staying in and sleep. I’m too tired to do anything.” Michael mumbled and yawned. “Well Luke and I wanted to do some sight seeing.” Calum laughed. “Maybe you and Ash could come along?” I wanted to say no, we finally had a day off and I wanted to spend time with her. Alone. But I saw how her face lit up and the excitement in her eyes. “I’d love to!” she smiled, “Are you okay with it?” She asked and turned to me. I didn’t want to disappoint her so I forced a smile and nodded. “Anything you want princess.” She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and smiled widely. “You’re the best.” I sighed. It hurt that she wanted to spend time with my friends rather than me, but I love her and I’d do anything to make her happy. I was glad she’s here at all and not hundreds of miles away from me.

We spend the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon walking around LA. We had lunch at a steakhouse, went shopping and had coffee at Starbucks. All in all it was actually a really nice day but I was still a little hurt and still jealous.

Back in the hotel (Y/N) and I were finally alone in our room. She dropped her shopping bags on the floor next to the bed and walked over to me, her hands moving around my neck. “You’ve been so quiet today. Is everything okay?” She asked worriedly. I bit my lip and nodded. I didn’t want to ruin her day with my nagging. “Ashton.” She sighed and started playing with my hair. “You can tell me when something’s wrong.”

“It’s just…why do you never wanna be alone with me? You’re always hanging with the other boys and not with me. Sometimes I wonder if I even make you happy.” I blurted out.“ Her hands left my neck and she looked at me shocked. “I-I didn’t know you think this way.” She whispered. “You do make me happy. You make me incredibly happy Ashton! I’m so sorry I didn’t realize…it’s just, everything is so exiting for me! I’ve never been out of Australia before and when the other boys say they wanna go out I want to come with and explore the cities with my best mates and my boyfriend. I didn’t think it’d bother you so much.”

“It’s not bothering me. Not really. I’m happy you’re happy but I thought we could have some time to ourselves. But if you rather want to hang out with the others it’s okay. I understand they’re your friends as well and you miss them.” I shrugged and looked down to my feet. “Hey listen to me,” she started and cupped my face, “I love you! And I wanna spend as much time with you as I possibly can!” My heartbeat increased and a huge smile spread over my face. “You never said that before.” I breathed out. We never said I love you to each other. “Well I do! I love you and I’m sorry I made you feel this way.”

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault. I should have said something earlier. Maybe we could do some kind of compromise? Like we could do something alone on the weekends and occasionally when I have plans with you, and the the rest of the days with the other boys?” I suggested. “When you have plans with me huh?” She smirked and traced her fingers down my stomach. “Like what?”

“Like, tonight. I’m taking you out.” I said. “Sounds good to me.” A smile spread over my face and I pulled her in for a passionate kiss. “I wanted to say it first though.” I mumbled after we broke the kiss. Her eyebrows furrowed together, “say what first?”

“I love you.”

Like Larry the Lobster

Summary: After visiting the beach and forgetting to adjust some sunscreen, your back was burned worse than you ever experienced. And of course, Dean would only make fun of it.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

A/N: This is probably the shittiest thing I’ve ever written, but that’s what you get for pushing me to write something, Karina :P

“Would you stop shifting around back there?” Dean asked as he glanced into the rear-view mirror.

“But it hurts,” you groaned. This sunburn was probably one of the worst ones you ever had and you were ready to die from the pain.

“I told you it was a bad idea to go to the beach,” Dean said and you kicked against his seat.

“Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it, asshat,” you pouted and crossed your arms in front of your chest and leaned back, immediately regretting it as the pain set in again.

“At least I didn’t get sunburned and look like Larry the Lobster,” Dean grinned widely.

“You’re an asshole,” you stated and stayed quiet for the rest of the ride.

As soon as you and Dean were back in the bunker you took off your shirt, leaving Dean surprised.

“What? Do you know how much it hurts to wear a shirt when your whole back is burned?” you asked and he just shook his head but smirked.

“I didn’t say that I don’t like it,” he grinned at you and you simply groaned before walking into the kitchen, to see if you had anything cold to rub on your back. You found some ice cubes and to your surprise cold lotion, well actually it wasn’t a surprise.

A friend of you once recommended to put some lotion into the fridge to cool it down and it would work wonders on a sunburn and so you prepared for the worst.

You took both, the ice cubes and the lotion and headed over to Dean.

“Could you at least take care of my back so it doesn’t burn all the time?” you asked and Dean nodded with a smirk.

The two of you headed into your shared bedroom and you plopped down onto the bed, nuzzling your face into a pillow.

You felt the bed dip a bit before you felt an ice cold ice cube on your back, mixed with Dean’s hot breath. Of course he’d lead it that way.

Ever so slowly Dean ran the ice cube down your back, following your spine as he did so. You couldn’t take the cold anymore and arched your back. Your back was hot like fire and so the ice cube on your skin felt like the coldest thing you’ve ever experienced.

Dean kept his movements up, sliding the ice cube up and down your back until he was too caught up in his movements and ran his hands right over your back, making it feel like your back was on fire.

You pushed Dean off of you and punched him in his arm.

“You idiot, that burns! I’m going to ask Sam for help,” you sighed and took the cold lotion before heading to look out for Sam, leaving Dean alone with the boner in his pants.

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[Closed AU RP with plants-ghouls]

2025… Where everything began.. A disease has spread, infecting everything and everyone. Turning people to blood thirsty monsters. People trying to survive this monstrosity, hoping and praying everything was going to be ok. People going insane for surviving so long but losing everything. People thinking they’re safe from the disease but actually the disease was always with you. Lingering in your brain and waiting for you to just d r o p dead so it can take over your dead body. The rules are simple for this apocalypse. Don’t trust anyone. Train yourself. And the #1 rule. D o n ‘ t  g e t  b i t t e n . . .

The city of Texas was empty besides the roaming monsters. Everything deserted some street lights flickered as the wind howled. It was winter time which was the best yet the worst. Best on how the zombies are slow and freeze. Worse how it’s always cold.

A girl was stealthily sneaking towards a abandon house, she just turned seventeen and was a lone wolf. Samantha didn’t trust anyone nor did was she weak. She trained herself to be one with a blade and how to use a gun. She was stealthy, strong, and quick. She lost her family but she had to let go of the past.

She had on a pink long sleeve with a black leather jacket. Wearing long black jeans with leather boots. White scarf around her neck and a black bandanna over her mouth. She wore fingerless leather gloves that didn’t cover her fingers and her hair tied to a ponytail. A backpack with everything she needs and a belt with daggers and knifes. Her Ak-108 strapped behind her with her assault rifle in her pack sticking out.

As the teen crouched down and aimed for the house she felt a low growl behind her. She quickly took a dagger and slit a walker’s (or zombie) throat. She stood up and took her handgun, shooting every zombie there was. The girl flipped and landed, running quickly into the house. She locked the doors and looked around. “No zombies… Loot? Hm…..” She looked around the place checking fro walkers or people. She then heard foot steps behind her and swiftly turned pointing at the gun at the person.

“…..” She glared at them waiting for their response.



A/N: I am SO sorry that I have been slacking on my imagine writing, it has been such a long time since I last did one and that is because I have been extremely busy so I couldn’t fit in time. L I hope that this can help to make up for it!

Request for saralovesshawn: Shawn has a nightmare where he faces his worst fear of deep water. He is thrown overboard whilst you are on a cruise together with your family. He wakes up feeling extremely panicked and afraid, but you calm him down and comfort him.

Shawn’s P.O.V.

I wake up just how I always hoped that I would do – beside Y/N. This is the second day of our cruise around Europe and I’m so happy and grateful that her parents invited me on this holiday with them, and allowing me to spend more time with their beautiful daughter. “Good morning gorgeous.” I smile and whisper softly to Y/N when I see her eyelids gently flutters open awake. She sighs, still half asleep and replies “Hey, Shawn.” “Are you excited for today?” I ask her and it seems that she suddenly remembers where we are, “Yesssss, I am SO excited.” A massive grin is plastered on Y/N’s face, and I can already tell that this is going to be a day to remember.

I get up and pull on my shirt over my topless torso and begin to help Y/N before she wakes up by finding her clothes and things that she needs for the day for her. I shower, and then order us both breakfast to our cabin. I carefully choose her favourite item from the menu and my own order and then continue to walk around the cabin collecting items that we need. I see Y/N slowly sliding out of bed and laugh at her, struggling to get out of the warm sheets. “Shawnnnnnn, stop laughing.” She says, laughing herself whilst she speaks.

Your P.O.V.

I see Shawn pacing around the room grabbing his sunglasses, my shoes and other things that we need and feel guilty so I decide to lazily crawl out of bed half-asleep to try to help him. “Just go and shower Y/N, it will refresh you.” Shawn tells me. Why is he always right? He always seems to know exactly what to do to make me feel better. “Okay, see you in a minute then.” I walk into the bathroom, turn on the shower and hop in. It’s the perfect temperature, and I just stand there for a minute allowing my thoughts to fill me up and the water to soak me. Finally I get out and go to get my clothes and makeup to take back into the bathroom with me. I still don’t like getting dressed in front of Shawn, because I never know what he is thinking and I feel like I might be disappointing. I open the door and walk over into the suddenly freezing cold room to grab my clothes and go back into the bathroom. “Hey Y/N, you don’t have to go back in there you know.” He says as he smirks at me and I know then what he wants me to do. “It’s okay Shawn; I’ll just go back in here. It’s less distracting that way and I can get ready faster.” I smirk back at him.

Shawn’s P.O.V.

I’m ready to leave the cabin now and begin the day on the cruise, relaxing and doing whatever the hell we want to do. Y/N’s dad keeps calling her phone, probably wondering where we are and if we are nearly ready. I want nothing more than to answer, and ask if we can have a day alone, but that would be too rude to ask for and isn’t the point of this cruise. “Hey beautiful, are you nearly ready in there?” I call through the bathroom door, “Yep, just one more second!” She opens the door, and I am speechless. It happens every time and I don’t know how she does it. She is truly beautiful and I am very lucky. “Do I look okay?” She asks and I reply, “Of course you do.” Smiling widely at her.

We leave the cabin hand-in-hand, and head up the long corridor to go to meet her family to start the day. We walk up the ships stairs, and on the right hand side we see a stunning view of the blue ocean and it takes our breaths away simultaneously. Our location is quite high up in the cruise ship, and I wanted to take a glance down to see just how high up we are. “Be careful Shawn, don’t lean too far over the railing.” Y/N says warning me, “Don’t worry about me Y/N!” I say laughing, “I know what I am doing.” I step up onto the side bar and look as far down as I can, until I can nearly look into the window below. I feel myself slip, and before I know it I plunge forward. I dive over the railing and I hear a piercing scream coming from behind me and I know it’s Y/N. “SHAWNNNNNN!”……

I wake with a start, my face covered in a layer of sweat and my entire body shaking. I sit up and tuck my legs into my body and try to take some deep breaths to calm myself. “Shawn? Shawn, what’s wrong?” Y/N asks me, being as gentle, polite and kind as she usually is. “What can I do? Did you have a bad dream?” I can’t move my mouth to even reply to Y/N and I am unsure why. She gets up to go and turn the main light on in the room, and I realise that we are in my own bed at home in Pickering.

Your P.O.V.

I’m really worried about Shawn. He keeps having these nightmares and wakes up with cold sweats that he can’t quickly calm down from. “Shawn, just breathe. Look where we are, we’re in your room at home and your parents are just down the hall. Do you want me to tell them what’s going on?” It seemed the all of a sudden Shawn was here and present as he stopped shaking , and I could see in his eyes all of his thoughts running through his head. “No, no, no please don’t do that.” “Okay! Don’t worry; let’s just try to sleep again, alright?” It’s 3:29 in the morning, so I really want to try to get Shawn to sleep again. He lies in front of me, and I take his role as the big spoon. It feels weird and foreign to me so I giggle, and Shawn says “I like this. I like this a lot. And I like you a lot too.” And he slowly drifts off to sleep with you on his mind.

I realise that this isn’t very good, so I’m sorry about it. I spent a while on it though so I thought I should post it rather than waste it.

Harry Potter Questions! Send me the name of your favorite character.
  • A:What is your favorite magical creature?
  • B:Which is your favorite tale from Beedle the Bard?
  • C:What would you see in the mirror of Erised?
  • D:Who was your favorite ghost?
  • E:What animagus would you most like to become?
  • F:What would be your worst subject at Hogwarts?
  • G:If you were a metamorphmagus, what would you chose to look like right now? How often would you change?
  • H:Where in Hogsmead would you visit most?
  • I:What potion would you use most?
  • J:What spell would you use most?
  • K:Which Triwizard Tournament task would you do worst at?
  • L:Would you bring an owl, a cat, or a toad?
  • M:Whose death upset you the most?
  • N:What is your wand made from?
  • O:What would your dream wizard occupation be?
  • P:Who was your favorite professor?
  • Q:What position in Quidditch would you play?
  • R:What would your patronus be?
  • S:What would your boggart become?
  • T:Where in Diagon Alley would you most like to visit?
  • U:What would amortensia smell like to you?
  • V:What would your favorite class be?
  • W:What is your favorite magical plant?
  • X:Favorite magical candy?
  • Y:Where would your favorite place in the castle be?
  • Z:The classic- what is your house?
Undesired Attention - Part 4

Sorry this is shit. I have been trying to finish this as well as being part of my Fresher’s Week. Basically, I’ve been drunk since Saturday. I may even be drunk now.

I tried to do something different. Idk how it went.

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Calum’s P.O.V:

How could she have done that? With my fucking best friend. You didn’t stop to blame Luke for a second. He didn’t know that you and Y/N were together. She did though.

You fisted your hands in your hair, angered that the first girl that you let in, the first girl you thought you actually truly loved would completely and utterly fuck you over in the worst way.

Since you’d seen the pictures, you felt a sharp stabbing pain in your throat combined with a deep heat covering your entire body. It was either sink or sink. There was no swim option. You couldn’t not be effected by this. Your options were to completely lose your shit and break down crying or completely lose your shit and kick and throw things.

As you knew it would, your anger won out and you felt your arm automatically move and your fist making painful contact with the wall. At least, you thought somewhat dramatically, that took away the pain from some of the heartache you were feeling.

Luke’s P.O.V:

Shit, I felt like a fucking idiot, you thought to yourself. No matter what you said to Y/N, of course you felt rejected and of course, you had a deep unsettling feeling that there wasn’t anything you wanted more right now than for things to go differently. Despite how painful you knew the outcome would be, you found yourself thinking about what it would have been like to feel Y/N’s lips against yours, moving responsively. Maybe she’d reach up on her toes to reach into the kiss more and then maybe you’d have leaned down further, to snake your hands around her waist, resting them just above the curve of her perfect arse. Maybe the rest of the day would have been spent holding hands, you confessing how long you’d liked her, wondering how you were going to tell the boys. Of course, you’d also ring your mum because she knew all about Y/N. You couldn’t help but tell her. Once you’d chewed off Ashton’s ear about it to the point where you could see boredom and annoyance etched on his face, you had to because you found yourself constantly talking about her. It was Ashton that had told Michael and although irritated at first, you were sort of glad, there was another person in on it and you could talk about her freely, until of course, Michael just told you to shut the fuck up.

Now, you sighed, as you realised that none of that had happened, it never would happen and you needed to find a way to finally stop commenting on everything Y/N did.

Y/N’s P.O.V:

You surprised yourself. Instead of becoming a mess who had no idea how to possibly fix the situation, you actually were quite sensible. You didn’t know whether this was because you knew that your love for Calum was so obvious that when you explained, he would definitely believe you or if the shock of what had just happened just hadn’t gotten to you yet.

You did feel guilt and shame, you should have told Calum but in all honestly, however silly it may sound, when you saw him, remembering what he’d told you only hours before, it completely went from your mind.

You picked up your phone and dialled.

“Hello,” the voice sounded gruff on the other end, like he was upset, and of course he was. You felt another pang of guilt. You seemed to be upsetting everyone. However, you pushed it from your mind. Calum was the most important person right now.

“Hi Luke. Have you seen the pictures?” you questioned straight away, getting to the point.

“Err, hi, yeah… yeah I have.” Luke replied slowly, as if wanting to avoid any conversation about what had happened.

“Okay well I have a problem…” you went on to explain about yourself and Calum, telling him everything, from how long you’d been together, to how he’d reacted to the pictures that you hadn’t even known were there.

“Fuck Y/N. I wish you guys had told us before. Ouch, who knew you’d already picked my best friend.” he sounded serious before laughing it off. “I guess we’re taking a trip to see Calum then.”

Calum’s P.O.V:

You hadn’t felt anger at Luke, that was until you saw him pulling up to your apartment with Y/N in the passenger side seat. How long had this been going on? You really didn’t want to speak to them. Hell, you didn’t want to speak to anyone. All you wanted was to be left alone to your own thoughts and to stew in your own anger before you felt it fizzle away, how long that would take, you had no idea.

You tried to gather yourself, pacing quickly as your head kept shooting to the door, your ears pricking to try and hear if they were near yet. You really didn’t want them both to know how much this had hurt you, it was embarrassing.

All too soon, you heard the shrill sound of your doorbell ringing out across the apartment, a tension instantly settled upon the room and you hadn’t even let them in yet.

Taking one last deep breath and fixing your hair quickly to disguise the marks that your fingers had left when you ran your hands through it, you opened the door.

Y/N’s P.O.V:

Seeing him, you felt a huge tsunami wave of guilt crashing over you. Since you last saw him, he just looked terribly tired. Your automatic reaction was to reach out and hold him, to try in any way that you could to make him feel better. Your arms began to leave your side before you caught yourself and snapped them back into place, hanging down by your sides.

Luke’s P.O.V:

When Y/N stood there and didn’t say anything you felt like you had to take the reigns on the situation considering it was mostly your fault that this tension between them was happening in the first place. You felt a tight knot in the pit of your stomach and your palms began to sweat. You’d been friends with Calum for years, best friends even and right now you couldn’t even speak to him.

Fucking hell, this was terrible.

“Hi Cal, can we come in?” you hoped that your face looked apologetic when you spoke and Calum gave a non-committal noise before opening the door wider and walking back into the apartment, leaving you and Y/N to follow.

You looked to Y/N for help and in return she nodded, seeming to steel herself up for the talk that you knew she’d been thinking about the whole ride over here. You could tell from the way she chewed on her lip and cracked her knuckles. ‘Stop, Luke,’ you thought to yourself, 'it isn’t for me to notice that stuff any more’.

Lost in your train of thought, you were pulled out of it by Y/N beginning to speak.


A month later:

It hadn’t been smooth sailing but all that mattered to him, and to you, was that you were both together. Although the celebrity gossip pages were unkind, the fans seemed to know the truth. To know that

“Stop, stop, stop,” your voice sounded ragged, not like you at all. Your breathing was harsh and your chest was heaving, your lungs rapidly trying to draw in oxygen. Your legs were shaking uncontrollably and you tried to wiggle away but your hips were clamped down by his arms.

Your bed sheets were scrunched tightly in one of your fists while his hair filled the other, trying to push him.

He did as you requested and you both looked into each other’s faces.

“Baby, I know you can do this. Plus I’m making you feel good aren’t I?” his voice was low and the vibrations from his words, so close to your body, made you shudder yet again.

You were aching. Since a month ago, he’d made it his sole goal to remind you that you were only his and no one else’s. This meant every time he would leave you sore and often needy for more.

This time however, he had made you orgasm three times and was trying to make it four. You weren’t sure your body could take it, especially as the three others had been so intense. You could still feel the aftershocks of the last and mixed with what he was doing to you now… well you could only describe it as a bitter-sweet agony. Conflicted over whether you wanted it or not. But this was him, he would persuade you and convince you and as the seconds ticked past, with only his hands on your hips, keeping you in place, the throbbing began to lessen. As if he knew this, his mouth blew cool air on your hot core, making your body needy.

As he knew you would, you gave in, throwing your head back and again trying to push your hips up as his tongue ceaselessly lapped at your clit, occasionally dipping into you core, causing you to whimper his name loudly.

Your stomach once again began to tense and your walls began to tighten as he pressed two fingers into you. He began to speak against your clit, calling you a good girl and “mine” increasing how turned on you were. The moment was intense and fast and before you knew it, he was continuing to suck softly at your skin as you rode out your high, your body shaking and little beads of sweat gathering on your forehead.

He kissed you, allowing you to taste yourself on his tongue before pulling away to hover over you with a smirk on his face, loving the control he had over your body.

“I love you. You’re mine.”

“Always, Calum.”