This just happened on my dash.I have this rule that every time I leave tumblr and finally convince myself to come back, I see something ridiculously stupid enough to cause me to leave again.

I think the reason I feel a need to go on this site is to see if I can disprove that rule.

It has never happened.

You were a victim of the societal hatred and oppression of women because your gay friend suggested an outfit to you.

Okay, let’s talk in social justice terms.

It’s sexism (misogyny) that women are associated with fashion.

It’s homophobia that gay men are associated with women and therefore with (women’s) fashion. 

Gay men are seen as ‘authorities’ on fashion because stereotyping them as being even more feminine than women pigeonholes gay men nicely into the flamboyant stereotype shows run by straight people like to pretend isn’t homophobic.

Your problem is a combination of homophobia and crappy taste in clothing, presumably.

Hey, gay men are seen as authorities on men’s fashion too! BETTER CALL THE MISANDRY COPS

Why would calling a gay man out on his problems make you a homophobe?

Does anyone else feel that tumbr’s habit of degrading serious issues like misogyny and homophobia to ‘something happened to a woman/gay man once and if you squint it could be negative’ really disrespectful?

This is some Monty Python shit.

If your friend was being a misogynist (he wasn’t), and you acknowledged it as so, THIS DOES NOT MAKE YOU HOMOPHOBIC. Holy shit str8 ppl like this are so ridiculous. Because all gay people have to worry about is if you think your friend is a sexist for having better taste in fashion than you. Because any time you have a negative opinion about a man BUT WAIT HE’S GAY it must be homophobia.

And finally, your friend giving you his opinion about fashion is not sexism because this happens in literally every gender dynamic (male-to-female, female-to-male, female-to-female, male-to-male, where my non-binaries at) and with all sexuality.

Your friend would have said this even as a straight woman.

Your friend is not required to pretend you are God when it comes to fashion. He is not oppressing you by giving you  fashion advice.

This is such trivial bullshit. Go blog about problems white middle-class women ACTUALLY face.









Ego-centrism means acting in the way that benefits you without considering others. GIVING FASHION ADVICE=/=BEING SELF-CENTRED BECAUSE I’VE BET YOU AND ANON HAVE DONE IT TOO FFS. 

Entitlement means expecting people to treat you with special privilege (I don’t know, like say if you were to see it as SEXIST if your friend gave you fashion tips and believe he should, as a man, stay quiet and yield to you, because you’re a woman). GIVING SOMEONE FASHION TIPS IS NOT A SIGN OF ENTITLEMENT.

Get out of here.

On second thought, coming here was my mistake.

[ т a ι n т e d g r a y ' ѕ   ѕ e n т e n c e   м e м e ]

i Z o m b i e . P i l o t

              send me one of the following and i’ll write a little something from my character to yours inspired by the phrase

  • "You have all the makings of a nemesis, but I actually kind of like you."
  • "What’s the worst that could happen?"
  • "I knew that party was gonna blow."
  • “What I’m about to say comes from a place of love, you know that, don’t you?”
  • “You’re throwing away your life.”
  • “We think you need… professional help.”
  • “In the five months that you’ve been here, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen?”
  • “I used to have ambition. I used to be passionate. Inspired. …Alive.”
  • “I have so many questions.”
  • “I’m contemplating asking you to move in.”
  • “How have you been so normal to me!?”
  • “I’ve been terrified about somebody finding out about me for months.”
  • “So… no one else knows?”
  • “Hey — you looking to party?”
  • “Everyone screws with the new guy.”
  • “They call death the eternal sleep… but I haven’t slept in five months.”
  • “I have no idea who I am anymore.“
  • “I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see you here!”
  • “I genuinely don’t understand you anymore.”
  • “You’re the one who told him I was a psychic!”
  • “I’m having a hard enough time pretending I’m alive.”
  • “Tell me… is my day going to get worse?”
  • “Wait… me? What?”
  • “You could use some sun, young lady.”
  • “If my zombie movie research has taught me anything, it’s that… being a part of a horde would suck.”
  • “Chivalry is dead.”
  • “You… got an hour? To do that voodoo that you do?”
  • “You should go.”
  • “Why are you so concerned with my vibe?”
  • “She was murdered.”
  • “…I just saw her die.”
  • “She knew she was gonna die.”
  • “If you want to find the cure, you have to know how a disease defends itself.”
  • “Sorry. Something’s come up. There’s this… thing… I need to do.”
  • “But, what if there is hope?”
  • “Can I really ask him to wait for a day that may never come…?”
  • “When you die, life goes on without you.”
  • “You’re my freakin’ heart.”
  • “If you could step up, I’d appreciate it.”
  • “Hey — I was just looking for you.”
  • “Get out of the car, or I’ll shoot you!”
  • “I was a dead alabaster badass!”
  • “Life’s short… and then you die.”
  • “Who wants to go scare the crap out of some kids?”

shipping ask hell... send me a letter and i'll tell you
  • A:the ship i've shipped for the longest
  • B:a ship i used to ship but i now hate
  • C:a ship that holds great nostalgia for me
  • D:a ship i only ship because the characters look hot together
  • E:a ship i dislike because of fandom drama
  • F:a ship i hate because of personal reasons
  • G:a ship i like because of personal reasons
  • H:a ship i hate for no reason at all
  • I:a ship i only ship because of the fandom
  • J:a ship that everyone else hates but i love
  • K:my favorite canon ship
  • L:a ship everyone else loves but i hate
  • M:a crack ship that makes me laugh
  • N:a crack ship that i honestly adore
  • O:the ship that was featured in the worst fanfiction i ever read
  • P:a ship i'm ashamed to ship
  • Q:a ship that i'm shocked more people don't love
  • R:a ship that i'm angry became canon
  • S:a ship that other people think is canon but i don't
  • T:a ship that i SWEAR is canon but nobody believes me
  • U:a ship that i was suprised to see actually become canon
  • V:a ship that reminds me of a friend
  • W:a character that i ship myself with
  • X:a ship that has really good fanfics
  • Y:a ship that has really good fanart
  • Z:a ship from a show that not too many people watch

So, I asked about Society6 but ended going with RedBubble for now. I don’t have high hopes, but what is the worst that could happen? Become more experienced in POD? This is my store. I also have prints on deviantART and InPRNT, by the way.

P.S.: They seem to be doing a promotion right now at RedBubble. 25% off for pillows and duvet covers with the DECKOUT code.


Então, perguntei sobre o Society6 porém acabei indo com RedBubble por enquanto. Não tenho muitas esperanças, mas qual a pior coisa que pdoeria acontecer? Me tornar mais experiente em print-on-demand? Essa é a minha loja. Também tenho impressões no deviantART e InPRNT, e para os brasileiros também no Colab55, uma empresa nacional que atual na mesma linha do RedBubble.

P O N D E R I N G // “You’ll break the worry habit the day you decide you can meet and master the worst that can happen to you.” —Arnold Glasow

From the #DANCEtobeFREE Series
Dancer: @alisonstroming_ (of @dancetheatreofharlem)
Assistant: @damonplantaseed
Pointe Shoes by @capezio
#browngirlsdoballet #ballet #pointe #straitjacket #tutu #JRPDANCESTUDY #jreidphotography #capezio by jreidphoto

  • From the recap we can gather that Sam and Dean know as much as John Snow about stuff :P
  • The beginning was pretty fucking scary, which we don’t get much of lately.
  • So your way of moving on is doing the exact same thing you’ve always done¿? Not fighting against destiny anymore, just letting it happen¿? You do deserve to be saved you fucking dumbnut and the fact that this isn’t even your worst, that you think this is the most reasonable way to go here, is damn fucking painful to see ;n; Let’s see how this ep turns that around, if it does.
  • And where the fuck is Cas¿? does that get explained¿?
  • Pest Predators Exterminatot Services :P I guess fitting for an ep with a worm as the villain
  • They kill themselves by drinking gasoline and lighting themselves on fire¿? But the first killer that we saw at the beginning was already all burnt and disfigured, right¿? Does the worm keep using their bodies after they die¿?
  • Sam preventing Dean from having cake but Dean allowing himself to have a taste anyway :D Maybe like his responsibility towards Sam prevented him from allowing himself good things before but he’s starting to maybe let himself have a little bit of goodness¿? *bisexual happy crying*

aceflux like i have queer friends a lot of them actually its just most of them think im straight n its like….not really! im heteroromantic but lets not get too carried away here! i thought she was someone i could possible confess to you know?? its mocking millions of peoples sexuality

and my straight friends are the worst they believe in two genders and theres a lot of people at school who are pan or bi which is rare since i live in the south and they say they just want attention and are just gay :/

i have nb friends as well its just idk i love them but theyre not that good at talking about gender n stuff and that’s what i need

trollmblr5000 asked:

So who do you prefer, and you have to pick one! (Hah I am also being cruel today). Alfrid or Grima Wormtongue?





but omg ummmmmm fuck what’s the lesser of two evils??? I guess maybe Alfrid because he’s fucking gross but at least he’s not actually evil. I could like lock him in the closet and keep him 20000000ft away from me at all times lmao. Also refuse to be in the same room until someone scrubbed him to within an inch of his life.  

trenokingsman asked:

Worst memory meme: Darkness

“Someone help!”

                                             "͈̈̀N̲̪̪͍ͪ̊͊̈o͙̞̥̜̖͎̔ ̪̩̖̘̮̫͕̈͆̓ͥ̓ͣͩo̖̟͚͆̀̃ͨͪ̈n̂ͬe̿̐̚ ͚̪͕̱̠͇ͥ̓͑̊ȋ̱̠̟s͚͂̉̅ ̲ͮ̒ͬ̏͛̀l̝̗̤̥͑̓̊̅̉͊͂ͅḯ͕̩̤̹͖͍̈́͛͛̚ͅs̩̣̫͌ͮt̠̤̒̌ĕ̹͙̹̗̞ͤͅn͖̼̼̯͉ͤ̐̿ͮi̪̦̜̲̦͒n̜̩͂͂̋̌g̗̩̳̪.͚͔̱̬ͬ̀ͅ"̫̟ͨ̂

“Help me!”

                                             "̞̻̓ͯ̏̚̚W̪̭͛̏̓͛͋̾h̼ͥͥͨͤ̈̅o̲̮̟̽ͅ ̞̲̥̰͕̺͉̈w̮ͩͮ̆̓͋̏̀ò̮̺̒̂̌ǔ̯͙̪͍̑̆̾̈͒l̬̤d̖͔̠ͦ̉̍ ̗̣͓͖̆ͭ̃̎ŵ̭͙͕̼̣̫̠̆͛̑̈ͪͬa͎̼ń̥̾t͉̟͕̤ͭ̍̂̊̾̃̆ ̿ͦ̋t̻͈͚̟̙̩͙̀̂ọ̟̮͂̔̔ ̖͓͕͚̘͚̯ͮ́ͬ͛ͯh̺̙̤̼e̗̥̖̻ͬĺ̘̮͗p̀̑ͪ ̔͊y̏ͦ̋̉ͨo̺̙̺͇̘u͕̯̅ͬͯ?͍̮̹̤̣̈ͤ͂͛"̭̗͔͈̭ͫ̍

“Make it stop!”

   “Please stop!”

                                             "͕̫͎͈̗̮̳̇̇̌S̐c͆ͨ̎̍͌͂r̩̥͔͉͆e̞̦̟̹͐̇̓a̝̖̰͎͔͈̖̾̃m̮̞͚̹̜̣͂͊͗ͯi̘̜̝͓̝̗ͩ̅ͯng̞̭̞̗̃̒̃ͤ̃̚ ͔̘͈̝̘͙̈́͛͗̍̈i̯̳̳̩͆s͕͔͎̳̱ͪͨͬ̅͋̂̂ ͉̳̗͎̌͌̚u̻̦̘̦͖͂̒ͮ̔̚ͅsë̼̰̹̟̠̥̬́͑̀͊͗̐l̦̖͖̦̖̮̮ͨ̐ͥ̉̊̅̐ê͕̣̔̉̆ͫs͛͒̓͐̚s̳͌ͭͭ.͍̹̄̄̿̒̆"̪̤̩̉



                                             "̠͂ͫ͌̔̈́W̟̲͚͂̈́ͣo͔̮̰̯͍͙̗ͤṛ͚̥̰͑t̗̻͙̅͂͒͂͌h̥̫̮ͮͪ̇͆͛l̬̻̳̼̂e̘̮͚ṣͨs̱̩ ̣̱̘̥̗w̝͒̃ṙ̝̬͓̟̒̄̌̚e̩̖̮̋͗ͫͨ̚t̮̰ͪ̑͑́ͮ̏ͪc̝̞̎ȟ̃ë̦͖͎̪͖̤̦́̇͊ͧ͛ͥs̭̠̬̞ͬͭ ̜̮͓̖̳̈́͗͐̅͑͒̓d͔̗̼̤̊̾͛͑ẹ̈̿͑̑s̮͔͎͇̰͍͛e͕̳̦̟̖̓̀͆ṟ̗͑ͅv͈̙̹e̜͓̜̲ͭ̆̒̃͛͐ ͍̙͚͓̆̚t̏ͪ̑o̪̩ͯ̇͗ ̺̠͕͔̘̓̏̑ͪ̊̾͛s̠͇̭̑ͅu͉̝̪̙̿̔ͥ̊͂f̗̲̰͉̰͔͑͛ͮ̾̾f͈̔̊̈́e͖̣ͮͧͫ͑̆̇r̝̞̔̓̀ͦ ͓ͨ̃͋̔̌H͔̼͕̝̼ͧ̈́́͑ͯ͆̌e̜̗̙̙̼̬̾l̖͙̝̜̺͒̎͗ͪ͌l̺̆͆̅’͍̟͙̣ͭͯ̉s̪̭̤̬ͮ̄̐̅̀̚ ̖ͨ̌ͮͬ͂t͚̩̞͓ͫ͐ͮ̓o̘̥̟̓͛̐̆r̓ͪ̃̎̊̈m͍̜͊̎eͪ͒̌n̯͙̩̹͖͖̓͂ͣ̋t̜͈̱̞͚͒ͭ̄̈.̝̱̠̐̾̓ͩ̿̓"͎̥̔

“No…not again…”

                                             "̰̳̤̳̞͚̽͌̌͒D̝̜͓͕̟͔͑o̘̰̝̰ͨn̤͉̰̾̏͋ĕ͑̿̋̋ ͔̇̑ͬ͂̍̑c̈́̆͋̈́̿ṛ̹̠̗̘͉͙͊̇ͩy͔̮͚i̭̲̟̬͍̰n̗ͧ̓͆̐̈ͮg̬̱͍͈̫ͥ̋̍ ̫ͦ̔ͯ͂ͣ͂n̺̞͓̝̺ͦ̈ͬo̲̝̗̳̾w̲̫̱ͭ?̩̳̣̞̗̱"͇̯̭͔͓͓̮ͬ͛̔̔ͦ


   “No more….”

                                             "̰̲̟̖̘̝̖̍̆T̟̟̜̩̗ͤ͂hȅ̙̤̯͍͊̃͋͑͛n͚͍ͣ͑̓̅ ̣̓͋ͫ́̃̒s̘̻̘͔̮̄͐̋̇̃u̫̦͚̿b̹̮̗̍ͧ͗̃ͧͮm̙̀ͯ̉ͩ̒͊͐i͈͍̻͕͓̩̼ͩ͆̉͆t͕̙̯̺̻̱ͣ̔ ̟̦͓̘̗̻̖̍̈́ͩ̍͒́t̜͔̺̫h̻͓͎̼̹̿ͯ͑̉ͅͅe͈͓͉͉͍͈ ̺͍̿͂ͮ̎͗t̯̻̻͙̄̑͒ͯh̼͈̮̳̜ͪ̎̀͌ͩͦe͖̺͉͙ͤ͊̊ͦ̃ ͖̻̫̖͎̃͆ͨ̑ͩd̖̞̗̘̥̫̰̉̽̂ͮ͛a̮̗͈̼̖̩̝ͭ͒̉͗r͊͌̽ǩ̠̖̞̠ͦͮͫ̏͋̔ͅͅn̬͉̼͍e͓͓̼̊ͨ̆̊s͔̺̤̘̖s͈̰̮͖̜̳͍̑̎ͨ̌̉’͓̦̜͈̌ ̻ẻ̪̤̭͈͉͕̆̂̚m̻̹̘b̝̳̻͔͕̾̄ͨͣͣr̠̞̮̟͉ͅa̙̜̞̥̞ͫͬͦͦͧ̊c̪̣̲͂̂e̠̘͇̳̫͎̭ͬ͒̿ͪͧ̚,̖̈ ̞̟̺̪ͧ̃͗͗ͦb͉̼̦̮̱̫͔̅̃̆̆ő̬̟͓̍̀̌̒ẙ.̹͈͇̜̣̓ͤ"

                                             "͕̤̑̾ͭ͐ͅF̬ͯr̗̰͍͖ͨ͌̍ͤe̖̲̟̠͍͚ẹ̦̮̦̺̠̤ͨ̚ď̰̩̼ō͈̤͋̌̂͊ͭm̈́̅̔̐ ̙̥̣̾̄͑i̱͍̠̪̝ͮͨͅs̻͉͎̗ͥn̤̥̪͕̖̣͑ͩ̓̾͊́̇’̌̀t͖̰̫̺͔̭ͩ̉ͥ͂͂ͫ ̖̭ͯ̉̿̇ͥ͛ͥg̠̓͊ͯ͋̔ͮ̂a͔̝͇ị̭̺͇͈̱̬ͬ͂͊͑ͮnͣ̃̎̀̂̚è̦̒͋̉ͣ͊dͦ̈́ ̯̝̻̥̫̺͉́fr͎̔ͬo̙̫ͪ͆̔ṃ͖͔ͤ̈ͪ̚ ̫̳̰͙̜̌ͭ͆r̙̮͆̌̐̆ͧe͉͉͕̖̜͉͒ͮ̄́̓̚ǰ̦̮̣̘͇͈̾̐̌̿ͅe̗͇͉͍̦͖̫̿ͭ͗̓ͤc̗̤̘̺̞̤͒t̖̯͎̟̉͐̽͌̒̓ͩi͎͙̤̗͓̐ͤ͂ṅ̹̥̳͉̠̯ͫ̊ͭͣ̏g̞͚̬̥̎ͤ i̺͎͕͍̖ͣ̓̍̍̿t͍̞̣͓͔̓͆ͣ.̩̪̯ͤͦ̇ͮ̌"̝̺̜̥̖͗̍̅ͤͫ

                                             "͖̯̭̫̹̲̤ͮ̑Y͕͎̣̗ͯ͆̐̐̅͒o̺̜̝̰̅̉ͥ̚ủ̈ͦ͛̆͒̚’͙̺̠̣̺l̠̫͊ͯ̉̅l͙̯̤̘̼͙͍̏ͯ ͉͙̱̪̤ͬ͗̋ͬͧ̾ó̱ͬ̾n̯̝̮̬l̪͒͗̎̐̀̓y̯̭̙ͭ ͇͎̦̹͓̼m̫̗̭̃̅ͩ̂ͅa̝ͪ͋ͯ̎͑̓k̜͖̰̤͔̑̓e̩͓̤̣͓͊̇̏ͭͅ ͬ̈ͨ̓t̠͍̽h͍̘͓̱͙͙̦̆͊̂͆̋̎ͯe̊̋̎͑̌ ̣̝̜s̻̘̹̼̳̄h͇̰̖̹ͬͧ̎ͧ̑̒a͍̳̺͙̟ͅc͉̮̦̮̙̺̲ͧ̆̃̊̒ͧͩk͎l̮̠͎̻̬̗̍ͭ͛ẻ̦͋ͅs͇̱̱͔̱͛ͯ̂̈́ͪ ͤ̇̊̅tͣ̿͑ͅi̠̱̟̲̗̙ͨ͐ͥ̂̈g̪̮͉̝̩̤ͬͬ͐h̝̱t̬̅ͯͫͣ̈́̂e̘ͯͧ̒̓r̖͙̗̖͇̲̓͆ͧ.͚̳͙̩͔̘͍̆̑͂"̲͚̞͎̭͕̎͛̍͂̈́ͨͬ

                                             "͇͕̯͉͚̩ͅY͋̒̇̐̍̅o̺̠̰̙̲̱̎̎ͦ̾u͚̹͖̣̪̼̪͋ͥ̋̈͂͆ ͙̦̹̟̮ͥw̠i̠̺̹̘̙̰̫̍̓l͉̼̬̭͕̞̀l̞͕̭̂ͥ̂̓ ̄̚g̤̗̤̹̰̖͖ͪo͙͔̜ ͕͇͖̞ͬ͛ͨ̓i̻͔̭̠n̙̘̝͓̤͓̋̏̉̽̐̈͆s̖̜̥͋̈̃̔̃ͪa̖̭̤̞̭ͬ̀̌͆ͥ̌ͤn̗͉̪̜̯̄ͯ̍e͛̅̔͌͊ ̥̥͈̲͉̏̓͗̆̽̀̐a̟ͅǹ͓͔̪̠͈̹͑d̟̱̫̲̽ͅ ̱̤͉̺͖̬ͩ̿ͭ̑̓s͉̠̝͖͂̇̑ͣū̇̄ͦf̟̗̟͚̪̠̫̒̓͌͑͐ͬͪf̙̤̰̦̠̾͐̽͛ͅe͈͈̮̊̔̌͑ͩͤ̎r̙.̣̟̹̮̟͉̱ͨ̇̈͋̚"͙̝̱̮̈



          “Help me….”

ogpoppunk asked:


‎A - Available? Ye
B - Birthday? October 29
C - Crushing on? Dude I don’t even know anymore, I kinda just want a nap.
D - Drink you last had? Green tea.
E - Easiest person to talk to? Naddy.
F - Favourite song? Uhh. New Romantics. My fuckin jam.
G - Grade I hated? All of them, school is the worst (but fr like 7th/8th was the worst)
H - Hometown? Colorado Springs
I - Icecream flavour? Chocolate or cake batter
J - Jellybean flavour? None ew
K - Kissed someone? …yes? A lot?
L- Longest friendship? Natalie. 8 years!
M - Milkshake flavour? Chocolate.
N - Number of siblings? One.
O - One wish? That I’ll make it through school alive.
P - Person who called me last? My mama!
Q - Question you’re always asked? How tall I am.
R - Reason to smile? Girls exist.
S - Song I sang last? Opportunity Cost by G Eazy
T - Time you woke up? 10:45. I love Thursdays.
U - Umbrella colour? Mine is rainbow polka dotted and matches my rain boots!
V - Very best friend? Natalie :)
W - Which celebrity i’d marry? Eddie Redmayne
X - X rays I’ve had? Mm. I’ve had so many done on my spine and knees, it’s stupid.
Y - Your last time you cried? Uhhh. Probably like 2 weeks ago?
Z - Zodiac sign? Scorpio :)

missraven-c asked:

oh stop being a drama queen! you act like this is the worst /pun/ishment you've ever had to endure (I can do this all day >:D )

*He groans and covers his eyes with a hand*

Į͈̱͔͓͎ ̛ͅͅt͚̝͍̗͈͍̤h̺̥͔͎́i͔͕̦̯͎̫nk͔ ̵̟͎͖I͔͔̤’̦͔̭d̙̱͞ ̧͎̰͕̟̫̣̪ṛ̮̥̣͇̖̕ͅa̵̹̪̠̖t͇͕͙̘̪̫͍͘h̵͔̳̫͍̙͓er͎̣͎̰ͅ ̢̼̜͍̺͚̥ͅb͙̥͟e̼̘̤ ̱̹͈͚͖̦ͅb̸̩̦͈̣e̶͖͖͉̦a̞͙̲̟͖̖t̷e̻̬̼̹̥̼̥̕n͕͎̰̼̤̙͞ ̢͎͙̹̺̭̹a͉̠n͇̞͖̺̥̲d͓͎͚͝ ̺̳͇̫̕g̺u̝͔͔͔t͇͇̬t͇̭̼̰̰e̳̝̼̠d͙͇͈̤̦ ̶t̀h̯̭̩̻̥a̗̳̩̳̪͔͍n̥̩͉̭ ̴̲p͘ut̻ ̨͖̹u̡̯͓͙̲̬p̦͠ ̮̝̪̹͈̮̝͢w̜̥̭͙̲i̡̮̭͇͍t̖̯̝͈̱͖͚͟h́ ̘̜̱t͏ḥ͓̱i̖̦͜s̰̱̪ͅ.͎̹͚͖̞͕.͓.̜̠̦̺̀.҉̳̺

O̺̜̠͡ͅẖ̱͚͇̹͜ͅ ̛̥̼͖w̩a̩͇̟͍̟̮͙͘i̺t̴̜̣̯̦.̰̲͠ ͔́

I ̲̗̮̟̫̞̟W̱̖̲̯̗Ḁ͠S̜̀ͅͅ.҉͇ ̝

myotpgivesmelife asked:

For the asking thing, G, H, N, W, and Y. Sorry I can't write it out, I'm on my phone:p have a nice day~

thank you! C: you too! I already answered G & Y!! C:

  • H. If it meant it would solve all world hunger, war, disease and bigotry, would you spend the rest of eternity in Hell? 

fuck yes I would. if it meant all that shit would end?? fuck, give me my ticket to hell now!!!!

  • N. What was the worst nightmare you ever had? 

*tw: assault* it was pretty much me being assaulted by multiple people while on a walk somewhere near my house. I don’t remember much after that than desperately running away and lookin for my (now) ex.

although that’s tied for a nightmare where I had a daughter and she was killed and I don’t remember how??? maybe it was a truck or bus killed her?? but GODD i woke up sobbing because it felt so real.

  • W. The men’s rights movement, legitimate cause or laughable, and why? 

entirely fucking laughable and ridiculous. the current ~men’s rights activists~ (or meninists as they’re stupidly calling themselves recently) have interests that are focused on things that literally don’t fucking matter. they are basically overgrown children who think feminists are evil or out to get them or are a problem or nuisance to society.
if MRAs were more focused on actually doing something, then they’d be more focused on men’s assault/abuse survivors, the protection and inclusion of trans men, fighting toxic hypermasculinity, and fixing problems that actually affect men (or that affect others due to the actions of men)

anonymous asked:


‎A - Available?
B - Birthday?
May 2nd
C - Crushing on?
2 people that probably don’t know who they are
D - Drink you last had?
Iced Tea
E - Easiest person to talk to?
My dog…
F - Favourite song?
Northern Wind by Iron and Wine
G - Grade I hated?
all of them but 6th grade was by far the worst
H - Hometown?
Colorado Springs, CO
I - Icecream flavour?
Mint Chocolate Chip
J - Jellybean flavour?
K - Kissed someone?
L- Longest friendship?
My friend Taylor, I’ve known him for 12 years
M - Milkshake flavour?
N - Number of siblings?
O - One wish?
To travel the world with good friends
P - Person who called me last?
My friend, Rosie
Q - Question you’re always asked?
“are you asian?”
R - Reason to smile?
Summer 2016
S - Song I sang last?
Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes
T - Time you woke up?
U - Umbrella colour?
V - Very best friend?
my dog….
W - Which celebrity i’d marry?
Kristen Stewart
X - X rays I’ve had?
my legs, chest, arms, mouth, and my hands
Y - Your last time you cried?
a few weeks ago
Z - Zodiac sign?