poet ask meme

a. what other poets style do you emulate the most?

b. do you write with too much imagery or too little?

c. write four poems in one day or go three weeks without writing anything?

d. do you have your poetry organized or are you more likely to write half a stanza on a one dollar bill and then spend it by accident?

e. bird imagery or ocean imagery?

f. what was the last poem that you loved?

g. do you write about people or landscapes?

h. dreams or real events?

i. who do you write for?

j. what is the worst thing about your writing? what is the best?

k. what’s the best line you’ve ever written?

l. how much do you edit a piece before you consider it complete?

m. how long does it take you to write a poem?

n. ghosts or angels?

o. god or sunlight?

p. soft or harsh?

q. safety or happiness?

r. how long have you been writing?

s. who is your favourite poet? you have to pick just one.

t. what is your favourite line of poetry?

u. would you be okay with never being well known?

v. slow or frantic?

w. what colour is your poetry?

x. who, if anyone, do you send your new poems to?

y. is your poetry light or dark?

z. write a couplet (a short poem with just two lines) about pulse points.

scars [peter parker]

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warnings: mentions of sex, heavy make out, a bit of sadness in the beginning

request: @pradabiatch655 

word count: 1655

    Today had been one of the worst days of your life.

    It had started out just like any other day, you walked to school beside your boyfriend of two years, Peter Parker. The two of you always walked to school every morning, seeing as you lived in apartments that were close together. It was almost like a tradition for the two of you; meeting at the corner of the two of your building, before walking the fifteen minutes it took to get to school.

    Once the two of you had arrived at school, everything went downhill, fast.

    The moment you stepped into your first period class, your stomach had turned sideways, feeling as though your guts were turning themselves inside out. It felt as though something bad was going to happen as soon as you sat in your desk.

    And something bad was happening, indeed.

    Sitting in the cold, wooden desk aside Peter, you lowered your arm so that you could grab ahold of your bag. Pulling out a pencil, you straightened your back and relaxed into the seat. Raising your eyes, you noticed your teacher standing at the front of the room, a stack of paper in his hands.

    Pop quiz.

    An hour later, there were tears in your eyes, as you knew that you had down awful on the quiz. With the grade that you already had, this quiz would have decided your grade for the next few weeks.

    And that was not the end of the story.

    By the end of the school day, you had taken three tests, been bullied by the most popular girls in school, and tripped into the mud outside the school’s front doors on the way home. Now, you stood in front of Peter’s apartment, tears in your eyes. The cold, salty tears stung your dulled eyes as you knocked on his front door. Peter opened a few moments later, his body wrapped in a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. His wide eyes scanned your shivering frame before he was immediately grabbing you by your waist. He pulled you into his chest, strong arms wrapping around your hips. You inhaled his familiar scent as he pulled you closer to his chest, something that seemed almost impossible. The teen in front of you seemed sympathetic, his eyes filled with sadness and his heart filled with hurt.

    If Peter was being honest, when he saw the tears in your eyes, he was filled with a sudden rage. He wanted to find whoever had done this to you and use his newfound powers to show them that they should never hurt you. The teenage, human spider hated that you were in pain, even if it were not physical.

    Peter pulled you out of the rain, his grip never leaving your body. He pulled you into his apartment with strong hands guiding you to his room. He ducked past his Aunt May, trying to avoid her pestering questions, wanting nothing more than to get you warm and happy.

    When he reached his room, he grabbed a pair of his old sweats and a large shirt of his. He handed them to you, not uttering a word before gently pushing on the small of your back. He pushed you towards his bathroom, letting you get changed out of your wet clothes and into his fresh, warm ones. While you changed, Peter moved across his room, turning on his television screen. He let the vibrant screen play quietly in the background of his room for a few moments before he grabbed a movie beside the television. He pushed it into the slot of the screen before moving back to his bedside, moving the blankets and bunching them up in order to make part of a fort.

    When you exited Peter’s bathroom, you were surprised to see what he had done. Your eyes scanned the small room and laid them upon Peter’s figure; he was sorting the blankets and pushing pillows to the side of his bed so that there would be room for the two of you.

    Making a sound from the back of your throat, you alerted Peter of your presence. The teen turned his attention in your direction, his eyes immediately falling upon your frame. His chocolate brown eyes took in your broken stature; scrubby, red eyes, sunken-in frame, and wet, knotted hair.

    “Oh, baby,” Peter spoke sadly, moving the distance to take you back into his arms. He let your forehead fall against his broad chest, new tears soaking his sweatshirt. Peter rubbed small circles into your back, his head laying atop of yours, breathing in your scent. He let you cry for a few more minutes before he pulled you towards his bed. He layed you down in front of him, letting him lay behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you back into him. The position felt natural, as if he were meant to lay beside you.

    For the next hour or so, you and Peter cuddled into each other and watched movies, letting you get more comfortable.

    While you were focused on the movie, you did not see Peter watching you. You did not notice Peter’s eyes as he scanned your face with adoration in his eyes. He watched your eyes as they crinkled when you laughed, and the way that your lips curled at the end when you smiled. His eyes shined and reflected immense happiness when you smiled, grinning happily when you did. His eyes roamed every inch of your face, from the scars and lines. He knew that you did not like the scars and acne marks on your face. You claimed that they were ugly; that they made you look different and not perfect.

    But Peter thought differently.

    He thought the marks made you beautiful. He thought they made you look strong; as if you had survived through hell and much more. Peter thought that scars were not a sign of imperfection; they were a sign of strength and beauty. He loved the scars on your body, even if you did not.

    Lifting his hand, he let the tip of his index finger trail along the scar behind your ear, dropping it to follow the short line to its end. He moved his hand again, towards another one of your scars. It was one caused by acne, a scar that you hated because it was on your face, right underneath your cheekbone.

    When you felt the tip of his finger trail across his face, you turned, watching Peter as he stared at your face. His chocolate brown orbs gazed into your eyes, taking in every feature of your face with complete and utter awe. His lips twisted into a smile as he watched you take in his features as he did to you.

    With one final look, Peter lowered his lips until they were inches away from yours, “You are so gorgeous, love.”

    You shook your head with a blush, before you leaned up to connect your lips to his. Peter responded almost immediately, his lips moving against yours. He tilted his head so that his lips could slot against yours in a smoother fashion. You groaned against his lips, moving your lips faster so that you could keep up with him. Peter moved, his back muscles shifting as he let you fall back against his bed sheets. You sighed happily, complete euphoria and love rushing over your body.

    This was Peter Parker.

    The man you had loved since the day you met him.

    The man you would love for the rest of your life.

    You moved, your back lying flat against the sheets of Peter’s bed. Your hands clutched the sides of Peter’s face, one pulling itself through his hair with a groan. Peter smiled against your lips, his contagious personality rubbing off, causing you to smile as well.

    “God, I love you,” Peter groans. His hips roll into yours for a short moment, eliciting a moan from your mouth. He continues to roll his lips into yours, sighs of happiness and love coming from both your mouths.

    To anyone other person, the scene may have looked like two people wrapped up in lust and euphoria.

    However, that was not what was happening.

    No, this was different.

    This was something bigger; something pure and beautiful. Something that no one could have predicted, a motion that most people would never achieve in their entire lives. This was something that made the stormy days brighter, and the bad days just a little bit happier. It was the sort of thing that made your stomach flutter with excitement and your heart beat just a little bit faster. It made your eyes shine brighter and your steps feel lighter. This thing made you happy, sad, and excited all at the same time; the simple mention of it made you nervous and happy all at once.

    It was love.

    This love was the feeling in your stomach when Peter mumbled how much he loved you; it was the feeling of Peter’s lips against yours. Love was the ache in your gut as Peter’s hips rolled against yours.

    And most of all, it was what you felt for Peter; and similarly, it was what he felt for you.


A- What are you most self-conscious of?

B- What do you do around people when you’re really comfortable?

C- If you had to move to a big city, which would it be? (London, New York, L.A., Toronto, Seattle, Dublin, etc.)

D- What’s your favourite pasta dish?

E- What’s your favourite eye colour?

F- What’s your favourite thing to do on a lazy day?

G- If you have to make food for yourself, what’s your go-to dish?

H- What’s the last movie you saw in theaters? Did you enjoy it?

I- Do you have a piece of jewelry you never take off?

J- Is there a food you’d like to eliminate from the world?

K- What’s the creepiest or weirdest ‘inexplainable’ story you’ve ever heard?

L- What’s winter like where you live?

M- Do you like rain?

N- What’s your worst habit?

O- Do you watch reality tv?

P- Do you like oversized sweaters or do you overheat too easily?

Q- Do you drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes?

R- What’s your favourite movie (so far) from 2016?

S- Kisses or cuddles?

T- Forehead kisses or neck kisses?

U- Breaking Bad or Dexter?

V- Do you have a favourite movie from before 1982?

W- Favourite fruit?

X- Do you have Instagram? Can we follow you?

Y- Are you single?

Z- Do you like getting tagged on Tumblr?

Bucky Barnes Soul mate AU drabble

Summary: Bucky has a soul mate, but doesn’t know it until he, Steve and Sam come back from a mission

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader Y/N, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson

Notes: I am the worst at updating!!! But since it’s my birthday, you can’t yell at me! :p This one has been in my drafts for a while… Enjoy this cute fluff!

Soulmate. The concept had always been present in Bucky’s mind as it was in everyone’s, but he had never felt anything or recieved any sort of message from his person. He had tried writing a simple ‘hello’ once when he was in high school, but there was no reply. He saw so many people feel what their soul mate felt and talked back and forth through writing on their arms with marker or pen. He had seen so many couples stop and stare in amazement at meeting for the first time, almost undoubtedly kissing at first sight.

During Bucky’s capture, all he could think about was what his soul mate felt during the torture and whenever he had the chance and remembered, he wrote apologies all along his right arm.

And now, in the 21st century, Bucky still had no soulmate. Steve had found his, of course, and Bucky was glad for that, but also a bit jealous at times. He’d see Steve and Sharon look at each other in that way and he’d be so happy for Steve and then want something like that for himself. By now, though, the concept wasn’t something he thought about since he figured that maybe he wasn’t meant to have a soul mate. Maybe the universe made it so that he didn’t have that unmistakable feeling when he looked at someone for the first time and maybe he wasn’t supposed to feel what they felt.

Bucky, Steve and Sam were on a mission in France. It was supposed to be a simple extraction of intel and it was until Bucky felt a shooting pain that radiated from his foot to his kneecap on his right side. He looked down and there was nothing that could have caused such an almost debilitating pain, so he did his best to ignore it. Once their mission was complete, they all went back to the safe house in Germany to keep their payload safe and rest up for a day of traveling.

“You okay, Barnes?” Sam asked Bucky once they entered the house.

“What? Yeah, I’m good. My leg just hurts,” Bucky explained.

“You’re not bleeding, are you? How did you get hurt?” Sam asked.

“I didn’t, that’s the thing… Probably just a cramp,” Bucky surmised.

They each retired to their rooms and as Bucky undressed, he noticed that there was writing on his leg. His heart raced as he read the text that appeared on the inner side of his calf.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to make your leg hurt. I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my fibula…” it read. Bucky’s heart raced. He had a soul mate and they were apologizing to him.

Not knowing what else to do, he threw some sweats on and knocked on Steve’s door.

“Come in,” Steve said.

Bucky opened the door and shut it behind him, his heart pounding out of his chest.

“Steve… My soul mate…” he managed out. He lifted his leg up and Steve read the writing.

“Bucky, we have to find this person…” Steve said, sounding happy. “Write back! But, not on that leg, it’s probably in a cast by now. Bucky this is fantastic!”

Bucky had no idea what to make of all this. Steve gave Bucky a couple of markers to write with and he started to write back on the opposite leg.

“That’s okay, get a cast on it. What’s your name?” Bucky read aloud to Steve as he wrote.

It was a few seconds before he recieved a reply.

“My name is Y/N Y/L/N. What’s yours?” Bucky read aloud as the words appeared on his skin. It was a girl. His heart leapt bounds and he froze, a million thoughts swirling in his head.

“Well, go on then!” Steve said, noticing Bucky’s hesitation.

“What if she knows who I am and what I’ve done… what if she doesn’t want to meet me…“ Bucky’s self-doubt spilled out of his mouth.

“Buck, she’s your soul mate there’s no way she wouldn’t want to meet you,” Steve explained.

With a shaky hand, Bucky wrote his full name and waited for a reply.

“The hero, Bucky Barnes? That’s you?” she wrote. Bucky studied the word “hero”. He had never thought of himself as one, always the villian if there had to be one, but when her first impression of him was that he was a hero, then he supposed it couldn’t be all bad.

By the end of the night, they had set up a time place to meet in person and Bucky was shaking with nerves by the time he was waiting for her. He had begged Steve to come with him to the Starbucks where they were to meet and after wearing him down, Steve finally agreed. It was mid-October, so the New York air was chilly and it didn’t help Bucky’s nerves at all.

Then he felt it.

His head started spinning and his heart felt like it was beating out of his chest as he looked around to see her. To his left, he saw a girl on crutches, her right leg wrapped in a purple cast. It was her.

“Steve…” Bucky managed out and gestured to her.

Before Bucky knew what he was doing, he walked over to her and their eyes met. Time seemed to stop when they looked at each other. His heart skipped a beat, he swore, and he could see nothing but her. Those eyes were the most beautiful he’d ever seen and he wanted nothing more than to stare into them for the rest of his life.

“It’s you… You’re Bucky,” she spoke breathlessly. “You’re my soul mate.”

Bucky smiled and nodded. “I’m.. I’m so glad to meet you…”

A huge smile spread across her face and Bucky couldn’t help but be mesmerized by how truly stunning she is. He wanted to know everything about her: her favorite foods, what kind of clothes she liked, even her favorite perfume. Interrupting his train if thought, Steve spoke from behind him.

“Bucky? Is this her?” he asked.

Bucky tore his eyes away from her face and looked at Steve. “Yeah, this is her… This is my soul mate, Y/N… Oh, Y/N, this is my best friend Steve.”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” she said and leaned her weight on her good leg to stick her hand out to Steve for him to shake.

Bucky felt lighter than air when she spoke and he wanted nothing more than her happiness. The sun had begun to set by the time their drinks were finished.

“Well, I should get going. I have some medication to take and an exam to study for… It was wonderful to finally meet you, Bucky…” Y/N said in the sweetest voice he’d ever heard.

“I think you two should stay at the tower tonight…“ Steve said and smiled.

Bucky knew that he and Y/N had to spend the night together–it was a seal for their bond. At this point in their lives, their soul mate bonding is at its most fragile at the first meeting. There are some soul bonds that fall apart and take years of emotional labor to repair. Bucky looked at Y/N with pleading eyes and she smiled and nodded.


The following morning, Bucky woke up to soft skin against his own and a warm body curled tightly against him. As he breathed in, he smelled strawberries and vanilla, and it encouraged him to bury his head deeper into Y/N’s hair.

“Good morning, Bucky,” he heard her coo softly after she shifted slightly. Her cast made it hard for her to move freely in the bed, so Bucky made sure to move with her wherever she needed.

“Morning, doll..” he said and pulled back from her to look at her face.

She looked up at him and they smiled at each other as if the whole world had stopped just for them. Bucky’s heart began to pound in his chest and he placed a hand to her soft cheek.

Before he knew what he was doing, he followed the loudest voice in his head, screaming to just kiss her. So he did. He anchored his head down and let his lips fall to hers gently. She tasted of sweet mint, vanilla and decadent strawberries. Bucky was intoxicated and he couldn’t get enough. It was only when their lungs demanded oxygen that they parted from their passionate and time-stopping kiss.

“So… Breakfast?” he asked her and she nodded, giggling.

Inbox me a letter (or a few)
  • A: Age
  • B: Best memory of...
  • C: Confess something personal
  • D: Direct confrontation or passive hinting
  • E: Ever done something illegal?
  • F: Favourite blog you follow
  • G: Goodnight text or good morning call?
  • H: Horror movie preference
  • I: Interested in...?
  • J: Jeans or sweats
  • K: Know another language?
  • L: Looks or personality
  • M: Most important person/thing to you right now
  • N: Name something you need to try
  • O: Opinion on..
  • P: Parties?
  • Q: Quiet or loud
  • R: Rank your top five favourite accents. One being the most and five being the least
  • S: Something you need to have every day
  • T: Thoughts on love
  • U: Underaged?
  • V: Virgin still?
  • W: Worst experience in your life so far
  • X: *ask anything*
  • Y: Younger or older relationship partner?
  • Z: Zero to ten, how easily jealous do you get?
  • [when asking, if you pick a letter with a '...' At the end, submit what you want to fill in the blank, as well as the letter. Example: "B... Your childhood" or "O... Technology"]
Alphabet Q&A
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  • B: Best quality?
  • C: (favourite) Colour?
  • D: Describe yourself.
  • E: Easiest subject?
  • F: (best) Friend?
  • G: Greatest achievement?
  • H: Habit?
  • I: Interest?
  • J: Joke?
  • K: (first) Kiss?
  • L: Last name?
  • M: (favourite) Month?
  • N: Next thing you have to do?
  • O: Oldest family member?
  • P: Person you love?
  • Q: Quirks?
  • R: Realest dream?
  • S: Song you love singing?
  • T: Tea or coffee?
  • U: Underwear colour?
  • V: (greatest) Victory?
  • W: Worst month?
  • X: (ever had an) X-Ray?
  • Y: (best) Year?
  • Z: Zodiac sign?
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k – kissed someone
l – last time you cried
m – middle name
n – number of siblings
o – one wish
p – person who you last called
q – question you’re always asked
r – reason to smile
s – song last sang
t – time you woke up
u – underwear color
w – worst habit
x – x-rays you’ve had
y – your favorite food
z – zodiac sign


“Who are you?”

“Why Ffionn, you don’t know who I am?”


 “I am your worst fears and nightmares. The panic and dread you feel. I am your shadow that will forever lock you in despair.”

“P-please..don’t hurt me.”

“Don’t worry; I can’t.”


“Yes, I’m weak in this dimension and can only hide on the walls.”

“Step out… I can see you.”

“Go back… terrify me.”

“Oh hush up Ffionn. ‘Ffionn’…such a lovely name. Mind if I use it?”


  “It’s such a beautiful name…as beautiful as the foxgloves it’s definition holds.”

“I-I guess so..Do you not have one?”


“Good heavens…alright, you can have it. I have another name to use anyways.”

“They’re coming.”


“Keep quiet, imp. They’re coming-”


“Who are you talking to?”

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E- Every day starts with:
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G- Ghosts, are they real?:
H- Hometown:
I- Ever been in love?:
J- Jealous of:
K- Killed someone?:
L- Last time you cried?:
M- Middle name:
N- Number of siblings:
O- One wish:
P- Person you last called:
Q- Question you’re always asked?:
R- Reason to smile:
S- Song last sung:
T- Time you woke up:
U- Underwear color:
V- Vacation:
W- Worst habit:
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Z- Zodiac sign:
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Big Bang reactions when their fiancee dies on the way to the accident[WARNING]

[GIFs not mine]



Agh… This is so sad. I think this is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone. This is just ‘imagine’ and I hope no one in this world ever has to deal with accidents like this.+ I am without wifi for a day now. I’ve been at my friends’ house and I am so tired now[it was 10.16 p.m. when I wrote this] I really hope someone can fix it until tomorrow because I really wanted to watch The Legend of the Blue Sea… Do you guys watch any dramas? Can you recommend some to me? Send me message ^.^

He was so excited to finally get married to you. He was dreaming of this moment for years. 'It was going to happen. Finally.’ he thought to himself. He was waiting in the church with his best man-you will be surprised who it was-Seungri and they were waiting for you to arrive. You were currently with your bridesmaid in the limousine driving to the church. You were talking how cute your bouquet was when limousine hit a truck. You died in a moment because the car fell. T.O.P got a call half an hour later when your bridesmaid called him, all shocked and she was bleeding from her head. T.O.P froze. He had to take a second to realize what she was trying to say. After what happened, he never wanted to have a girlfriend. He only hangs out with his friends and he drank too much. He was always in a bad mood. The members tried to help him as much as they could, Seungri even moved in with him for a while to prevent him from drinking too much. He got his shit together but he needed time and it left a big wound in his heart and mind.

Originally posted by bonnie1clyde

You were the one he loved. It was a small wedding for only family and the closest friends. His best man was Taeyang and they were both nervous to finally see you in a wedding dress. You were in the car with your bridesmaid and she was just talking how you must watch out because of the dress when a car which was driven by a drunk driver hit yours. Your car exploded and the last thing you saw was your bridesmaid burning, then you were forced to close your eyes.Jiyong got worried when both of you still didn’t come after half an hour after the wedding was supposed to start and no one was answering his phone calls. He got a call from the hospital saying you died in a car accident. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. It was not possible. Why would that happen to him? Today? That was all he could think of. He ran off the church and Taeyang tried to stop him. They ended up going home. Jiyong locked himself in a house for a month before he came back to himself. He wrote a thousand songs about you and letters he wanted you to read. He released an album with your name and at that point, he wanted to be such a hit until you hear it in heaven. He continued his music career and made some of the best hits in the world.

Originally posted by violaone

He was standing in his tuxedo with a pink tie like you wanted. Besides him was standing Jiyong, congratulating you for a wedding and pregnancy. You were pregnant and this day was your day. Your wedding day.You were sitting in the car caressing your tummy feeling the baby inside you when the driver drove through a red light and big blue truck hit your car drifted through a bridge in the river and there was no hope for you. Taeyang got a call from police. “Hello? Dong Youngbae? I’m sorry to tell you, but your wife was in a car accident… And we don’t know for sure if it was her, so if you could identify her body… I’m really sorry, come by the police station tomorrow. Thank you."This sentence he remembered for life. He lived a nightmare after this. He never ate and stopped exercising, he stopped singing. It hit him very hard and he wished he would be there with you. He had all those negative thoughts and he just stopped being himself. It was the members who got him back and cheered on him. 

Originally posted by whybae

He insisted on having a big wedding for your big day. You invited a lot of famous people, so your wedding was very secured. You both never thought something could go wrong before the wedding, but it did.You were in a car accident. It was only one drunk driver, who was the reason you died. You were nervous and happy you will finally get married. It was your dreams to get married and have kids with him. But your dreams faded the moment you felt the force of the car on you. Daesung got a call. From you. It was just after the accident happened."Jagiya,… D-don’t be sad-d o-oka-ay? J-j-just ca-ancle the w-wedding a-and live on w-without me okay? I-I l-love y-….”He ran to the car and drove to the hospital where you were already announced to be dead. He just started crying. T.O.P was the first one who heard the news and quickly came to the hospital, but he was already gone. He decided to disappear for a while and just left a letter at his apartment saying he just needs some time after what happened and asked if they could take care of the funeral. He went to Japan in a village and worked there with an older man who he knew from his grandpa. It took him 3 years to come back just because he wanted to do his military service.

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Seungri wanted to have wedding big wedding and you both planned the wedding and after party together. It was all set up and you were driving to the ceremony.The car was slowly moving on the highway, which was weird since it was a brand new car. It stopped and a big truck drove over your car causing major car accident including 10 cars. Seungri was feeling great and he just talked with you before you sat in the car. When you were late for 15 minutes he got really worried, because he thought you changed your mind. Later on, he decided to call off the wedding. He was angry, pissed. But when he got a call from the hospital all his anger turned into grief and sadness. He turned on the tv with tears all over his face and saw the news about the accident. The only person who stayed with him was Daesung and he kept saying it’s going to be okay. He stayed with him for a week so he could finally stop crying and go out again. Seungri knew you are at a better place, but he never wanted to get in a relationship with anyone. He loved you after 10,20,30 years and he kept loving you until his death where he had the chance to finally meet you again.  

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Asks For My OC

A-What’s your favorite color?
B-What do you like to wear?
C-What does your name mean?
D-How old are you?
E-What’s your biggest fear?
F-A stupid fear?
G-What are your spiritual beliefs
H-Name something you own that is special to you
I-What is your best quality?
J-What is your worst quality?
K-What kind of music do you like?
L-What is a weird talent you have?
M-What is your biggest regret?
N-Have you ever been in love?
O-Name 3 turn-ons
P-Name 3 turn-offs
Q-Unpopular opinion
R-What’s your favorite smell?
S-Do you have a secret suspicion about how you’ll die?
T-Are you more introverted or extroverted?
U-What do people often get wrong about you?
V-What are you a sucker for?
W-Are you a touchy-feely person?
X-3 words to describe yourself
Y-What’s a bad habit you have?
Z-Any question you’d like


There is a natural order to this world, and those who try to upend it do not fare well. This movement will never survive; if you join them, you and your entire family will be shunned. At best, you will exist a pariah to be spat at and beaten-at worst, to be lynched or crucified. And for what? For what? No matter what you do it will never amount to anything more than a single drop in a limitless ocean.

     W h a t  i s  a n  o c e a n  b u t  a  m u l t i t u d e  o f  d r o p s ? (Cloud Atlas dir. Tom Tykwer, Lana & Andy Wachowski)

Answer As Your Muse
  • A: The worst Thanksgiving dish you ever had.
  • B: The long-lost roommate.
  • C: The moment you knew you were no longer a child.
  • D: The worst thing that could happen.
  • E: The best thing that could happen.
  • F: Three objects in your childhood bedroom.
  • G: A piece of clothing you keep just for the memory.
  • H: Where you wish you were.
  • I: A guilty pleasure.
  • J: Your most memorable experience in the back of a car.
  • K: What you were doing this time last year.
  • L: The first summer you fell in love.
  • M: The first time you had sex.
  • N: Your favourite book.
  • O: Your most treasured photograph.
  • P: The oldest item in your possession.
  • Q: Where you will be exactly one year from now.
  • R: You can keep only one memory from your entire life. What is it?
  • S: Your best birthday.
  • T: Your worst experience on an airplane.
  • U: A family (not your own) on the street where you grew up.
  • V: A never-ending breakup.
  • W: The last time you cheated.
  • X: The smell of a place you love.
  • Y: Your first time in a foreign country.
  • Z: Describe a person you see every day.

A/N: I am SO sorry that I have been slacking on my imagine writing, it has been such a long time since I last did one and that is because I have been extremely busy so I couldn’t fit in time. L I hope that this can help to make up for it!

Request for saralovesshawn: Shawn has a nightmare where he faces his worst fear of deep water. He is thrown overboard whilst you are on a cruise together with your family. He wakes up feeling extremely panicked and afraid, but you calm him down and comfort him.


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- - - -

Shawn’s P.O.V.

I wake up just how I always hoped that I would do – beside Y/N. This is the second day of our cruise around Europe and I’m so happy and grateful that her parents invited me on this holiday with them, and allowing me to spend more time with their beautiful daughter. “Good morning gorgeous.” I smile and whisper softly to Y/N when I see her eyelids gently flutters open awake. She sighs, still half asleep and replies “Hey, Shawn.” “Are you excited for today?” I ask her and it seems that she suddenly remembers where we are, “Yesssss, I am SO excited.” A massive grin is plastered on Y/N’s face, and I can already tell that this is going to be a day to remember.

I get up and pull on my shirt over my topless torso and begin to help Y/N before she wakes up by finding her clothes and things that she needs for the day for her. I shower, and then order us both breakfast to our cabin. I carefully choose her favourite item from the menu and my own order and then continue to walk around the cabin collecting items that we need. I see Y/N slowly sliding out of bed and laugh at her, struggling to get out of the warm sheets. “Shawnnnnnn, stop laughing.” She says, laughing herself whilst she speaks.

Your P.O.V.

I see Shawn pacing around the room grabbing his sunglasses, my shoes and other things that we need and feel guilty so I decide to lazily crawl out of bed half-asleep to try to help him. “Just go and shower Y/N, it will refresh you.” Shawn tells me. Why is he always right? He always seems to know exactly what to do to make me feel better. “Okay, see you in a minute then.” I walk into the bathroom, turn on the shower and hop in. It’s the perfect temperature, and I just stand there for a minute allowing my thoughts to fill me up and the water to soak me. Finally I get out and go to get my clothes and makeup to take back into the bathroom with me. I still don’t like getting dressed in front of Shawn, because I never know what he is thinking and I feel like I might be disappointing. I open the door and walk over into the suddenly freezing cold room to grab my clothes and go back into the bathroom. “Hey Y/N, you don’t have to go back in there you know.” He says as he smirks at me and I know then what he wants me to do. “It’s okay Shawn; I’ll just go back in here. It’s less distracting that way and I can get ready faster.” I smirk back at him.

Shawn’s P.O.V.

I’m ready to leave the cabin now and begin the day on the cruise, relaxing and doing whatever the hell we want to do. Y/N’s dad keeps calling her phone, probably wondering where we are and if we are nearly ready. I want nothing more than to answer, and ask if we can have a day alone, but that would be too rude to ask for and isn’t the point of this cruise. “Hey beautiful, are you nearly ready in there?” I call through the bathroom door, “Yep, just one more second!” She opens the door, and I am speechless. It happens every time and I don’t know how she does it. She is truly beautiful and I am very lucky. “Do I look okay?” She asks and I reply, “Of course you do.” Smiling widely at her.

We leave the cabin hand-in-hand, and head up the long corridor to go to meet her family to start the day. We walk up the ships stairs, and on the right hand side we see a stunning view of the blue ocean and it takes our breaths away simultaneously. Our location is quite high up in the cruise ship, and I wanted to take a glance down to see just how high up we are. “Be careful Shawn, don’t lean too far over the railing.” Y/N says warning me, “Don’t worry about me Y/N!” I say laughing, “I know what I am doing.” I step up onto the side bar and look as far down as I can, until I can nearly look into the window below. I feel myself slip, and before I know it I plunge forward. I dive over the railing and I hear a piercing scream coming from behind me and I know it’s Y/N. “SHAWNNNNNN!”……

I wake with a start, my face covered in a layer of sweat and my entire body shaking. I sit up and tuck my legs into my body and try to take some deep breaths to calm myself. “Shawn? Shawn, what’s wrong?” Y/N asks me, being as gentle, polite and kind as she usually is. “What can I do? Did you have a bad dream?” I can’t move my mouth to even reply to Y/N and I am unsure why. She gets up to go and turn the main light on in the room, and I realise that we are in my own bed at home in Pickering.

Your P.O.V.

I’m really worried about Shawn. He keeps having these nightmares and wakes up with cold sweats that he can’t quickly calm down from. “Shawn, just breathe. Look where we are, we’re in your room at home and your parents are just down the hall. Do you want me to tell them what’s going on?” It seemed the all of a sudden Shawn was here and present as he stopped shaking , and I could see in his eyes all of his thoughts running through his head. “No, no, no please don’t do that.” “Okay! Don’t worry; let’s just try to sleep again, alright?” It’s 3:29 in the morning, so I really want to try to get Shawn to sleep again. He lies in front of me, and I take his role as the big spoon. It feels weird and foreign to me so I giggle, and Shawn says “I like this. I like this a lot. And I like you a lot too.” And he slowly drifts off to sleep with you on his mind.

I realise that this isn’t very good, so I’m sorry about it. I spent a while on it though so I thought I should post it rather than waste it.

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