Very exciting! The BBC documentary “Tales from the Royal Wardrobe” with Dr. Lucy Worsley ison YouTube!

I tried very hard to be able to watch this months ago, but sadly, I couldn’t get into BBC iPlayer, even with proxies, and it wasn’t anywhere else I could find. But give anything enough time and it’ll probably make its way onto YouTube!

I really recommend watching this… lots of nice tidbits and a good overview of how fashion has changed in Britain over the last 400 years or so.

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Lucy Worsley: It doesn’t matter if The Tudors and Wolf Hall are historically inaccurate and a bit silly

Friday 01 May 2015
Historian and broadcaster Lucy Worsley has told historians not to get “hung up” on the accuracy of period dramas, saying it sparked interest in people to visit the locations and find out the truth.
Ms Worsley, chief curator of the Historic Royal Palaces (HRP), is an expert on the Tudor period and said she even enjoyed shows that take liberties with the facts such as The Tudors. Historian David Starkey had previously dismissed it as “dumbed down” and riddled with errors.
“I’m totally in favour of it,” she said, “though The Tudors was a bit silly. People get hung up on the accuracy of a historical drama, you have to suspend your disbelief.”

I will never nit-pick about historical drama – saying: ‘That teacup has a handle on it and shouldn’t’ – I’m happy for a powerful story to draw people in. Then they can visit the palaces and find out about the real history,” Ms Worsley said. “That’s why drama’s great. It brings people through the front door.”
The Tudors have loomed large in recent years after ‘Wolf Hall-mania’ gripped Britain. First with Hilary Mantel’s book, and its sequel Bring up the Bodies, then the stage and BBC television adaptations.
Ms Worsley called Wolf Hall a “superior drama” and hailed the television adaptation for bring the Tudors to life. “Even though they’re in costume, we can recognise those people. It was 500 years ago, but it’s brought them out of the mists of medieval history.”
Ms Worsley continued: “Wolf Hall is such a serious, careful, clever exploration of the period. Every decade a new Henry VIII comes along. He’s like Sherlock Holmes, a character who needs to be invented by every age.”
This generation’s Tudors have been shaped by a certain cynicism with politics, with the focus on fixer and proto-type spin doctor Thomas Cromwell. “For some reason this Frank Underwood [played by Kevin Spacey House of Cards] version of Cromwell is particularly appealing to us at the moment.”

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Name: nina worsley
Nickname: riot worsley
Birthday: november 12, 2001
Star Sign: scorpio
Gender: female 
Height: 5ft 4in
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Favorite Color: dark purple
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Average hours of sleep: 8 (on a good night)
Lucky Numbers: no
Last Thing I Googled: motivational pictures
Word That Comes To Mind: merf (made up by my friend)
Happy Place: in the presence of God 
Number Of Blankets I Sleep With: 1
Fave Fictional Character: does cookie lyon count? XD 
Fave Famous Person: sam tsui (i do not associate myself with people who don’t know sam tsui)
Favorite Book: “while mortals sleep” by jack cavenaugh (confession: while mortals sleep is one of the only books i’ve finished, other than a small book series called “dear dumb diary”) 
Fave Band: fall out boys or evanescence 
Dream Job: anything that involves helping people (i also wanna be a singer, but thats just in my spare time :) 
What Am I Wearing: leggings, a long green shirt, and a pink scarf

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Attending the How fashion helps make a Monarch: 500 years of Royal Dress by Lucy Worsley, tonight at the University of London - EXCITED!!! #fashionhistory #fashioncurator #lucyworsley #500yearsofroyalfashion #costume #costumehistory #fashioncuration #royalhistory #royalhistoricpalaces #royalhistorians #dresshistory #dress (at University of London International Programmes)


Yapım Yılı :
Lisan :
Turkce Altyazı
Tür :
Dram / Biyografi / Tarih 
Yönetmen :
Alan Parker
Oyuncular : 
Antonio Banderas / Madonna /Andrea Corr / Servando Villamil / María Luján Hidalgo / Julia Worsley / Laura Pallas / Olga Merediz / Julian Littman / Victoria Sus / Jimmy Nail / Jonathan Pryce /  Peter Polycarpou / Gary Brooker / Maite Yerro
Andrew Lloyd Webber ve Tim Rice'ın çok sevilen sahne müzikalinden uyarlanan görkemli bir müzikal drama. Alan Parker'ın yönettiği filmde de öykü, Madonna'nın canlandırdığı Eva Duarte evini terkedip Latin şarkıcı Agustin Magaldi ile birlikte Buenos Aires'e gelir ve burada zaman zarfında Juan Peron'un karısı ve Arjantin halkının da kahramanı olur.

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NHL Summer Meetings - Moving Future Hall of Famers

Today’s trip  down the memory lane of  National Hockey League summer meetings takes a look at a blockbuster trade that moved two goaltenders who would eventually end up in the Hockey Hall of Fame. A deal that shook the NHL The barter took place on June 4, 1963 and rocked the hockey world to…


Senka Anastasova (Institute of Philosophy, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje) is going to give a talk for theory of populism and processes of changing the higher education law in Macedonia, at Hilton Union Square, American Political Sciences Annual Meeting (APSA) that is going to be held in San Francisco, California in September. 

Her study would be developing theoretical, practical and critical standpoints related to populist cultural and political communication through the most important international theories of the populism and authors that are rising these questions. Some of the risen questions would be: How to define populism (Canovan, McGuigan) and concepts of populism (Worsley):

(1) Populism (comes from ‘popularis’, something that is compromising, related to ,,mass’’ (Storey)

(2) Populism and its meanings in national context (Ghita, Gellner). Redefinition of populism such as: mass/ fun/ populist/ trivial/ folk/ popular/ kitsch/ non/ homogenous discourses (Frith, McGuigan, Garnham) 

(3) What is’ trivial’ in populist cultural and political communication? 

(4) What is a danger populist galaxy how the escape of it is possible since it is not about a syndrome, not a doctrine (Wiles) 

5) How is populism and ideology interwoven (MacRae, Worsley). What about the populism and faces of democracy today (Canovan) when the focus is on populism as the ideology of democracy and taking the politics to the people in the case of connections between the populism as the ideology of democracy and its challenge (Canovan)

6) What are the new forms of populism today in relation to neo-liberalism and liberal democracy (Decker, Urbinatu, Laclau) since the populism is not the strong constellation but it is 

7) Serial of discursive practices which are moving system of structuring singnifiers that carries different historical and political paradigms (Laclau) (for example populism as a political style of communication). 

Taking the reactualization of some of the representative politics and theories of populism (Taggart) there would be using the standpoints of research that populism is not the autodefinition but that is very related to the political enemies and it is the most brutal shape, always depended of the condition of the State (related to political and material condition, esp. in South East Case countries). With focused analysis on changing processes of high education law and idea for external testing of the students this study would consider media texts that were extremely populist during the mass protests that has been happened in Macedonia (December 2014) where students and professors were leaking out at the streets with recognition and will to face against populist strategies of Macedonia media.

This year APSA scientific conference is titled as: Politics and Political Sciences in the 21st Century. 

Michelle from Married at First Sight spins newfound fame into fashion business loaning designer ...

Michelle from Married at First Sight spins newfound fame into fashion business loaning designer …

  • MAFS star Michelle Worsley has started an online dress rental business
  • Just Once allows women to rent designer clothes for a fraction of the price
  • Mrs Worsley has rented up to five pieces per week since launching in April
  • She pre-orders the dresses, rents them out, then dry cleans them
  • The star has used her recent fame to promote her side business venture
  • The designer lending concept is already…

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50 HD Yoga Classes Online Images

50 HD Yoga Classes Online Images

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