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:"D i love useless background info abt characters!!!! is there anything u kno will never actually come up in the comic but u wanna tell the world!!!!??? cuz i feel that way about sum stuff with my characters ;O n i love urs ;P

ANONNNN THANK YOU omg u vu))) THIS IS CUTE SURE I’ll share with u!!!


  • used to only ever eat lettuce sandwiches for lunch bc his mom sucks at cooking (SHE IS THE WORST) and he’s a vegetarian so, to save himself from his mom’s mystery lunches, he settled for lettuce and bread
  • in the 1st chapter, Julian ran home from school to pick up his sister Leslie for the Sydney Morgan signing. Julian lives about 20 min driving distance from school so he always drives, but he was so excited he ran home that day. He forgot his car at school.
  • likes to be spoiled
  • wishes he was taller (in the course of his life he will prob only grow 1 more inch, if even that LOL)


  • has read a bunch of shoujo and BL manga bc his gf has a bunch
  • is an anime/manga fan (he likes sports, scifi, and fantasy genre)
  • I had this in the bg of a pg once but Isaiah and his family share a big van (fortunately he lives close enough to the school to walk)
  • took his siblings to the petting zoo and had a traumatizing experience with a rabbit (it bit him when he was petting it) and is now terrified of them
  • his siblings don’t clean out the dryer lint and he’s always worried abt it starting fires (he’s somewhat of a worrier, but you’ll see that in the comic)
  • his dad is a nurse + his mom is a secretary at their church


  • got banned from the nurse’s office bc he was sick so often they thought he was just trying to skip class (he skips class anyway tho)
  • when he was little he wanted to drive one of grandpa’s cars but grandpa (being super over-protective of his cars) said that Landon would crash it and everyone would get hurt–especially the car–so, since then, Landon decided he never wanted to drive LOL
  • grandpa doesn’t like his cooking so Landon’s v excited when ppl like his cooking
  • isn’t actually interested in wearing disguises, he just thinks the fact that he can get Julian/Isaiah to agree to wear them is hilarious (his fav was that Julian agreed to wear mustaches even when it made no sense to wear them)
  • is kind of private abt his music hobby, will prob not play/sing for u unless: 1) he’s being silly abt it and not doing it seriously or 2) he’s comfy w/you


  • got the job as Landon’s intern not because he was “hiring,” but because she approached him and asked
  • was supposed to go to private school but requested her parents put her in public school for the experience + challenge

OK… THERE YA GO… sorry this is long omg. I think none of these come up in the comic but if I end up adding them somehow, pls don’t hold it against me…

Thanks for asking, anon!!! :D

rajin pulak buat benda ni

A- Age: 22 years old 🙆
B: Biggest Fear: myself HAHAHAH
C- Current Time: 2118
D- Drink you last had: green tea
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: person? nope. cat, YES
G- Grossest Memory: too many, countless 
H- Hometown: ganu kite boh
J- Jealous Of: women who can cover their aurat properly 
K- Killed Someone?: NEVAHHH

L- Longest Relationships: with myself will be forever

M- Middle Name: nanananananone
N- Number of Siblings: 4
O- One Wish: be a better person everyday
P- Person who you last called: my younger brother
Q- Question you’re always asked:  what?
R- Reason to smile: too many
T- Time you woke up: 0630
U- Underwear Colour: confidential! 
V- Vacation Destination: Makkah, istanbul, greece, korea, japan. arghhhh banyak lagiiii

W- Worst Habit: binge eating
X- X-rays you’ve had: chest

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 A- Age: 17

B- Biggest Fear: death

C- Current Time: 18:3 PM

D- Drink you last had: Pepsi

E- Easiest Person(s) To Talk to: …..

F- Favorite Song: محتار

G- Grossest Memory: I don’t remember

H- Hometown: Jerusalem

I- In love with: tumblr

J- Jealous Of: no one

K- Killed Someone: it’s 100% no

L- Longest Relationships:the relationship with my family

M- Middle Name: yasser

N- Number of Siblings: 1 sister two brothers 

O- One Wish: to deserve paradise

P- Person who you last called: ahmed-my brother-

Q- Question you’re always asked:where are you from :/?

R- Reason to smile: شو بدريني

S- Song you last sang:محتار

T- Time you woke up: 6:00 AM

U- forget about it

V- Vacation Destination: home - Jerusalem

W- Worst Habit:..

X- X-rays you’ve had: I don’t remember

Y- Your favorite food: مسقعة - سمك سلمون– منسف

Z- Zodiac Sign: gemini

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Name: there are some who call me Tim

Nickname(s): Vasya I guess

Birthday: January 19th

Height: 5’4 (I think? I’m 163-164 cm)

Gender: cis female

Sexual orientation: heterosexual, I guess, never really questioned it so far

Star sign: Capricorn (the worst capricorn ever, nothing like those cool ambitious down-to-earth capricorns you always see in your goddamn astrology posts)

Favorite color: Black, dark red, earthy colours

Time right now: 7:18 p.m.

Hours of sleep: I try to keep it 6-8 hours, and I’m not as good at staying up until it’s dawn as I used to anyway, I’m usually tired af by midnight.

Lucky numbers: n/a

Last thing I googled: the very last thing was about the error message a program at work was giving me. But it’s no fun, so I’ll go with the second to last thing I googled, with was the Cornish Rex cat breed. I thought that this was the breed of the kitty I met yesterday and I wanted to confirm my suspicions.

Happy place: home. With a lot of nice food and stuff to read or watch. And a bed nearby in case I want a nap. Okay, hell, I’m doing this almost every weekend and it doesn’t make me any happier, but it’s the best I can come up with. 

Numbers of blankets I sleep under: one, I don’t need any more. I have three pillows though.

Celebrity crush: n/a

Favorite book: *shifts uncomfortably* it’s been so long since I even read anything? I’ll skip this one, I can’t decide right now.

Favorite band/artist: uuuh, Eluveitie, Blind Guardian, Dead Can Dance, that’s my universal list for this question,

Last film I watched: Last movie was Mad Max for a 9000th time, for shows: currently watching Gravity Falls.

Dream trip: there are SO MANY PLACES TO GO, I don’t even know. I hate long flights, so Europe might be a good start, I’d revisit Prague and Rome at least.

Dream job: no job? Literally, I wish I didn’t have to do anything, I’m so embarrassingly non-ambitious, I can’t even dream of something I would enjoy doing on a regular basis and for money. Idk if I’m actually like this or I’m just not at my best right now.

What I’m wearing right now: a black house dress with tiny ufos all over it.

By tradition, tagging everyone who looks at this and wants to do it too.

A-Age: 17 turning 18
B-Biggest Fear: small fuckin spiders
C-Current Time: 9:06
D-Drink You Last Had: water
E-Easiest Person To Talk To: Family
F-Favorite Song: Att goriye
G-Grossest Memory: not sure at all
H-Hometown: Its a Secret
I-In Love With: Everything
J-Jealous Of: Nothing
K-Killed Someone: Nope
L-Longest Relationship: I years
M-Middle Name: Chander kaur anita
N-Number Of Siblings: 2 brothers n 2 sisters
O-One Wish: Everyone in the world to be happy
P-Person You Last Called: Babaji from India :)
Q-Questions You’re Always Asked: what makes you happy
R-Reason To Smile: Idk…
S-Song You Last Sang: Dope dealer ( meek mill )
T-Time You Woke Up: 6:30 am
U-Underwear Color: Neon blue n black lace
V-Vacation Destination: India
W-Worst Habit: Thinking to much about my past
X-X-Rays You’ve Had: Knee
Y-Your Favorite Food: parathi
Z-Zodiac Sign: Libra

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I'm starting my first day of high school on Tuesday and I'm really scared bc I barely have any classes with any of my friends and the crush that I've had since elementary goes to the same school as me again and im freaking out I haven't glo'd up at all since I was 10 rip

u will be okay!! high school isnt as scary as everyone makes it out to be. honestly i was terrified freshman year and now im like idgaf. and i have the worst anxiety n im so awkward like trust me i was so worried but u will survive i promise!!!!

SLEEPOVER NIGHT!! come talk to me while i watch friends. advice, boys, girls, school, embarrassing stories, stories in general, ANYTHING!!
p.s. - if you don’t wanna see these blacklist ‘sleepover’

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A- Age:15

B- Biggest Fear: Failure

C- Current Time: 19:20

D- Drink you last had: Tea

E- Easiest person to talk to: Not sure

F- Favourite Song: If I had to choose one it’d be You’re The Moon

G- Grossest Memory: Better not tell

H- Hometown: Mexico City

I- In love with: No one

J- Jealous of: Nothing in particular

K- Killed someone: Nope

L- Longest relationship:_

M- Middle Name:_

N- Number of Siblings:2

O- One Wish:Learn to speak every language that exists

P- Phone Call:What?

Q- Question your always asked: Why are you like this?

R- Reason to smile:Rainy days

S- Song you last sang:I don’t like to sing

T- Time you woke up: 7:00

U- Underwear Colour: Umm…blue

V- Vacation Destination: I don’t know there are many wonderful places

W- Worst habit:Skipping meals

X- X-rays you’ve had:None

Y- Your favourite food:Sweets 

Z- Zodiac Sign:Cancer

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Avé Aviary is  O P E N

customer angliican has arrived  

                       ❝ Now I know what you’re thinking —
                                         Here at Avé Aviary, we have a great
                                         variety of birds. But will they mistake
                                          bushy eyebrows for caterpillars &&
                                          pluck em off? HAVE NO FEAR!
                                          Introducing Kris (x), the bird with
                                          eyebrows truly as great as yours! 

flaws & weaknesses // task 14

And all the kids cried out
“please stop, you’re scaring me”
I can’t help this awful energy
Goddamn right, you should be scared of me
Who is in control?


supernatural strength ;;  to be stronger than what is naturally possible

enhanced durability ;; to be able to sustain numerous blows of internal or external assaults

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The Alphabet Song

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B-biggest fear: 

C-Current time: 1530

D-drink you had last: 

E-Easiest person to talk to: nemo393 homoglobinopathy pre-med-timelord lifeofastudentdoc

F- Favorite song: No clue

G-Grossest memory: No clue

N-In love with: Forensic Pathology

J-Jealous of: nothing

K-Killed somebody: no

L-Longest relationship: 6 months, but off and on.

M-Middle name: A something

N-Number of siblings: 3

P-Person you last called: That John Cena hotline

Q-Questions you’re always asked: “why do you hate yourslelf?”

R-Reasons to smile: I’m alive

S-Song you last sang: Habits (stay high)

T-Time you woke up: no clue

U-Underwear color: I plead the 5th

V-Vacation destination: FRANCEEEE

W-Worst habit: nail biting

Y- Your favorite food: CLAMY CLAM CHOW CHOW *clam chowder*

Z-Zodiac- Sagittarius

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A- Age: 20
B- Biggest Fear: losing
C- Current Time: 8:23 PM
D- Drink you last had: waters 
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: chami, afghanapparel, ohn-jay.
F- Favorite Song: atm its acquainted- weeknd
G- Grossest Memory: ask me privately 
H- Hometown: Okinawa! ♥
I - In love with: music
J- Jealous Of: people who have photographic memory
K- Killed Someone?: nah
L- Longest Relationships: zero
M- Middle Name: none
N- Number of Siblings: 2
                                                                                     O- One Wish: $4 billion 
P- Person who you last called: afghanapparel                                                     Q- Question you’re always asked: how tall are you

R- Reason to smile: getting something right

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S- Song you last sang: from time- drake ft. jhene aiko
T- Time you woke up: 530 am 
                                                                               U- Underwear Colour: navy and mint blue 
V- Vacation Destination: Okinawa
W- Worst Habit: procrastinating  
X- X-rays you’ve had: teeth                                                                  

Y- Your favorite food: fuu chanpuru

Z- Zodiac Sign: capricorn

I tag: afghanapparel, simplytaylorrae, shouganairu, watamizu, lilitmac, yves-satan-laurent

marvelsamwilson replied to your postand just like that, all my ill-gotten movies are…

ughhhh that’s the worst, r.i.p. harddrive :(

lol they kept asking me if i backed up my shit and like. admittedly all my docs are backed on drive, but obv all my movies wouldn’t fit so i was just like. ye…es BUT NO. 

and theyre like. how crucial is it for you to get back the data??? and im like. n….ot much BUT SO MUCH.

  • me, looking up at the sky:listen. miley cyrus is bad nonbinary representation. i don't want her. take her back. im going to tweet @ the writers about this. why r they being so problematic. im ragequitting the fandom. this is the worst tv show ive ever watched.
  • the Big Sky Man:W H E R E O T H E R P L A N E T U G O N N A L I V E O N T H E N

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— —★ “So, I see you’re still at the whole, c r i m i n a l thing, hm Harley?” The masked teen asked, bow-staff in hand. He was h o p i n g he would’t run into too many old ‘friends’ while he was back for a v i s i t in Gotham, but it could have been worst. Instead of Harley,it could have been the J o k e r

“I can totally do 7 hrs on my feet non-stop!”

*7 hours later*

“This was the worst idea ever. But…MONEY. Gimme ten bandaids for my feet.”

CA’s minimum wage increase can’t come soon enough. ;n; January is so far away… $10/hr pls come faster I need you. 

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"Give me a fandom" Tokyo Ghoul! Or Attack on Titan if you haven't seen that

Give me a fandom and I’ll tell you

Attack on Titan

Favorite Male Character

Connie Springer

Favorite Female Character

Annie Leonhardt. She’s small and strong (my sexuality is mainly short girls)

Least Favorite Character

Rod Reiss

Favorite Ship


Favorite Friendship

Connie and Ymir

Favorite Quote

“Someone who can’t sacrifice anything, can never change anything. That to defeat a monster, you have to be willing to throw aside your humanity.”  -Armin

Worst Character Death (if any)

Mike Zacharius

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment

Sasha saving Connie’s life

Saddest Moment

Eren giving up and saying he deserves to die.

Favorite Location

The forest of big ass trees